Chapter 1:


I'll wait for you

" Sister please don't leave me I'm scare ".

The story begin in the town of Marit where everyone looks unfamiliar and busy. Elizabeth walks down town to find clues about her past. The only things she could remember was there this little boy with blue hair begging her not to leave him alone." Sister please don't leave me I'm scare ".

At the end of the days all she found is nothing. " why is it hard to find someone ". She said in a depressed voice. Got to her apartment, opened the door and took her wig out and lay on the bed. What a tiresome day, she thought. " will I be able to find you " she cried and cried.

In the imperial Palace Alex was having tea with the crown prince. " your highness, you can't go to Marit right now. There are piles of documentaries that you need to read over". Said Alex."It's alright, it's just a 3 week break, also I go there to find a clue about your sister. She might be there." Said the crown Prince. " Do you think I will fall for your trick again, my lord? You said the same line a billion times. Just stay here and finish up your work ". Said the Duke. The prince smiles awkwardly and after seeing the duke mad face.

The Crown Prince is 18 years old and gonna be the next king of the United Kingdom's of Odyssey. With Bright yellow hair represent royalty and an oceans color eye. He is every woman's dream man, so handsome that no one could compare. On the outside he has a cold heartless personality. But his true personality is just like a kid.

Alex the crown prince right hand man. He had accomplished many victories to the Kingdom. He known as " Crown Prince Loyal Dogs. Like the crown prince, many noble girls had fallen for him.

Today is the third week Elizabeth got to Marit,everything started to look familiar. She plans to leave this kingdom after 3 more weeks since she hasn't found any clue of her brother nor what happened to her family. Just like every morning she goes to the coffee shop to get her caffeine. On her way out of the shop she bumped into a handsome looking man with a brown hair color and an ocean eyes color. The boy then shoveled her aside and the coffee spilled all over the place. " hey you !!!" She yelled.

" give back my coffee " Elizabeth was pissed.

The boy walked away like nothing happened. Then Elizabeth can't hold it any longer. She walk toward the boy and kick him down to the ground. Now the boy faced the ground and Elizabeth's feet were on his head.

Everyone was gathering around them to see what happened. Then a group of soldiers came. A boy with dark blue hair and eyes stepped in front and said " sorry to bother you my lady, it looks like my master had trouble you. Would you you come with us to talk about this incident ". For some reason the kid looked so familiar . It's like she knew him before. A few hours later Elizabeth got to the boy's house. It was a big castle, she wait in the living room. A boy around her age with yellow hair look really familiar to that boy she just kicks.The boy smile and said " sorry for keep you waiting. Let me introduce myself. My name is Lawrence, and I'm the crown prince of this kingdom". Elizabeth froze and thought to herself. What crown prince!!!. What will happen to me now? Am I going to die here? Look back at what I did to the crown prince. I even put my leg on his head.

" And my name is Alex the price right hand man.It seem like his highness had trouble you while he is out side the palace. I'm apologize on his behave ". He pause then continues to speak. " Even though is his highness fault to begin with but you have insulted and hurt a royal family members, this can get you executed. On the other hand we don't want rumor spread that the crown prince of this kingdom was kick by a girl while he sneaking out . To prevent you spread rumor and harm his highness we will keep you by our side as your punishment". said Alex.

" If that the case I wouldn't mind" This is a good opportunities to get close with Alex. He might known somethings about my past. If not I can you the crown prince power and search about my past, she thought. Then she continues to speak " I'll be in your care from now on". The prince's ear suddenly turned red and face away.