Chapter 90:

P.E. Class (2)

My Demon Queen

"How exactly do you use this?" Liliath tried spinning the rope but.. it only tangled around her knee, else, hit her back before she could jump.Bookmark here

"Start from the back. Hold both ends, string at the back, bring it to the front and jump," I took another skipping rope and demonstrated it again, this time, slowly.Bookmark here

Liliath did manage to pick up the gist of it but.. the whole point of skipping the rope was destroyed the moment Liliath levitated off the round, her in the centre with the rope orbited around her..Bookmark here

Uh.. Liliath, that's not the correct way to skip the rope.. you're going to get someone killed if you keep increasing the RPM like that.. uh..Bookmark here

"Does 'sports' not take into account swordsmanship or archery?"Bookmark here

"It does but.. I suppose not here. There are clubs for swordsmanship and archery though. Not swordsmanship, it's fencing."Bookmark here

"Clubs, I should perhaps try my hands on archery, would you allow that?" Liliath tilted her head.Bookmark here

"I'm the one who decides that?"Bookmark here

To my question, Liliath nodded.Bookmark here

Ughh.. really now? Well.. I told her that becoming a student council member and joining clubs is plain troublesome.Bookmark here

"I suppose it's fine.. archery huh.. maybe I should try my hands on that too."Bookmark here

"Then it's a done deal? We've decided to join a club, is that right?"Bookmark here

"Yeah. Uh.. can you stop the skipping rope.. it's kinda scary.."Bookmark here

Not 'kinda' scary, it's really scary. Liliath was floating in the air with dangerous whipping sounds, the rope became invisible to the naked eye due to how fast it was spinning. In fact, I'm most surprised that skipping rope is still intact.Bookmark here

Liliath nodded after looking around and smiling at the peculiar car. The rotation stopped and she landed back on the ground.Bookmark here

Hm? I traced her gaze but saw nothing suspicious-- it was just a random teacher's red car.Bookmark here

"How should we spend the rest of this time, I wonder," Liliath turned back to me.Bookmark here

"Aren't you with the other female students just now?"Bookmark here

"I prefer to spend time around you, to be honest. The lack of the system quest has.. brought us slightly apart." Liliath said in a soft bashful tone.Bookmark here

Slightly apart huh? That is true.. now that I think about it, the quest board was the only reason why Liliath and I flirted with each other in the first place...Bookmark here

Does she miss those experiences? HUH??!!Bookmark here

"Really now? That's blunt.. how about basketball.."Bookmark here

"I don't see anything resembling a basket? Is that the one?" Liliath pointed at the group playing dodgeball.Bookmark here

Hold up? Liliath could literally destroy the field-- rather, she could kill someone if she wanted with that..nay. Heck, you know what? She could kill anyone here at a moment's notice if she felt like it, I'm sure it'll be fine if she toned down her strength.Bookmark here

"Basketball is that, the one you're looking at is dodgeball," pointing in different directions, I explained.Bookmark here

"I find that more interesting. It doesn't look like there are many rules to it. Just dodge, was it?"Bookmark here

"Something like that. An exception is that if you manage to catch the ball in your hands, it doesn't count you out of the field."Bookmark here

"I think I have the gist of it now, how about we partake?" Liliath beckoned.Bookmark here

"Yeah, sure."Bookmark here

Not that I could refuse her invitation right?Bookmark here

"Control your strength alright?"Bookmark here

"Of course."Bookmark here

The dodgeball match was divided into two teams, males and females. In short, I pray I don't die.Bookmark here

"Ah, so this is where you are."Bookmark here

Turning around, I met Kai.Bookmark here

"You're joining this round's match right? I'm joining too."Bookmark here

"Yeah, let's hope no one dies.."Bookmark here

"Dies?" Kai looked at me dubiously.Bookmark here

"Oh, Kai, Noel you two are going to join too? Hahaha, this match was our win too. At the moment the score is 5 to 3, with us boys in the lead," Voux, who was sweating all over, called out to us.Bookmark here

