Chapter 93:

Rishell (2)

My Demon Queen

You've got to be fucking kidding me..Bookmark here

Staring at my laptop with my mouth agape, Prune who was leaning against the balcony called out.Bookmark here

"Noel? Did something happen?"Bookmark here

"Y-yeah.. "Bookmark here

How the hell did she find out? It's not like I'm using my real name, you know? It's merely an alias, so how? How did she know 'PuddinFest'-- my alias-- was me?Bookmark here

To brief you on this crazy shit that I can't for any reason wrap my head around this, I finally got my first art commission request. And the client being-- Yuta. I don't know if anyone remembers that person. I mentioned before that I did a collaborative illustration with her in the past-- who I thought was a boy.. but the owner of the account was apparently Rishell!?Bookmark here

Talk about coincidence.. damn..Bookmark here

And here she's requesting one of my commission packages and then adding 'hush money' by asking for the additional request of-- JOIN THE ART CLUB.Bookmark here

What the hell.. like how..Bookmark here

"A commission.. and? Art club? Do you know him-- her?" Prune casually came over, and read the text on screen.Bookmark here

"Y-yeah.. sorta.."Bookmark here

Now.. how should I approach this? In the first place, does she really know that she's actually requesting a commission from me? I'm pretty sure she's certain over the fact else I don't see a reason to send hush money to a random guy or gal.Bookmark here

I should probably discuss with Liliath about my next course of action.. She's probably my one and only safety net-- capable of rendering Rishell's TALENT to nothing.Bookmark here

"I think I'll go ask Liliath.."Bookmark here

"Who's Rishell? Hey?"Bookmark here

"Just think of her as a pushy senior that's desperate for club members.. Was your baking club like that? Why the baking club? There's a cooking club right?"Bookmark here

There are so many people out there. Why me of all people?Bookmark here

"Hm? I thought perhaps pastry could help increase the range of recipes I could create. Another reason being.. I was swamped back then and had no route of escape, so I was forced to choose the most 'accommodating' club.." Prune's eyes looked dead.Bookmark here

"Too bad.."Bookmark here

Maybe I'm just imagining things, she really enjoyed the cookies the club made though? I wonder what cult-like activities were involved in making cookies. Staring into the oven while the cookies are baking is one way to increase tastiness.. perhaps there's such a ritual.Bookmark here

In anycase, I headed over to Nine's room. She's borrowing Liliath today since her fans were eager to get Liliath to as Nine calls it, "Screw the world with jokes."Bookmark here

I knocked on the door twice. I wonder why I even did that.. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't hear me in the first place since they'd be on headphones.Bookmark here

I grabbed onto the door knob, not locked. Oh well, I better do this carefully, you never know what's on the other side of the door.Bookmark here

I twisted it and pushed it to a small gap and peered into the room. What I met however was a camera lens.Bookmark here

"And there ya have it BOIs. Onee-chan's heart stolen by this guy with an atypical girl's name that counds oddly asexual. Yo, Noel, introduce yourself," in her squeaky cute voice Nine commented as she tossed the door open.Bookmark here

"Fuck?"Bookmark here

"Ahahaha. Hear that folks? Ah, Liliath, what did they say in chat?Bookmark here

"The chats are rollin' fast, though I find most were nonsensical SPAM, I could infer that they are curious to learn more about our relationship," Liliath who sat in an elegant demeanor on Nine's large gaming chair tilted her head and spoke in a shaddy tone. A cool headphone sat on top of her head.Bookmark here

THE FUAQ? The hell is up with her narrator-like speaking and..Bookmark here

"Uh.. what exactly did you teach Liliath? Nine?"Bookmark here

"Me? I didn't teach her anything. What? Scared ya girl is getting too carried away?"Bookmark here

Placing my hand to my forehead, I entered Nine's room.Bookmark here

It was truly a sight to behold. She had quad monitors, a fully decked out gaming station for two fleshed out with all the recording equipment and lighting set up in prim and proper state. Her gaming setup was A LOT cleaner than her chaotic bed furnished with various types of pink, cutesy plushies.Bookmark here

What the hell.. Nine's a guy right?? What's up with all the girly colours? This makes no sense. She.. I mean, he isn't transgender right?Bookmark here

"Nine.. this really makes me question whether you're really a girl at heart or a boy.. oh, we're rolling live.. "Bookmark here

To this realization I shut my mouth.Bookmark here

We're live. I'm actually LIVE. Nine holding a portable camera. Nine was a computer expert to be able to connect her camera to her stream. I know I might sound like a frog right now but I honestly have no clue how streaming works.Bookmark here

