Chapter 82:

Discrepancy? Negotiation? Tea? (1)

My Demon Queen

Class as usual, crossing the sky bridge and campus ground, we entered the school premises. Nine, parted ways at Class C.Bookmark here

A concealment barrier is still necessary, albeit a weaker one to disguise Prune and my presence. After all, we stand out like a sore thumb,we were not too fond of attracting too much attention. Additionally, it's a method of refreshing the use of magic. Magic didn't exist in Noel's world to begin with-- most activities could be carried out without such convenience.Bookmark here

However, I must continue to practice so as to not have my abilities deteriorate. I wonder when I would have a chance to practise large scale magic? I should consult with Noel regarding that.Bookmark here

Placing my bag down on my seat, Noel and I went separate ways. The absence of the quest has relinquished my 'duties' and freed up some energy. Though, there was a sense of emptiness.Bookmark here

Saria came earlier than the day before, I headed over to her direction, Prune following alongside me.Bookmark here

"Morning, Saria," I spoke.Bookmark here

"Morning!" Saria, whose response was delayed, tried to pounce at me. I shifted my body to the side, supporting Saria who was about to fall with an air cushion made from magic.Bookmark here

"Morning, Saria, Wendy," Prune made her greeting timidly.Bookmark here

"Morning," Wendy greeted, looking a little surprised.Bookmark here

"Morning," the rabbit on the table also greeted.Bookmark here

"EEKKHH?!" Prune's vigilance was raised against the rabbit. Indeed, it seemed that the rabbit lacked any life force. It wasn't a living creature-- necromancy? It lacked the aura of death-- thus it can't be necromancy either.Bookmark here

"Could that be the effect of your TALENT Wendy?" I asked, genuinely curious about the rabbit.Bookmark here

Short stubby ears, artificial fur, large black beady eyes-- it was a doll. A puppet master?Bookmark here

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Purple hair! Purple hair! Can I touch it? Qui!" the rabbit quipped.Bookmark here

"By all means," smiling, I lowered myself to the rabbit's height. It crawled onto my head and sat there, making it much like it's nest.Bookmark here

Wendy giggled, and in a soft, gentle tone she spoke, "I'm Wendy, nice to meet you Liliath. Yes, the rabbit is related to my TALENT."Bookmark here

"Permission to touch the rabbit?" I asked.Bookmark here

"Sure."Bookmark here

I pulled the rabbit away from my head-- in the process, unfortunately dishelving my neatly tied hair. As an act of revenge, I brought the rabbit at arm's length while it struggled to observe it's features.Bookmark here

"Let me go! Let me go! Qui!"Bookmark here

"It feels rather real, It's very cute," I giggled, placing the rabbit back down on Wendy's table.Bookmark here

"Liliath," Noel called out. I turned my head to him out of reflex.Bookmark here

"Yes?"Bookmark here

He stood at the door with another anonymous presence who I felt beckoned me with his eyes. It seems to be something formal I have to attend to.Bookmark here

"I have fun, thank you for your time," I bowed gently to Wendy, Prune and Saria before leaving.Bookmark here

There, I recognized the presence, it was the person referred to as the Student Council President-- Elyja, as records deem her name to be.Bookmark here

"Morning Liliath," she greeted me in a bright cheerful voice.Bookmark here

"Morning Student Council President," I glanced at Noel, he gave me a nod which meant I addressed her with the correct title then.Bookmark here

"How polite. Wow, as rumor has it, you really have beautiful purple hair-- that aside, could you two follow me?"Bookmark here

"Um, what's the purpose of this?" Noel asked, one of his eyebrows raised in confusion.Bookmark here

"I want to get to know the two of you better, it wouldn't hurt to skip class and have tea right?" Elyja said jovially.Bookmark here

Tea.. was there a convenient place to drink tea in school? If there was, I would like to visit by all means..Bookmark here

"Liliath? Earth to Liliath."Bookmark here

"Ah, I spaced out."Bookmark here

I turned to Noel who had been waving his hand in front of me, giving him an expectant look.Bookmark here

"There we have it, let's go," Noel, who realized my intent, voiced it out to Elyja. Though, I was sure he didn't have the option to turn it down in the first place.Bookmark here

"Liliath is cute too, follow me~"Bookmark here

Elyja led us both up another floor. Taking a turn, we arrived at a large double door, a sign there that said 'Discussion Room'.Bookmark here

Invited to enter, we were told to take a seat.Bookmark here

The room was rather small to hold a meeting-- though, it could just be me as my life exposure was different from the people of this world. In the middle of the room that was at least the size of our class was a long table, cushioned chairs lined both sides.Bookmark here

"Here you go Liliath."Bookmark here

"Thank you."Bookmark here

Elyja handed me a sup of warm tea-- a pleasant earthy smell tickled my nose. This was apparently a tea I have not encountered before.Bookmark here

The taste was gentle, and mellow, similar to barley but a note of bitterness and smokeyness could be felt at the end.Bookmark here

"Buckwheat," was Noel's impression. "Thanks for the tea.. so.."Bookmark here

"Since we already know each other's names, how about we start off introducing each other?"Bookmark here

