Chapter 85:

Discrepancy? Negotiation? Tea? (4)

My Demon Queen

BLARE. BLARE. BLARE.Bookmark here

Morning--Bookmark here

I raised my body up from the bed and glared at my phone before shutting the alarm off.Bookmark here

Stretching my arms, I got out of bed, took my uniform and headed out my room.Bookmark here

"Yo, morning."Bookmark here

"Yeah, morning."Bookmark here

It was Nine. A surprising note is that she wakes up super early. It's 5 am and here I am, seeing Nine who's all dressed, brushing her teeth.Bookmark here

Gargling the water in her mouth, she spit it out before rinsing her toothbrush.Bookmark here

"If anything, I'll use the other bathroom."Bookmark here

"Ah, wait," rinsing her mouth, then wiping it with a towel, "I'm good, you head on in."Bookmark here

"Thanks," yawning, I took a shower. I made sure I chased Nine outside. Not that 'she' would be interested in another males' body.Bookmark here

Huh.. what if the reason why she prefers her female form is because she's into female mastur..Bookmark here

That's just confusing.. if it were me, I think I would prefer to stay a male and use my female form during emergencies.Bookmark here

Ahem, that aside.Bookmark here

Finishing my shower-- I just realized a super important point… I forgot to bring my own towel.. I left it on the chair to dry. Awh fuck.Bookmark here

I checked the bathroom for any spare clean towels-- unfortunately, there wasn't, I remember that I forgot to arrange it here. That however, didn't mean there wasn't any.. I think that towel over there is Liliath's one. She left it here to dry.Bookmark here

Fuck. I can't believe this is actually happening.Bookmark here

What are my choices?Bookmark here

A: Use Liliath's towel and toss it right into the washing machine. Afterwards tell her to get a new towel.Bookmark here

Or..Bookmark here

B: Call for Nine's help.Bookmark here

Or..Bookmark here

C: Rush out into the wild and quickly escape into my room, hoping that no one is outside.Bookmark here

Choose..Bookmark here

"Seriously now.." pressing my finger to my forehead.Bookmark here

My uniform is already here..Bookmark here

I think A is the best option.. that is if i'm alright with using a towel LIilath used before.. ugghh..Bookmark here

But there were many instances of us sharing towels back at home right? Liliath didn't seem to mind, not even a bit.Bookmark here

Then again, there is option B but.. who the fuck knows what Nine could do in my room? She could practically set a bomb there.Bookmark here

But.. It's the safest choice of the three.Bookmark here

C is out. No way am I going to run outside naked.Bookmark here

Else, option D-- wipe myself using toilet paper.Bookmark here

Fuck.Bookmark here

Option A is the best.. It's not like I have never used Liliath's towel..Bookmark here

"I'm sorry Liliath," I dried myself with the towel and put my clothes on before exiting.Bookmark here

"Good morning Noel," Liliath who sat on the living room couch voiced. A glass of water would be seen placed on the low table.Bookmark here

"Morning Liliath, you okay?"Bookmark here

"As usual, thank you," Liliath showed a slightly forced smile, which only confused me more.Bookmark here

It started yesterday after recess. Liliath was obviously crestfallen. Hah.. I wonder why?Bookmark here

Liliath took her towel and proceeded to the bathroom, passing me, she spoke in a low tone.Bookmark here

"I'll go wash up."Bookmark here

"Y-yeah.."Bookmark here

As Liliath's soft foot steps continued to resound behind me, I thought...Bookmark here

So if the towel I used wasn't Liliath's..Bookmark here

Oh fuck.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Tossing the clothes and towel into the washing machine-- 3 sets of girl uniforms that is… including the panties and the like, I shut the door of the washing machine before adding the detergent and adjusting the setting to clean.Bookmark here

After Liliath got out of the bath, I quickly swapped the towel inside for a clean one. The towel-- who I don't know the owner to-- was now spinning inside the whirlwind of bubbles. I stared at it blankly, wondering if the towel was Nine's or Prune's.Bookmark here

Ugh..Bookmark here

Shaking my head to get rid of the thought, I went to the kitchen where Liliath was. I found myself mesmerized by the view of her back as she was cooking food for breakfast.Bookmark here

"Noel?"Bookmark here

Liliath turned around, her ponytail sway as she looked at me. Meanwhile, her hands that had been stirring the food in the pan were still moving.Bookmark here