Huh.. the comments area blowing up and there are.. AT LEAST A THOUSAND VIEWERS??Bookmark here

Ah.Bookmark here

HA.. hahahaha.. Did Nine literally just announce my relationship Liliath on live broadcast with a thousand people watching?!Bookmark here

THAT BITCH!!Bookmark here

"B.." I managed to hold it in. One thousand is nothing to scoff at. Nine was a professional streamer? And here I thought she was just moderately popular.. I didn't think she'd have such a crazy large subscriber base..Bookmark here

"Okay.. so what are you here for? You distrubed our game of Genocide Killz."Bookmark here

Genocide Killz.. a brutal 2d game with pixel graphics, thrid person view that involved quite literally, genocide. As the 2D alien you are, you are tasked to blow up innocent humans and infrastructure to acquire points that the game refers to as 'guts'. And these guts can be used in exchange for buying more powerful-- and disgusting looking weapons at shops riddled throughout the map.Bookmark here

An apocalyptic game. Apparently Liliath and Nine were having a local PVP match. Based on the battle records, it seemed Liliath was having trouble keeping up with Nine.Bookmark here

Wow. This game suits Liliath's nature very well.Bookmark here

I took a deep breath to calm my head.Bookmark here

"Can I borrow Liliath for a bit?"Bookmark here

Liliath tilted her head at my words.. her head was bobbing up and down to some sort of rhythm, she was most probably listening to loud upbeat music. Then.. how in the world was she able to hear what I was saying though that? I'm pretty sure the volume is crazy high.Bookmark here

"Oh? Something good is going to happen eh?" Nine giggled.Bookmark here

I could see the chat blow up again with a bunch of whats-er-nots. Example being:Bookmark here

"OOOOOOHH?! HE'S THE MAN?! NO WAY?"Bookmark here

"MY MAN NOEL I HATE YOU!"Bookmark here

"SHIP THEM SHIP THEM<3."Bookmark here

"FFUUCK I WANT A GIRL TOO!!"Bookmark here


Unable to withstand the sheer cray-cray of it all, I lowered my head and just walked closer to Liliath. I took off her the head phone just dragged her out of the room.Bookmark here

"3 minute intermission. She'll be back," I yelled at Nine-- or the camera and slammed the door shut.Bookmark here

I heaved a sigh. Well. That was fuck. I faced Liliath and she looked at me with a shrewd smile? What has gotten into her? This is the first time I'm seeing her like this.Bookmark here

"You had fun right?" I stuttered over my words in this suddenly awkward atmosphere. I was just about to talk about serious stuff when all the shit went done in Nine's room.Bookmark here

"It was quite an interesting experience. I learnt many things too. I could now understand better when past heroes documented information regarding the brutality if em' so called cold weapons," Liliath smiled.Bookmark here

Ah fuck. What did you teach Liliath Nine?!! And of all things, this was the most noteworthy lesson for Liliath? Gosh, I don't get her at all. Well, as long as she's having fun.Bookmark here

"Ah.. where was I? Yeah, uh.. remember during recess? When you 'saved' me from Rishell?"Bookmark here

Liliath nodded and her eyes turned sharp.Bookmark here

"She.. contacted me.. and is sorta bribing me. Looks like she's not letting me off that easily.."Bookmark here

Heck, what I'm I even supposed to ask Liliath for here? How should I reply to Rishell's commission request? Maybe it's good to just inform her about it? Hnng..Bookmark here

"Uh.. I guess that's about it? I was wondering if I should just reject her request.."Bookmark here

"Could there be any reason to accept? I don't quite understand your doubt?"Bookmark here

True.. why I'm I doubting myself? I'm probably overthinking. The answer on how I should deal with this is obvious isn't it? Then again..Bookmark here

"The problem being.. it's tied to a commission. She's like adding hush money on top of the commission request."Bookmark here

Liliath pondered for a bit before looking into my eyes.Bookmark here

"Yes?"Bookmark here

"I was pondering what actions I should take.. she does seem like an eyesore. You wouldn't mind if she.."Bookmark here

"No killing.. no violence.."Bookmark here

Liliath is taking 'that' route? Now that's scary..Bookmark here

"Then what do you propose I do? I believe you must have a reason to why you hesitate to decline her commission, however, it would be best to just deny it altogether wouldn't it?"Bookmark here

"I don't think her main point is the commission.. yeah, that makes sense."Bookmark here

