Chapter 88:

The Stalkers (2)

My Demon Queen

"Those two are splitting up. What do you rec?" Brusq asked, Liliath and Saria walking in tandem as they got out of the class. Noel went somewhere too, the target location was unknown though?Bookmark here

"Me? To be honest, I think there isn't anything too noticeable about how they're behaving. Yeah, I'll tag along Noel, you pay attention to Liliath. She's going to the cafeteria and you know the secret location right?"Bookmark here

"Gotcha."Bookmark here

"Okay, she's out of range, I'll be seeing you then. Be careful."Bookmark here

"You too."Bookmark here

Brusq and Nile parted. Both aiming at different targets.Bookmark here

Brusq went to the paramedic block of the school, greeting his other third year friends along the way. Moving up towards the 3rd floor, he scanned the area for people before slipping into one of the rooms.Bookmark here

It was an ominous storage room, random wooden planks and worn out hospital beds and boxes all arranged to one side. White sheets covered the dilapidated sofa, dust accumulating on the top.Bookmark here

"Oh, I didn't think I would see you here," A girl giggled. Her long black hair tied to a ponytail, blazers off neatly folded and held in her arms. Remaining was her black uniform, black skirt and yellow tie.Bookmark here

"Same. What a surprise to see you here Mimi. Your target is also down at the cafeteria?" Brusq asked in a lackasidial voice.Bookmark here

"Yup, surprise yours is too. The girl with the purple hair right? I haven't caught sight of her yet."Bookmark here

"Nah, she's already there, look closer, the corner seat close to the bulletin board."Bookmark here

Mimi gave Brusq a funny look before pressing her head against the window. THe view of the cafeteria spread before her. The architecture of the school building had been designed so most of the cafeteria area could be objectively viewed from this very room despite the presence of an upper canopy.Bookmark here

"What the heck.."Bookmark here

"See. I wasn't lying."Bookmark here

"You really got yours rough."Bookmark here

"It's fine. She's pretty docile for the most part. The worst is still when she flirts with the guy."Bookmark here

"Hoh, is that so.. " Mimi closed the distance and pressed her bountiful chest against Brusq.Bookmark here

"We're on duty maam, watch your conducts…"Bookmark here

"Oh come on.. you're totally jealous of them."Bookmark here

"So how's your target? Lyndia-- was it?" Brusq changed the topic.Bookmark here

"See that group of students there? The one closer to the flower pot is her," Mimi pointed her finger at the table to the opposite end of the cafeteria. Her body still pressing onto Brusq of course.Bookmark here

Not that he wanted it but.. it wasn't like he didn't mind such a pleasant sensation.Bookmark here

"Could you give me a visual on Liliath?"Bookmark here

Brusq knew that Mimi's ability was one that allowed her to view far distances. Think of it as placing a 'camera' anywhere in her limited field of vision. The 'camera' can then freely rotate to allow a remote view of the surroundings, much like a secondary HD drone made out of thin air. Invisibible, incorporeal.Bookmark here

She could quite literally see past corners without being anywhere close to it. That said, it was like an overpowered hawkeye ability that allowed her to view an almost infinite distance depending on how she placed the 'omnidirectional-camera'.Bookmark here

"Sure. I'm curious what kind of person the purple haired girl is.. she just brought out a tea packet… huh? She's dropping that into water? Wait.. there's steam.. wha.." Mimi let go of Brusq and pressed her entire face on the window.Bookmark here

"Tea.. I think that sounds familiar." Brusq mulled over the unpleasantly questionable banter Noel and Liliath had about tea. He felt that it broke common sense somehow. "Hm?"Bookmark here

Something didn't feel right.. there was some mischief from the feeling Brusq was getting.Bookmark here

"SHE CAN USE WATER MAGIC??!! YOU DIDN'T TELL ME THAT?! A WATER BALL! OMG!!" Mimi was jumping up and down like a child. She grabbed Brusq's face and slammed it on the window. "LOOK! LOOK! LOOK CLOSER!"Bookmark here

"Hey.. it hurts.."Bookmark here

Brusq squinted his eyes, trying his best to get a good look at the said water ball Mimi was talking about when something flew towards them at an incredibly high speed.Bookmark here

""UUWWAHHG?!"Bookmark here

Mimi and Brusq jumped away from the window and fell on their butts. A large impact, the windows shook. Water splattered on the outer side of the glass in a heart shape.Bookmark here

"T-the fuck is this.." Mimi turned her head slowly to Brusq as if a broken doll.Bookmark here

Brusq turned to her, his face all red.Bookmark here

Mimi's face soon turned red in shame in tandem.Bookmark here

"WHY??!! HOW DID SHE FIND OUT?! I WANT AN EXPLANATION," Mimi screamed.Bookmark here

