Chapter 1:

My Thrash life

I will become the God

"You dare to defy the laws made by heavens. You, a mere mortal, trying to climb above us, the Gods. You shall get what you deserve. That is DEATH! " A huge body in black clothes said to a man standing in front of him.Bookmark here

"..." The man was unable to speak a word to the body that called himself a god.Bookmark here

The black body raised his hand in the air and few shiny particles started gathering in his hand. It closed its hand and particles inside the hand started glowing. The particles took the shape of thunder. The man realized that if that thunder hit him, he will die. So, he started to run away. But it was too late. The black body launched the lightning thunder like a spear and that pierced through the body of the man. Man falls on the ground. He tried to stand but because his body was at its limit after receiving huge damage, he vomited out blood from his mouth and fall to the ground again. He laid there like a lifeless body.Bookmark here

"This is the end for you! " Saying that the black body hit the man with continuous punches until the man died. After his death, the black body stood up and vanished in the next instance. Black body was nowhere to be seen and the dead body of the man was still lying there.Bookmark here

"AAAA......" I wake up from the bed, sweating and breathing heavily. 'It was that nightmare again' I thought, placing one of my hands on my head to calm myself down. This nightmare comes often to me. Even after many times, I still can't deal with it.Bookmark here

It was Seven in the morning. The day was bright and clear. After waking up, I started to get ready for the academy. I am Hajime, yes just Hajime, no family name. I don't know who were my parents. As much as I can remember, there was no one with me from the start. I was struggling to live since I was born. I do many kinds of jobs to earn my livings. It was 7:57, and I left for the academy. 'HOLY SAINT MAGIC ACADEMY' It is the country's best magic academy and only children who have noble blood or talent gets admitted here. But I am neither noble nor has any talent. But then how I got admitted to his academy. Even I don't know. They say that the principal of that academy personally admitted me. He comes among the elite mages of our country. Everyone respects him. I don't know what he was thinking while making that decision.Bookmark here

Anyway, I was happy that I got admitted to this academy. Not because I was going to learn magic, but because the academy has its dormitory. Students who get admitted there have to live in the dormitory after that. The dormitory was way better than the place I was previously living at. As for the food, food is too provided by the school. So now I don't have to worry about starving to death. Before going to the academy, I went to the dormitory to put my luggage in my room.Bookmark here

After putting in my luggage, I left for the academy. I reached out to the noticeboard of the academy to check the class that I was in. There were 3 classes:- Elites (1-A), average (1-B) and weak (1-C). Although classes 1-C were considered weak, they are above average if we compare them with other academic students. Many others were checking out their classes. Many were happy, sad and angry about their assigned classes. I would probably be in class 1-C, so I started with the list of students in class 1-C. But there wasn't my name. I got a little nervous. I checked the list again, but my name wasn't there. Then, I checked the list of class 1-B, but my name wasn't there too. My nervousness started to increase. Lastly, I checked the list of classes 1-A. Starting from the top, going all the way down, I was searching for my name. Finally, I found it. My name was on the list of class1-A. I felt relieved and anxious at the same time, after finding my name.Bookmark here

Why am I in class 1-A? My score was among the lower ranks. I don't even have any skills like others. In this world, children are born with skills that are unique to them. These skills are either inherited from their parents or a hybrid of their parent's skills. By the time, a child reaches the age of ten, they start showing the signs of the type of skills they have. I was already sixteen years old. But I haven't seen any signs. I don't know, how I know my date of birth, I somehow just know it. It's another mystery for me. Maybe someone told me. But I don't remember being with someone.Bookmark here

After finding out which class I was in, I left the signboard. I entered the classroom. In this instance, I placed my foot inside the boundaries of the classroom. Everyone who was inside started watching me with a look of curiosity that who I was. But after realising that I was someone useless or wasn't the one who they were expecting to be, they ignored me like I wasn't there from the very start. I walked to an empty seat and sat there. Most of the students knew each other due to their parent's connections or because they came from the same area. But I didn't know anyone there. So I was sitting all alone.Bookmark here

Everyone was making friends or were getting acquainted with each other. But no one bothered to talk to me. It was about time for the class to start. A beautiful girl with white hair and blue eyes entered the class. She was holding books in her hands and had a cold glare. Her white hair was blowing because of the wind. Everyone stopped talking and class went silent. I felt a warmth deep in my heart. 'Love at first sight? that's not it. It's something else like I know her.' Everyone was looking at her. Maybe she was a noble.Bookmark here

"Hey, how beautiful she is...."Bookmark here

"Yeah... I haven't seen anyone as beautiful as her"Bookmark here

"But who is she?"Bookmark here

"Don't you know? she is the one who aced the entrance exam, and her father is a duke. "Bookmark here

"Seriously.....then we don't stand a chance"Bookmark here

The class was filled with these kinds of murmurs. The girl was looking around the class, I guess she is looking for an empty seat. While she was looking, our eyes met. I averted my eyes, maybe I was blushing too. She started to walk towards me. A handsome boy with blonde hair and a white face blocked her way. He was full of confidence. She stopped and glanced at him.Bookmark here

"I am Alaz Anwar. My father is a Marquis. May I help you? As nobles and high rankers, we must help each other in need." He said in a formal tone, waiting for her to reply.Bookmark here

'Hey look, Alaz is making a move.'Bookmark here

'Looks like she is out of our hands now.'Bookmark here

'It isn't like she'll come with you if he hadn't made a move'Bookmark here

'I guess you're right.'Bookmark here

The girl replied to him in a cold tone, "No....." and started walking away from him. The boy looked a little angry and went back to his seat.Bookmark here