I'm one hundred percent certain Rishell is after me in the art club and not my art. So I guess rejecting it is alright? I'm definitely NOT joining the art club.. not with someone like her around.Bookmark here

"I think I got it. I'll just reject the commission. Thanks Liliath," I placed my head over her head and gave it a few pets.Bookmark here

"Glad I could be of help." Liliath nodded with a smile.Bookmark here

I guess the answer is already there..sometimes I just needed to talk to someone until the answer becomes clear.Bookmark here

"3 minutes up!!" Nine threw the door open and yelled, "Liliath is mine now."Bookmark here

"Yeah, yeah," I'm pretty sure Liliath is mine though-- opps, I can't believe I just thought of that. Yikes, that's just embarrassing. "Thank you Liliath, have fun.. on second thought, you're not divulging anything important right?"Bookmark here

Liliath shook her head, " I wouldn't dare find trouble for ourselves."Bookmark here

Yeah.. you being on screen is plenty troublesome already.Bookmark here

Liliath and Nine went back to their Genocide Killz match. Moving to the living room and proceeding to reject the commission from Rishell-- sorry even though I did a collab you with once before but nay way I'm joining the art club, such a scary place with this sort of girl.Bookmark here

"So your decision being?"Bookmark here

"I just rejected her commission.. I'm not going to take the risk.. "Bookmark here

"Who exactly is Rishell? Care to elaborate?" Prune showed me a curious glance. Her tail obviously gave away the fact that she wasn't excited to know.Bookmark here

"Hm.. remember the first time we came to MondaI High? The emcee. You remember that voice that seemed to just seeps into your soul right?"Bookmark here

"Really? That girl? Of all girls?"Bookmark here

"What do you mean 'of all girls'?" I glared at Prune with dead eyes.Bookmark here

"Nothing particular."Bookmark here

"Hey.."Bookmark here

"And then?"Bookmark here

"Then she bumped into me one day and for some reason knew about me as an artist.. it's not like I knew that she was an artist I got to know on Arthub you know? It's creepy.. like.. how did she even find out?"Bookmark here

"Your email address?"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Wow. I can't believe it. My email obviously had my name 'Noel' as part of the address…Bookmark here

Fuck?Bookmark here

"There are a million different Noel's in this world though?"Bookmark here

"Location?"Bookmark here

My Arthub account certainly says that I'm living in Gilgamesh..Bookmark here

"You sure know how to stalk people huh Prune? Say.. where did you learn all this from."Bookmark here

"You! I'm not a stalker kay'?" Prune pouted with a slightly flushed expression, it looked kinda cute. Not to mention, her bushy tail was wagging too, bolstering her already deadly cuteness.Bookmark here

"Haha. Yeah, right." I don't believe that crap.Bookmark here

After that I opened up the streaming site and proceeded to find Nine's stream. I kinda know how to find a stream but watching a stream is beyond me. But I guess this'll be my first.Bookmark here

I learnt that little Nine had a whopping 300k subscriber base, HOLY COW MOTHER OF..Bookmark here

The match between her and Liliath wa equally intense despite the lack-thereof any propers conversations. Nine cursing more than necessary while Liliath remained cool headed as she mowed through the enemies-- innocent humans with a.. how should I put it.. elegant smile?Bookmark here

"Brutal.. that's Liliath?"Bookmark here

"Yeah."Bookmark here

"I didn't know Nine was such a big shot.. I should really go find his other social media account and follow him."Bookmark here

I nodded to Prune's words, she started fiddling around with her phone.Bookmark here

The match was evenly matched but.. Liliath eventually made it out on top in the end. Nine cursed inceasably while the chat congratulated Liliath.Bookmark here

"I'm curious, what did Noel talk to you about just now? The chat is also curious," Nine asked, a speaker quality voice through my laptop.Bookmark here

"Oh, there was a girl pestering him and he came and sought after my advice," Liliath replied nonchalantly. Her voice was quite beautiful.Bookmark here

"Oh, he's very loyal to you huh? I didn't think someone else would dare steal him away from you."Bookmark here

Prune spat air while I staggered to stand up. Cackling while wheezing, she held onto her stomach.Bookmark here

Ah fuck.. and I just told her not to divuldge anything important too..Bookmark here

My next course of action was obvious-- barging into Nine's room to stop the conversation from developing any further. Which was one of the biggest mistakes I've made.Bookmark here

It became a viral stream highlight. I can't believe I became the joke material.. hey. I'm innocent.Bookmark here

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