"I-I don't know.. I honestly have no idea.."Bookmark here

Did she really find out? That was what Brusq was wondering. It was impossible. Nile'sBookmark here

TALENT bested even the best tracker.. how could someone juniors see through his disguise.. unless.Bookmark here

"I should report this.."Bookmark here

"No, please.. don't.. it might have happened on a whim you know? Right? Don't sell me out like this.. please Mimi.."Bookmark here

Brusq knew that this task assigned to Nile and him was incredibly important because of the marks it contributed to their overall performance. If the teachers learnt that he had failed on the third day, what would they think?Bookmark here

"Heck, you call that on a whim? It was a perfect snipe! Moreover, I-IN A HEART SHAPE TOO!!" Mimi shrilled while shaking. She quickly got up and in a crouching position peered over the window.Bookmark here

"Please Mimi…"Bookmark here

"You owe me a triple scoop Sundae at Premiums."Bookmark here

"Done deal."Bookmark here

Brusq sighed, he felt that his wallet was becoming lighter already. How exactly did Liliath find out? He wanted to know. She couldn't possibly have more than one TALENT.. or perhaps.. she never had a TALENT to begin with.. Then again. It was too much of an impossible feat to notice him from so far away.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"Owh man, what a womanizer. Yo girl going to be pissed if she finds out," Nile spoke to himself in a sinister voice as he followed Noel tagging alongside the silver haired girl called Prune. Oh man, she's a beauty-- was what he thought.Bookmark here

The two sauntered side by side, visiting areas such as auditorium, paramedic centre, the cafeteria where Noel two timed with Prune and Liliath, the last was the clubroom sector of the school.Bookmark here

"He sure knows his stuff," Nile muttered to himself, hands in his pocket while he continued following the two.Bookmark here

"It's alright, thanks, then I'll be off. And again, thanks for the cookies Goerge."Bookmark here

"No problem, be sure to support these bad boys in the future alright?"Bookmark here

"Uh.. yeah.."Bookmark here

Nile wanted a cookie too.. though he couldn't risk being found here.Bookmark here

He followed Noel to the art club.Bookmark here

But just when he was about to step inside as Noel did he felt the air tripwire snap. He turned around to see Rishell approaching the clubroom.Bookmark here

Nile stood to one side to allow her to pass. SHe stood at the entrance, gladly surprised by Noel's presence.Bookmark here

Oh boy, what a wonderful development, how cliche.Bookmark here

Nile's mouth raised a little as he listened to the conversation. Most of Rishell's voice had been distorted by his TALENT so Nile wasn't affected. That didn't seem to be the case for Noel though. He felt that Rishell was bullying a junior, forcing him to join the art club.Bookmark here

What surprised Nile however was Noel's ability to keep himself intact. Rishell was merely fooling around when she mentioned the part where her abilities were diminished when talking to someone who already had a girlfriend.Bookmark here

How envious. It was a pity most boys avoided Rishell because of the nature of her TALENT, contrary to what most would assume in fact.Bookmark here

Noel got out of the room, staggering as he quickly left in a daze.Bookmark here

And once he was gone, Nile stepped into the art club where Rishell was.Bookmark here

"Yo. Dropping by here."Bookmark here

"He's your target?"Bookmark here

"Yep, so what's up? You were totally rejected there. I'm surprised he was able to resist your TALENT. I wonder if it has something to do with his TALENT."Bookmark here

"Mu…" Rishell pressed her large eggy glassed up on her nose, it caught light, giving her a sinister look. "Help me."Bookmark here

"If it's within my abilities. And don't try something, you already know your TALENT doesn't work on me."Bookmark here

"I know that.. I want information on him."Bookmark here

"Drag him into the artclub? Why?"Bookmark here

"The other members are painters, I specialize in digital art just like him."Bookmark here

"Oh. So blunt, he's a supreme womanizer huh?"Bookmark here

"Are you kidding me?"Bookmark here

"Serious," Nile looked Rishell dead in the eye.Bookmark here

Rishell pondered for a moment. she thought it might have something to do with Noel's TALENT, whatever it may be. He however, didn't look like a womanizer, which Rishell found disappointing.Bookmark here

"I'm not planning that sort of relationship. I just want a friend that understands the kind of art I do."Bookmark here

"And how about this person standing in front of you right this moment?"Bookmark here

Rishell gave him a troubled, yet innocently cute look as if to reply: fuck off.Bookmark here

"Whatever. Got it, I'll see if I cooperate to drag him into the artclub."Bookmark here

"I'd appreciate that."Bookmark here

Nile himself wondered if this was merely sympathy or the fact that he was affected by her TALENT.Bookmark here

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