Chapter 92:

Rishell (1)

My Demon Queen

News spread like wildfire-- obvious due to the presence of other-class students peeking at us from outside the class.Bookmark here

Haahh.. just because of one incident.Bookmark here

Liliath was again, together with Saria and Wendy in the cafeteria, here I am accompanying no one while I revised my notes. But I couldn't-- the stares.. It's freaking annoying..Bookmark here

"Quite a commotion she caused huh?" Prune said to me from behind.Bookmark here

"Quite.."Bookmark here

"So what exactly happened? Did Liliath actually blow a hole in the ground?" nomming on a cookie, she asked.Bookmark here

"Yeah.. she wanted to just play around but.. ended up almost killing me."Bookmark here

Prune blinked at me, twice. A moment later, I could see her visibly shuddering.Bookmark here

"She didn't mean any harm though.."Bookmark here

"But that's absolutely crazy.. she's even more powerful than Gruan right.. opps.." Pune covered her mouth.Bookmark here

I raised my eyebrows suspiciously.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry."Bookmark here

"It's alright… not like anyone could do anything anyways.."Bookmark here

The time where Prune and every other unrelated spectator watched me from a distance as I was continuously beaten up by my past bully-- Gruan. Oh well, if he ever tries anything like that.. I'm sure Liiath would turn him into swiss cheese-- huh? I'm relying on Liliath too much now, aren't I?Bookmark here

"I'm sorry.."Bookmark here

Prune hung her head.Bookmark here

'Noel, could you please meet me at the art club.'Bookmark here

A silver bell-like voice rang in my head. In a daze, I dropped everything I was doing, and stood up.Bookmark here

"Where are you going?" Prune asked but..Bookmark here


I walked out of class without replying, pushing past everyone who stood at the door way. Their stares were obnoxious-- all landing on me. But I was too busy trying to regain control of myself, I couldn't be bothered.Bookmark here

"Noel!! Where's Liliath! Did you almost actually die!! Was there actually a big mushroom cloud!?? Did you pee your pants!??"Bookmark here

"Absolutely not! Wait.. I'm back.."Bookmark here

"Really? It reeks of suspicion," Nine placed both her arms on her hips and narrowed her eyes on me.Bookmark here

"Nine, just in case, if... I need you to prevent me from.."Bookmark here

Oh fuck, my head is scrambled.. the hELl Is ThIS?Bookmark here

'Please meet me at the art club.'Bookmark here

"Noel?"Bookmark here

My body moved on it's own again.Bookmark here

"Hey, hey, stop it right there mister, what did you say?" Nine grabbed my wrist.Bookmark here

"Don't let.. me.. go.." I squeezed those words out of my mouth in desperation.Bookmark here

"Okay, ew.. later.."Bookmark here

Nine let go of my wrist.Bookmark here

FUCKK!!???Bookmark here

Still putting up resistance to this oddly elating sensation, my body, in an unnatural way, continued to drag me towards the target location.Bookmark here

I'm 100 percent certain this is Rishell, I know this voice. What the hell does she want from me??!Bookmark here

I don't want to go. Please.. spare my chastity.. my sanity is dying.. help.. HELP!??!Bookmark here

Moving towards the club room block, I held onto the side rails of the stairs. With all the energy I could muster, I ground myself on the spot while I tried to get my breathing in order.Bookmark here

"The hell.. stop with this.."Bookmark here

Why the fuck is she in my head? I thought we were over already.. not in the relationship sense.Bookmark here

My body is slowly regaining control.. but i don't know when the next attack would happen. Rishell has an ability to telepathically talk to people? That doesn't make crap sense at all!!!Bookmark here

"Cafeteria is there.. Liliath.. status window open."Bookmark here

Chibi Liliath happily drinking tea. Haahh.. calms me down every time.Bookmark here

Okay.. first order of action, i need to reach out to someone.Bookmark here

But it's awkward… there were stares, no doubt about it. They were most probably wondering why I look so haggard, sweating bullets and panting.Bookmark here

"Are you alright?"Bookmark here

"No, I'm not.. help me keep my ground."Bookmark here

A person I don't recognize, probably a senior student since he had a yellow tie called out to me. Those who have a yellow tie pretty much just means they have already graduated from senior high school and are now dealing with foundational courses to enter university or training courses to work for the government.Bookmark here

"What happened? Are you sick?"Bookmark here

"No.. it's someone's TALENT. Someone is trying to control me. I think.."Bookmark here

"Control you? What kind of command?"Bookmark here

"To the art club.."Bookmark here

"Art club? Do you need assistance?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, thanks. Wait.. what are you.."Bookmark here

"Rishell told me before-hand. You sure have quite the resistance against her TALENT. Not bad."Bookmark here

"WHAT?!"Bookmark here

FUUCKKK you BETRAYED ME!>?!??Bookmark here

I wasn't able to escape, the person called Nile. He had a tight hold of my arm and I couldn't budge even if I tried.Bookmark here

I pretty much just gave up when I heard Nile's explanation. In fact, he told me that he wasn't under Rishell's 'spell' and was doing this out of good-will. I would think otherwise.. this brute.. probably one of her many 'admirers'.Bookmark here

"Rishell, you're going to get a second warning if you continue to abuse your TALENT like this, you know?"Bookmark here

"I understand, it was worth the risk. I don't think I harmed anyone either, so could you just leave it at that?"Bookmark here

"Fine.."Bookmark here

Nile let go of my wrist and patted me on the shoulder, flashing me a motherfucking grin that wished me 'break a leg' before leaving the art club.Bookmark here

"So?" Standing close to the doorway, facing Rishell whose silhouette was enhanced because her back was facing the window.Bookmark here

