Chapter 91:

The Stalkers (3)

My Demon Queen

A bunch of crazy stuff happened as Nile and Brusq continued their stalking adventure. And every day brought a new 'fresh' experience to them. From bringing an assortment of sauces for potato fries to Liliath's disappearance when turning at a corner. Last but not least was her hyper vigilance against Kai.Bookmark here

Kai was also part of the stalker's watch list, but a secondary priority. Though, it seemed that they may have to change their stance and keep a better eye on him.Bookmark here

"Ready for the new week ahead?"Bookmark here

"Y-yeah.. I'm pretty sure she hasn't found out about our existence… hopefully."Bookmark here

"I'm really skeptical though, how exactly did she locate you even though you were so high up.. well, can't think too much about that now can we? Let's focus on today."Bookmark here

Brusq had become wary ever since that incident. He couldn't find any possible reasons to rule Liliath's accurate 'heart shape bombardment' as something that happened on a whim. Mimi started distancing herself from him, Brusq found that spiteful.Bookmark here

Fortunately Mimi agreed to keep a tight lip on the matter.Bookmark here

"Oh, we finally get to see them in exercise clothes huh?" Nile ogled the girls as they headed into the girls changing room one by one.Bookmark here

"You're really enjoying this aren't you?"Bookmark here

"I get that you're worried about our marks and all but, being excessively nervous would only increase the chances of us slipping you know?"Bookmark here

"I'll keep that in mind."Bookmark here

Liliath who entered with Prune gave a quick glance in their direction before disappearing behind the door. The two 'stalkers' flinched. It was as if she was hinting of them not to try anything stupid.Bookmark here

"S-she didn't see us right?" Brusq had cold sweat running down his back. He wouldn't dare to take a peek at her even if could.Bookmark here

"I'm confident in my light distortion envelop a-alright.. Yup. It's probably just us," Nile was still shaking.Bookmark here

"Ha..hahaha.. what if we fail?"Bookmark here

"She didn't see anything… she didn't see anything.."Bookmark here

As they were in the midst of muttering such prayers, Kai and Noel left for the store room.Bookmark here

"Hey.. should one of us follow Noel? I think it's possible for me to observe Liliath from the 3rd floor," Brusq nudged Nile's arm.Bookmark here

"Good idea. I'll come pick you up once Noel's at the field. We'll probably lose sight of them for a while but-- it should be fine.. you head on over to the third floor-- and be careful."Bookmark here

"Wish me luck."Bookmark here

Brusq left for the stairs. Nile followed close by.Bookmark here

An interesting conversation regarding Liliath's vigilance and Kai's TALENT ensued.. Kai's TALENT allows him to change the way others view him? Bullshit. What a crude lie.Bookmark here

Noel became perplexed, Nile could only observe in pity. It seems the person called Noel gets into a heck load of trouble every time.Bookmark here

That said, listening to the conversation between Kai and Noel, Nile had come to a decision to notify the teachers to observe Kai more closely in the future. He was incredibly cunning with the way he used his TALENT. Mimi did once talk about how Kai was being suspiciously amiable to her target-- Lyndia.Bookmark here

With Noel and Kia now out to the field, Nile went to the third floor to find Brusq before coming down to the field.Bookmark here

"How should we spend the rest of this time, I wonder."Bookmark here

"Aren't you with the other female students just now?"Bookmark here

"I prefer to spend time around you, to be honest. The lack of the system quest has.. brought us slightly apart." Liliath said in a soft bashful tone that rang in the two's ears.Bookmark here

Nile and Brusq took note of these rare instances that hinted at Noel's TALENT. Holding back their urge to puke sugar, it seemed his TALENT wasn't as simple as they thought to be, after all, 'Manifestation into Reality' could very well bring to an almost infinite number of possible abilities. That was the hypothesis.Bookmark here

What a lovely couple. It seemed that Noel and Liliath were having a discussion regarding Kai. After which Noel flirted with her and taught her the 'wrong' method of 'skipping' rope...Bookmark here

Nile and Brusq who were hiding behind one of the teacher's cars blankly staring at the development.Bookmark here

Liliath could levitate and rotate the skipping rope at a crazy speed, whipping the wind that produced an awfully painful sound.Bookmark here

"Hey, Brusq."Bookmark here

"What, Nile?"Bookmark here

"Is she looking at us?"Bookmark here

"It seems so.."Bookmark here

Liliath who was secretly glancing at their direction showed a beautiful smile before landing on the ground.Bookmark here

Shivers were sent down their spine.Bookmark here

"What do we do now? We're totally bust.."Bookmark here

"Must be a coincidence, there's no way she found out.."Bookmark here

"But you saw it with your two eyes!!"Bookmark here

"Calm down! What if this is merely part of her TALENT?"Bookmark here

"Then wouldn't it be easier to explain this phenomenon as us being busted because of it?"Bookmark here