The next round came, actually, it seemed the males outnumbered the females so they had to set a limit. It wouldn't be fair if the number of male and females differ right?Bookmark here

A 10V10 match. Liliath surrounded by the girls, excited by her participation.Bookmark here

And.. the ones in my team turned to me with questioning eyes for some reason.Bookmark here

WHAT?Bookmark here

I guess this is what happens when Liliath removes the presence concealment barrier.Bookmark here

Ignoring the stares, the match started with two girls from the female camp tossing the ball at us. No one got hit in the first exchange.Bookmark here

Next turn-- a female student with glasses hit at the leg, while the other ball was successfully intercepted.Bookmark here

A few exchanges took place, all of us screaming and running around like monkeys. It was a blast. I wonder if Liliath is having any fun? She's just standing there without moving.Bookmark here

A number of guys tried to hit her but she either took a step to the side or tilted her head. Dodging with minimal movements… like, what the heck? Is she a cheat or what? Everytime she sidesteps a whooshing ball, everyone would raise a roar.Bookmark here

Kai was hit in the face by a lolli on the other team-- my condolences.Bookmark here

The match continued onwards until I got my hands on one of em balls-- not a lewd reference by the way. The match was now 4V3. And it was obvious who my target would be.Bookmark here

Voux, who held the other ball, exchanged glances with me.Bookmark here

And hurled it at the same time, same target.Bookmark here

But Liliath intercepted both of them.Bookmark here

"""EEEHHH??!!'""Bookmark here

The crowd raised a rowdy stupor.Bookmark here

Liliath raised a sadistic smile, and I felt a chill down my spine.Bookmark here

She didn't toss the ball, rather, it was like an air cannon-- jet propulsion magic. The ball was shot out from her hand like a cannonball. One shot forward and hit Voux, the other had it's trajectory locked onto me, but it stopped short on the ground in front of me.Bookmark here

BOOOM!Bookmark here

It would've been harmless if you ruled out the massive dust cloud and explosive impact it generated.Bookmark here

I fell on my butt, the dust subsided and I saw a hole drilled into the ground. I fell to the side and 'passed out' from shock.Bookmark here

Not that I really did pass out but.. just gimme a lil' bit of time kay'? My heart cant handle what in the heck just happened. I COULD'VE DIED!???!??Bookmark here

Oh shit.. how's Voux?Bookmark here

Still 'passed out' I took a quick peek at Voux while shivering. He looked alright, he was staring at the impact site.Bookmark here

Ah.. just let go and drift into dreamland..Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"Noel, Liliath, to the counseling office." The PA system sounded during mathematics class. The entire class had their eyes focused on us. We could only hang our heads in dejection.Bookmark here

Voux came out alright, Liliath properly restrained herself when it came to Vous-- but not me. Liliath was a little too ecstatic when she got the chance to finally call the shots and.. and lead to what our class would forever know as, 'a happy accident between em' couple'.Bookmark here

FUCK.Bookmark here

I almost peed myself back there..Bookmark here

It's just scary to think about it.. I learnt from Liliath, vehemently apologizing that she 'only' wanted to mess with me.Bookmark here

Yeah.. so much for her sadistic tendency. I couldn't help but shudder.Bookmark here

Oh, and if you're wondering what happened to the dodgeball? It was still good as new, not a scratch anywhere oh boy. Liliath told me she reinforced it with magic so there wouldn't be any property damage. Even the repair of the impact site-- which became a punishment-- had been easily fixed with Liliath's earth magic.Bookmark here

Easy peasy.Bookmark here

Though.. I knew this wouldn't be the end of it all..Bookmark here

Changing back our normal uniforms after using the school shower, Liliath and I got permission from Mr. Mark, our mathematics teacher, made our way to the counseling office.Bookmark here

"Take a seat," Teacher Glib, who looked all imposing with her square glasses, was seated on the posh sofa.Bookmark here

Liliath and I sat on the one opposite.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry."Bookmark here