"Join the art club."Bookmark here

"Why?"Bookmark here

"JOIN THE ART CLUB," she stressed, visibly shaken.Bookmark here

"Blah, blah, blah. Why exactly should I join the art club? It's not like doing art anyways?"Bookmark here

Hah, let's see if you can get through that. Hm.. Isn't she using her TALENT or something? Wait, is it just me or does her voice sound mechanical.. creepy.. what in the world is going on?Bookmark here

"How.. " Rishell, hugging a sketchbook, furrowed her brows.Bookmark here

"I would like to ask the same."Liliath's voice rang.Bookmark here

I turned to look and low and behold, Liliath was standing right next to me. Huh? When did she get here? Teleportation? Oh whatever, my chastity is safe, yay~Bookmark here

"Liliath?"Bookmark here

"Status window."Bookmark here

Ah, right. Liliath was watching me the whole time huh? I'm glad she was… that sounds wrong for some reason. So Liliath has been keeping an eye out on me like this these past few days? Oh boy..Bookmark here

"Your motive being?" Liliath asked in a chilly tone, Rishell took a deep breath, arranging her glasses.Bookmark here

"The art club is lacking members. That's why."Bookmark here

Blunt reason. Okay, but why go to the extent of a 'kidnap' act. Hypnotizing me and hypnotizing someone else to drag me to this creepy place known as the art room full of nude and half-nude paintings.Bookmark here

"I'm not an artist?"Bookmark here

A white lie.. not really a white lie but it's more convenient. Haha.Bookmark here

"It doesn't matter, us club members can teach you the fundamentals. The club is going to close at this rate."Bookmark here

"Hm.. not buying it. Isn't it a bit too old-school to 'force' someone to join a club?"Bookmark here

I know this sounds kinda rude but.. what if, just what if the problem isn't with the club but with the members? Note to self: Rishell is dangerous.Bookmark here

Ah, speaking of which.Bookmark here

I gave Liliath a side glance and sure enough, it seemed it was Liliath who interfered with Rishell's TALENT. Must be through voice distortion? Things sound weird. Though, i wonder how Liliath found out such a countermeasure?Bookmark here

"Not to mention.. why ME of all people?"Bookmark here

"You're right? Why though."Bookmark here

"Haahh??"Bookmark here

Rishell placed a finger to her chin.Bookmark here

"Thank you Liliath."Bookmark here

"I came since I felt that there was something dangerous happening after all."Bookmark here

Wheeh. If not for Liliath, I'm sure I'd be dragged along by Rishell's 'whatever-it-may-be'.Bookmark here

"Hold it, you have a proper Arthub account dont you! Dont think you could lie your way out of this."Bookmark here

"Arthub? I do use it occasionally, but I'm not an artist."Bookmark here

"Could you be.. interfering with my TALENT?"Bookmark here

Liliath gave a curt nod to Rishell's question, a bright smile on her face. Oh, you know what that means..Bookmark here

Rishell placed her sketchbook on forehead and let loose a sigh.Bookmark here

"Aren't you going to consider?"Bookmark here

"No, I'm sorry.. I'm not planning to join the art club."Bookmark here

I remember seeing the art club member registration booth last year and here in school this morning too. I wonder if it didn't go well? Speaking of which, where are the other members? The art club doesn't seem to be as active as the bakery club. Or maybe that club is an exception, I saw Prune eating cookies just now right? It's probably freshly made. Me want one of em bad boys too someday.Bookmark here

I ain't seeing any other clubs doing any sort of obvious activities though. Yep. The baking club must have been an exception.Bookmark here

Rishell gave a nod, still hiding behind the sketchbook.Bookmark here

I suppose that means it's okay for us to leave. Great.Bookmark here

Ignoring her pitiful figure, we moved out of the clubroom block. I turned to Liliath who narrowed her eyes on me.Bookmark here

"Sorry.. and thanks.."Bookmark here

"How did it happen?"Bookmark here

"No idea.. I heard her voice in my head and got dragged over here.."Bookmark here

"It could happen again, do you have any conjectures over how it happened? She's rather.. odd."Bookmark here

"Unfortunately, i don't have a clue.. don't tell me that person also has a telepathic TALENT.. now that's just ridiculous.."Bookmark here

Liliath flashed a pained expression. Hah.. my TALENT sure is troublesome. What a load of bull and drama. Half-dead cliffhangers. I wonder how this situation will develop? Will I or will I not join the art club? Stay tuned!Bookmark here

I followed Liliath to the cafeteria. Saria and Wendy, oh the rabbit too seated on one of the corner tables.Bookmark here

Luckily there wasn't any odd sauce party going on. Everyone had classy tea cups of different designs filled to the brim with various tea, small confectionaries to the side.. What's up with this? A small banquet?Bookmark here

"Aren't you taking a seat?"Bookmark here

What? This is awkward as heck? I'm the only male in this all-female tea party, don't you find that weird Liliath?Bookmark here

But it does make sense.. just in case I go out of control again, it's better for me to stay by her side.. ahem.. er..Bookmark here

"Um.. yeah, alright.. your concealment barrier, uh.."Bookmark here

"What happened? Qui." The rabbit asked, flapping its ears up and down.Bookmark here

"Yeah, you didn't almost die again right Noel?" Saria asked.Bookmark here

Wendy gave me a quick glance.Bookmark here

"Well.. perhaps.."Bookmark here

I wouldn't say 'die' but that might not apply to my sanity though.Bookmark here

And the rest of my recess was spent as a member of their private tea party. Of course, I didn't get any tea since I didn't bring my own cup. Thus I became a temporary butler. It was quite an odd experience actually.Bookmark here

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