Noel and Liliath proceeded to the dodgeball game. Nile and Brusq had to shift hiding spots. They hid behind a small trolley, not that the trolley could fit both of them to begin with.Bookmark here

"How do you think the match will go?" Brusq asked.Bookmark here

"I think the girl's side will win this round."Bookmark here

"Oya? So confident in Liliath huh?"Bookmark here

"No shit."Bookmark here

The battle unfolded, the match was fairly interesting to watch. The females don't lose out to the males in the slightest. That said, everyone was anticipating Liliath's turn to attack, you could practically feel the air boiling for this moment.Bookmark here

And when two balls were launched at her, it was intercepted in an instant. Nile and Brusq gawked in surprise. Her reaction speed was top notch.Bookmark here

That was when a cannonball explosion occurred.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Nile and Brusq came to the counselling room for de-stressing.Bookmark here

"Teacher.. who the hell is Liliath? How in the world can anyone throw a ball like that?!" Nile shuddered. The visual impact it had on his mind was overwhelming. The fact that they were tasked to 'stalk' an individual with this level of strength. Theri lives could be taken away in mere moments.Bookmark here

How strong was Liliath exactly? They had absolutely no idea.. it seemed bottomless.Bookmark here

"Brusq, any weird readings?" Glib ignored Nile and spoke to Brusq.Bookmark here

"Ecstasy."Bookmark here

"Hm?"Bookmark here

"When she realized Noel fainted in shock, her emotional state was ECSTASY!" Brusq hugged himself and shivered like a kitten.Bookmark here

Glib flinched.Bookmark here

"Hey, teacher Glib, can you request us to change to a different target? Like Kai, he's been making some odd movements lately like-- hooking up with Lyndia. I feel like our life is at risk, you know? That girl Liliath is dangerous.. that girl spells serious serious dangerous.. she's way beyond your standard practical exercise you know?" Nile pleaded.Bookmark here

Glib rubbed her forehead. Truely, she hit the mark when she said that Liliath should be closely looked after. Why was it that there were so many things about Liliath that were left unreported?Bookmark here

Keaton's description of Liliath was simple: Frail otherworld Princess. Since summoned creatures weren't given deep diagnostics on their traits and abilities, their characteristics would usually be condensed to a single paragraph description during the form filling process. It wasn't a priority to get the details regarding the summoned 'creature' down in concise detail.Bookmark here

"You're absolutely going to cry tears of blood once I report this to the higher ups," Glib grinned bitterly.Bookmark here

"Teacher Glib.."Bookmark here

"Ignore that. I'll call the two here now, you two can listen in on them if you want," Glib pointed to the corner of the room.Bookmark here

Nile and Brusq exchange glances before moving to their positions. This wasn't punishment, rather, served as an 'effective' hiding spot.Bookmark here

Liliath and Noel came in and were properly scolded by Glib. After that they exchanged some banter regarding their condition, updates on Noel's TALENT and discrepancy surrounding Kai.Bookmark here

"Sorry, just want to ask but it's alright to ignore this but, is his TALENT something to do with altering our perception?" Noel asked.Bookmark here

Glib shook her head to deny his claim.Bookmark here

Noel fell into a pensive state.Bookmark here

"That's exactly why his TALENT is dangerous to begin with. It's impolite to tell you the details however, what I can say is, be mindful of yourself and the way you think about him. That's all," Glib explained. It seemed she had to do something about Kai.Bookmark here

"Alright, thank you."Bookmark here

"You two can leave, Liliath, make sure you control your behaviour."Bookmark here

"I understand. Though, i have one more thing i would like to request of teacher Glib." Liliath got up from the chair and walked over to her. Glib flinched as she felt an intimidating aura leak from her smile.Bookmark here

She slowly ran her fingers across the table, reaching the other side where Glib sat, she opened her mouth and in a sweet voice, asked.Bookmark here

"--"Bookmark here

Glib reflexively shuddered, she thought Liliath was without a doubt, a monster. She would indefinitely become a priceless asset for the security department if she was selected— which could be said as an inevitable development in the probable future.Bookmark here

Brusq and Nile, who stood at the corner of the room still as a statue like bad kids, could only look at each other in wonder. They weren't able to grasp her words, though it sounded quite severe.Bookmark here

Liliath and Noel then left.Bookmark here

The room fell into silence.Bookmark here

"Um.."Bookmark here

"You two failed," Glib stated curtly.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"You've been found out, and it hasn't even been a full week," She turned to them and shot a flat glare.Bookmark here

Brusq flinched while Nile's mouth was agape.Bookmark here

They wanted to retort. Liliath was a calamity-like existence. She probably knew from the start and had sold them out at this very moment.Bookmark here

Took them long enough to notice, even though Liliath had dropped a number of very VERY obvious clues.Bookmark here

Nile and Brusq dropped to the floor in despair.Bookmark here

"But I'll do my best to persuade the higher ups to specially review your case,"Glib dropped a life-line.Bookmark here

""Please do.""Bookmark here

Two lifeless voices rang in unison.Bookmark here

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