"I apologize for taking it too far."Bookmark here

I did a casual apology while Liliath went all the way and bowed, her head stuck to the table.Bookmark here

Teacher Glib, who looked like she had strings cut from her, leaned back on the sofa dejected.Bookmark here

"Everything is alright with your body right? Noel?"Bookmark here

"I'm good. Yup."Bookmark here

"Can I hear an explanation?"Bookmark here

"Y-yes!"Bookmark here

Liliath explained the whole sequence of events, summing it up with 'I only wanted to mess with Noel' as the reason.Bookmark here

Nothing too extreme there…Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Glib massaged her head with her knuckles before turning to look at us.Bookmark here

"And for a second there, I thought someone could've died.."Bookmark here

"I never intended to hurt Noel… I just.." Liliath couldn't find an excuse. Ahahaha, how cute. Usually she'd be all political and diplomatic and shit. I suppose she's learning the ropes of common sense.Bookmark here

"Putting that aside, since you didn't have any intention of harming Noel, your strength is questionable. Your abilities haven't been tested, correct?"Bookmark here

Liliath nodded.Bookmark here

"Could you give a brief explanation of the TALENT you possess?"Bookmark here

"Instead of TALENT, I believe magic should be a more appropriate answer."Bookmark here

And finally, Liliath exposes her 'magical' abilities. Able to use all elemental magic, compound magic, forbidden magic, has immense strength and can use mana to enchant objects. She left out rune magic, oh well. It's a fail safe I suppose?Bookmark here

teacher Glib listened to it with a troubled look on her face. She probably didn't expect Liliath to be so capable huh? Translated to this world's terms, Liliath would be in possession of one of the most powerful military-grade TALENTS in the world.Bookmark here

"T-this.. How come Keaton didn't test this.."Bookmark here

"Who knows? Oh, did you punch him?"Bookmark here

"Any updates on your TALENT Noel?"Bookmark here

"My magic will remain a guarded information, can I at least have your vow, teacher Glib?"Bookmark here

Teacher Glib totally ignored my question while Liliath added another.Bookmark here

"My TALENT-- status window opens. Tomorrow.."Bookmark here

"I see.. I'll ask about it tomorrow then. So try to summarise it, if it's a complicated TALENT. And you have my guarantees Liliath," she said in a half-dead tone. Huh, my TALENT caused her a headache huh?Bookmark here

Liliath nodded in satisfaction.Bookmark here

"Teacher Glib, can I ask about something?"Bookmark here

"Hm?"Bookmark here

"Should we be skeptical about Kai?"Bookmark here

"Hahh.." she sighed once again.. what's wrong? We hit a bullseye or something? "Yes, I'll look into it, thank you for the input."Bookmark here

"Could I ask how we should go about the problem, if any, regarding Kai?"Bookmark here

"He's just messing around, just don't take his words too seriously."Bookmark here

"Sorry, just want to ask but it's alright to ignore this but, is his TALENT something to do with altering our perception?"Bookmark here

Teacher Glib shook her head.Bookmark here

Huh, so Kai lied.Bookmark here

"That's exactly why his TALENT is dangerous to begin with. It's impolite to tell you the details however, what I can say is, be mindful of yourself and the way you think about him. That's all."Bookmark here

"Alright, thank you."Bookmark here

"You two can leave, Liliath, make sure you control your behaviour."Bookmark here

"I understand. Though, i have one more thing i would like to request of teacher Glib." Liliath got up from the chair and walked over to her. Teacher Glib flinched.Bookmark here

Liliath lowering herself to whisper in her ear.Bookmark here

Teacher Glib paled, and nodded frantically.Bookmark here

"Now that settles," Liliath flashed a wonderful smile-- quite suggestive, i wonder if it's something to do with sadism, i'm sure it has to be..Bookmark here

Liliath and I left the counseling room and headed back to class.Bookmark here

"So, what did you tell her?"Bookmark here

"It's a secret."Bookmark here

"Again with this huh.."Bookmark here

The many mysteries surrounding Liliath. Never fails to amaze me.Bookmark here

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