Chapter 0:

Radio Noise ❀ Prologue: A Girl who Cried "Love" at the End of the Abyss ~ Astra Planeta's Shrill Cry

Metanoetics of a Fallen Star that Longs for the Moon

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Where is my empathizer?Bookmark here

Faraway in an unknown land.Bookmark here

Who is my empathizer?Bookmark here

Thou who left the door open without a lock.Bookmark here

Cleaning my tears without my consent.Bookmark here

Sobbing for being unrecognized while ignoring your act.Bookmark here

Where has my empathizer gone?Bookmark here

They gave up.Bookmark here

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She couldn’t properly digest what was in front of her. A scarlet river flowed from a body who had just a few hours ago been smiling kindly at her; a body that had been warm to the touch now lay ice cold. After witnessing such a scene, everything became a blur. The young maiden didn't even hear the mechanical noises the previously closed stairs were making as she stared, frozen to the concrete beneath her feet. Dead. Her small ray of hope was blown out like a candle when the lights returned after a blackout. A feeling of sickness washed over the girl. She felt sick. Over and over the feeling lingered for more than twenty minutes. Bookmark here

Time felt ridiculously long now.Bookmark here

The promise they both made under the moonlight of getting out of that hellish place together. How in such a short period of time trust was capable of blooming, giving her hope, even if the clock kept on ticking. Bookmark here

Then why in the world was she with a knife on her stomach? Why were her eyes wide open as if they were about to pop out from their sockets? Why? Why? Why?Bookmark here

The girl covered her mouth with both hands.Bookmark here

The maiden’s torn lip and her obviously broken nose were covered in dried, cold blood. It had sprayed all over her face as if it were drops of rain, smeared on a window. As her flesh split, a soft crimson liquid leaked from her wound. The thick droplets of crimson ran down her skin, leaving behind red streaks that would dry over time. The knife piercing her abdomen being the only thing preventing more blood from spraying out like a fountain.Bookmark here

Even in the twilight, the gushing blood glowed red under her soles as she took a step back. The girl felt as if her own guts were ripped out. What once flowed in a body giving it vitality and energy pooled on the ground. The lips that had sung lullabies to her before going their separate ways, the gentle hands you couldn't help but trust, now turned gray and cold. It was as if her dreams had vanished there on the floor. Everything she hoped to become, everything she loved, all the brilliance she would have brought to the world.Bookmark here

What was left of the liquid that had once run thick and scarlet in her veins was pressed into her callused fingers. She, lying in a pool of blood, the same smell as the slaughterhouse they found in that place before it all spiraled into despair. Her eyes still ripe with the fear she experienced in her final moments. Bookmark here

In desperation, she ran. Far, far away from that place that emanated the smell of iron at every corner. Bookmark here

Suddenly she stepped on something quite unusual.Bookmark here

It resembled jelly. Soft and slimy, the girl imagined it as the texture of a sponge filled with water, which, after being squeezed, would let out all its contents. A premonition tormented her telling her to stop, but her feet kept moving, the sounds increasing in volume behind her. Bookmark here

Wait a second, what sounds?Bookmark here

She came to a sudden halt. Bookmark here

That thing was chasing her again, hiding up against the echoes in the mirror. That thing made them argue and leave her friend alone. How the pleas of such a beautiful girl went to waste with her negativity and sudden paranoia.Bookmark here

Such a tiny heartbeat trapped in an eternal summer erratically beat without pause while she ran with all her might, her mind still at a loss after what had just transpired. She had no time to even correctly process it. She was being chased once again, and no one would be able to save her in time.Bookmark here

Time had begun, once again, to dissolve as shapeless as rain.Bookmark here

She reached for that place where she first opened her eyes, closing a door that had no lock and pushing her back against it with all her might. Bookmark here

Inside the dark chamber, even the ticking of the grandfather clock had a relaxing aura, as if it were a heartbeat at rest. The girl didn't feel safe here even in her own room. Trapped inside a tower where she could only go up, yet it felt like the abyss of hell.Bookmark here

She was indeed trapped in a place outside of time itself, a place to rest without consequences. The darkness in that way was a sanctuary, a place to recharge where you could forget the things the world said had to be done. It wasn't that she couldn't or didn't want to, but rather that she needed that feeling in order to come out of the madness she had just witnessed. So, in the darkness that stole even her own form, she was content to let the night pass and wake up when daylight came in, according to the clock.Bookmark here

If she would be able to do so, to begin with.Bookmark here

And if the clock handles were telling the truth, that is.
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Memories came flowing back to her. Regrettably, not memories of her own life, but memories of the young maiden who swore to protect her with all her might. A shining, beautiful, amazing person that now the world would miss. She died without knowing why she was trapped there with her. Even in the face of the unknown, her eagerness and love overflowed the negativity and illuminated the tower with positivism. Bookmark here

Solving unusual puzzles together to unlock rooms. Listening to her life story to fill that empty void amnesia leaves you with. Struggling to find clues in order to proceed. To unlock those stupid mechanical stairs that opened once she found the body.Bookmark here

Yes, she would’ve been so happy. She...Bookmark here

It was at that moment that the girl took notice of something. It was impossible to recall the girl’s face. Static engulfed her mind and thoughts, making her image distorted.Bookmark here

«Kind-hearted people can break. Kind-hearted people go into emotional debt to give support to others when they should be taking care of themselves too. They are a blessing, they are wonderful, yet they are rarely aware of their own fragility or needs. You are a kind person, so please rely on me, okay? I love you so, so much.»Bookmark here

Only her last words remained before turning around and going the other way. The girl felt that her head was going to split open into two.Bookmark here

And so she cried, blooding her throat and her wailing piercing through the Earth. Bookmark here

She cried in this desolate place, without someone to call a friend.Bookmark here

She cried in this desolate place, without someone to give her hope.Bookmark here

She cried in this desolate place, without someone to make her feel loved.Bookmark here

She cried in this desolate place, afraid of that lurking something that chased her as prey.Bookmark here

She cried in this desolate place, afraid of forgetting someone she called a friend.Bookmark here

She cried in this desolate place, afraid of living.Bookmark here

Alas, the Moon laughed and a star twinkled in the unseen sky.Bookmark here

«Yep, that was pretty much what had happened ♡!» Bookmark here

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