"Sorry, um. Let me help."Bookmark here

Liliath nodded with a smile and I walked up beside her. I tossed the leftover chicken wings into the rice cooker-- a cheap and efficient way of steaming food. The flavors of the chicken would also seep into the rice so there isn't any waste. Though the chicken wing would come out a little blander in the end.Bookmark here

"Noel, can you pass me the miso paste?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, got it,"Bookmark here

Passing her the jar, Liliath skillfully mixed the necessary amount into the soup to condense the broth, adding mushrooms and dried seaweed she had bought prior.Bookmark here

Truthfully speaking, I wonder if Liliath was someone who already knew how to cook? But when I asked her about it, she said she only learnt it recently.. for her skills to already exceed mine in such a short time..Bookmark here

I can only cook proper instant noodles for fuck sake.Bookmark here

I have to thank my mom and Prune for teaching her. She has become a full fledged housewife.Bookmark here

"Try some," Liliath held the ladle of miso soup to my face. It was obvious what she was trying to do.Bookmark here

"T-thank you,"Bookmark here

"How is it? Any lack of flavour?"Bookmark here

"I think it's alright."Bookmark here

"Alright," Liliath tried the soup herself-- it was literally an indirect kiss using a ladle. She continued to boil the soup and soon placed it on the lid of the pot and extinguished the fire.Bookmark here

Around this time, Prune woke up. Her hair was an absolute mess-- her tail was a white ball of fur-mess. Which led me to wonder how she cleans her tail in the first place.Bookmark here

"Morning Liliath-- Noel," Prune, greeted with half-closed eyes.Bookmark here

Returning our own greetings, Prune took to the bathroom.Bookmark here

"Noel?"Bookmark here

"Yes?"Bookmark here

Liliath looked into my eyes, and I did the same.Bookmark here

She brought me into her embrace. Since there was an obvious difference in height, her head ended up where my chest was.Bookmark here

Though, that wasn't the main issue.Bookmark here

"What's wrong?"Bookmark here

Surprising myself at my own calm voice, I caressed her beautiful velvet hair. Of course, taking care to not mess it up like last time.Bookmark here

"Who was that person.. from yesterday."Bookmark here

"Huh? Who was that--"Bookmark here

Ah.. her huh..Bookmark here

I could only guess her reaction was something to do with my encounter with Rishelle. And about her.. fortunately, her voice is no longer ringing in my ear.Bookmark here

Huh? I'm still thinking about her though?Bookmark here

Ah fuck, whatever. She will disappear from my memories in time.Bookmark here

"Remember the first time we came to the school-- the big auditorium with the boring speeches."Bookmark here

Liliath nodded.Bookmark here

"I think it was the emcee whose voice could hypnotize people."Bookmark here

Liliath didn't reply, we remained like that for a while.Bookmark here

That was until Prune called out to us awkwardly.Bookmark here

"U-Um.. sorry to disturb you two.. someone put my towel to wash right?"Bookmark here

"Y-yeah, I put it to wash since.."Bookmark here

"G-got it, I'll just take the new one."Bookmark here

Prune turned around and left for the bathroom.Bookmark here

Still clinging to me, Liliath looked up with upturned eyes before her eyes narrowed to a slit. Shifting her hand forward, she pinched my hair before pulling it.Bookmark here

A tuft of white hair could be seen.Bookmark here

I felt a cold sweat run down my back.Bookmark here

"Noel~"Bookmark here

Oh fuck.Bookmark here

OH FUCK?!Bookmark here

"S-sorry…!It was an accident. I swear!"Bookmark here

It was an accident, definitely an accident!!Bookmark here

Liliath only chuckled.Bookmark here

She then tightened her embrace, I felt like my spine was about to be crushed from the force Liliath, I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! SO SPARE ME, PLEASE!?Bookmark here

As if Liliath heard my pleas, she relaxed and pulled away from me with a frown.Bookmark here

"Sorry.." I hung my head.Bookmark here

Liliath then held my face with both her hands and had me stare right into her eyes. A sharp, decisiveness could be seen from within. Then she said in a serious tone.Bookmark here

"Noel is mine and mine only, got that?"Bookmark here

"Heh? Yeah.. huh?"Bookmark here

Liliath pulled away-- rather, she disappeared again before I could confirm anything.Bookmark here

The next thing I knew it, I felt like my cheeks had just touched something soft and warm.Bookmark here

Mysterious as always… damn.Bookmark here

Not that it was bad though..Bookmark here

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