"Uh.."Bookmark here

"Student Council President, could I ask you to get straight to the point?"Bookmark here

I was sure there had to be other motives behind her invitation. In appreciation of this wonderful tea she gave me, I suppose I'll not do anything to the other two uninvited guests in the room.Bookmark here

"Hahaha, so you're that kind of person. If you don't mind, sure," Elyja extended her hands out to me, "I want to invite you to join the student council as a member, Liliath."Bookmark here

To her surprise invite, I turned to Noel to seek help.Bookmark here

Noel too was surprised by the development.Bookmark here

"What do you think Liliath?"Bookmark here

Though he asked for my opinion, I understood from his eyes that he wasn't too fond of my involvement in the student council group.Bookmark here

"What are the benefits to joining?"Bookmark here

As any negotiation would go, the first necessary step would be to ask for the compensation-- reward.Bookmark here

"Eh?" Elyja tilted her head.Bookmark here

Noel let loose an ephemeral sigh.Bookmark here

"D-did I say something wrong?" in panic, I asked.Bookmark here

"Sorry, it's alright Liliath. Elyja, do keep in mind Liliath is from another world so her common sense might be a little off."Bookmark here

That is true.. though, what could i have done wrong this time around?Bookmark here

"I-i see.." Elyja fell deep into thought.Bookmark here

"Uh.. how should I put it? Liliath, in the first place, joiningthe student council is a voluntary thing.. The benefit is really the experience of managing and leading a team.. or something like that. Of course there are the additional co curricular points for participation but it isn't much of the 'benefits' you are thinking about. It's not a kingdom trade. Something like that, right Student council prez?"Bookmark here

"Yes, yes. But I wouldn't say there isn't any benefits.." Elyja panicked, her gaze swimming about, her eyes looked to be pleading for help from Noel too.Bookmark here

To the explanation, I looked down at my cup of tea.Bookmark here

A voluntary group with minimal benefits. Rather-- from what Noel described, it's a training simulation for governance over a small team.Bookmark here

How complicated.Bookmark here

"Liliath, it's alright, I'm sorry i misunderstood," Elyja tapped my shoulders, i raised my head to look at her.Bookmark here

"No, it's my fault for my lack of knowledge, forgive me," I smiled, "I suppose a mere human like me with inadequate knowledge wouldn't amount to much value to the council would it now?"Bookmark here

So I've decided to use this chance to back down. Perhaps it was as Noel said, being part of this group would only amount to trouble. There are many other more important things I should invest my time in. In the first place, I wasn't the kind to accept tasks that don't benefit myself.Bookmark here

Acting selfless is one thing, but as the burden increases too much would only bring downfall to oneself. Bit by bit, if 'yes' kept coming out of my mouth, I would only drown myself.Bookmark here

"No, you're wrong Liliath, i can tell you're a diligent and hardworking person, it's a valuable asset to the student council, it's not good to belittle yourself," Elyja said in a flustered tone, "You're incredible in negotiations too."Bookmark here

"I'm flattered," pausing, I continued, "I will consider the offer… d-did i say something wrong??"Bookmark here

"Noel, when you meant Liliath is from another world, don't tell me she's a nobel? What era did she come from? You said kingdom right? I think I understand now…" Elyja's voice was quivering as she spoke.Bookmark here

"Well, if you now know this much, does that change your mind? Liliath lacks a lot of knowledge about this world, you know?" Noel said, caressing my hair.Bookmark here

Which reminded me.. I had forgotten to fix my hair that was disheveled since just now-- Noel was only making it worse. I pouted.Bookmark here

"No, I'm very sure Liliath is someone i would like to invite into the student council."Bookmark here

"Suit yourself," Noel laughed, turning to me, "Just speak casually, the princess-like way you're speaking is very funny."Bookmark here

"Princess-like way? Do negotiations not work this way? I don't understand.." hanging my head, I could only lament my lack of common sense.Bookmark here

"How cute," Elyja chuckled, "Well, please consider it Liliath. Come and talk to me if you're interested alright? I look forward to working with you."Bookmark here

I nodded timidly, taking another sip of the delicious tea.Bookmark here

Moving outside the discussion room, I asked Noel.Bookmark here

"Are there any methods to drink tea in school?"Bookmark here

"Huh? What's that all of a sudden? First the red tie, now the tea. Don't tell me you actually wanted to join the student council for the tea?!"Bookmark here

"Though it may sound embarrassing, that was the only benefit I could think of if I joined the council."Bookmark here

"You know, if you join the student council, you'll actually decrease the chances of drinking tea. It's a busy role, you know?"Bookmark here

I suppose the treat just now was much like a bait. It was just the surface overshadowing the complexity behind the work of the council. How cunning.Bookmark here

"I see.. then are there any alternatives? I would like to drink tea in school if possible?"Bookmark here

"Alternative? Yeah, I do have one idea.." Noel smiled at me wryly.Bookmark here

And thus, I shall put into practice Noel's idea tomorrow.Bookmark here

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