'Look! Alaz got rejected'Bookmark here

'Lol'Bookmark here

'Seriously...too bad for him'Bookmark here

'Yeah. sad for him'Bookmark here

She came and sat next to me. I can feel people glaring daggers at me. I was continuously looking at her, she turned towards me and asked,Bookmark here

" Do you need something? "Bookmark here

" N-no Nothing."Bookmark here

" Then stop glaring at me. "Bookmark here

After saying that, she started to look in front. I guess she was waiting for the class to start. I, too, stopped to stare at her. The teacher entered the classroom and everyone sat in their seats silently. After everyone's attention was directed at her, she started speaking.Bookmark here

" My name is The Kimura Hotsake. I welcome you to Holy Saint magic academy. As you all know only the higher rank nobles and most talented people of our country comes here, you should be proud of yourself for making this far......."Bookmark here

The teacher was praising everyone. Everyone was happy to listen to her but the mood of the class changed completely, listening to what she said after this.Bookmark here

"......but I warn you that this is the first step. The hard part is yet to begin. If we found you are slacking off or aren't showing the expected results, the academy will expel you on the spot. So I leave you with this advice, that you must work harder if You want to stay here..... If you follow my instructions then I doubt anyone will expel. So listen to every lecture carefully."Bookmark here

That was the warning for everyone. I got the little worried.'I may not be able to stay here for much longer. But everyone else looks fine, maybe because it's the elite classroom.'Bookmark here

"So let's start your first lecture. I will start everything from the basics because some of you may have misconceptions. So if someone knows what I am teaching today, please hear it for today."Bookmark here

Most students here already know how to use magic. I doubt if there would be anyone who doesn't know how to use it. I don't know a thing about magic, maybe I can learn it today.Bookmark here

"Can anyone tell what things are needed if you want to use magic?"Bookmark here

A female student wearing glasses stood up and said "Incantations of the spells?"Bookmark here

" That is needed too, but there is something more important than that."Bookmark here

To do magic, people recite incantations to activate the spell. What else can be more important than that? No one was able to answer that question. Then the girl sitting next to me stood up and saidBookmark here

"It's MANA. "Bookmark here

" Yes, that's correct, Shizu Shizumi, as expected of the first ranker."Bookmark here

So her name is Shizu Shizumi. Everyone was impressed by her. Not giving any reactions, She sat down.Bookmark here

" So MANA is most important to use magic. Mage can't use magic if there isn't sufficient MANA. But does anyone know where does this MANA come from?....." Everyone was silent. So she continued.Bookmark here

"'s in the air around us, in the earth surface, in water and everything around you contains MANA. So when you use magic, this MANA helps you to perform the magic spell. But the question is, how is it present there? It's not like we can make something from nothing. So to make MANA, what is needed? Does anyone know about that?" The teacher questioned everyone.Bookmark here

I guess no one knew. Even Shizu was silent this time. The teacher understood that no one knew that where did the MANA came from. So she answered it herselfBookmark here

"It comes from you, me and every living organism. When a living organism dies, our life energy spread around in our surroundings and start interacting. After some time, that life energy takes the form of MANA and we, the mage, use that MANA."Bookmark here

So MANA comes from living beings. That's a kinda scary and creepy thing to know. Everyone was listening to the teacher attentively. The teacher continued teaching us, and soon it was noontime. It was lunch break. School provides the food, so I didn't need to worry about the lunch. While thinking about what the teacher taught in class today, I went to the cafeteria. That place was very big and there were a lot of students, sitting in groups. 'It's the first day and everyone made friends already. Here I am all alone...' I thought. There was a table where everyone's lunch boxes were kept. There were 3 types of lunch boxes, each for classes A, B and C. The size of the lunch boxes varied according to the class. Class A has the biggest lunch box. Lucky for me, I was in class A. There were guards assigned to check which class you were in. While I was picking up my lunch box, A boy from class C started a scene.Bookmark here

"Why are the lunch boxes of different sizes, aren't we humans too. We, too, need an equal amount of food to survive."Bookmark here

A guard tried to calm him down. But instead of calming down, he started shouting.Bookmark here

"Are students in Class A special or something. If so, why is he in class A? I can't sense even a little magic from him. I am at least better than him."Bookmark here

He was pointing towards me. I got afraid and tried to get out of there. While that boy was arguing with the guard. He used his skill on me and saidBookmark here

" With My skill, I can check anyone's attributes and that boy has zero magic, he doesn't even have a skill. How is he in class A, and I am in class C."Bookmark here

Everyone started looking at me. I left the cafeteria as fast as I can. I found a quiet place where I can eat my lunch. I sat down and started eating lunch. A female voice came out of nowhere.Bookmark here

"So you too like quiet places." I got frightened and following the voice, I found out that it was Shizu Shizumi.Bookmark here

" No, it's not like that."Bookmark here

She came and sat next to me. I got a little nervous. She saidBookmark here

" But I like quiet places. Whenever I'm around people, they always start staring at me and start talking about me. They think I am perfect. It's hard for me to fulfil their expectations........ I don't know why I am telling you all this......."Bookmark here

I was listening to her. She got up and started walking away. As she was going, I was watching her back. She stopped in midway and without turning her back to me she said,Bookmark here

" I don't like people like you, who think that they can't achieve the things that are out of their reach. So forget that we ever talked."Bookmark here

Saying that she left. Those last words hit me very hard. Maybe what she was saying was indeed true. I always thought that I can't be an elite mage, that's why I never even tried to use magic. The way she was speaking looked familiar, those were few harsh words but still felt warm somehow. After eating my lunch, I went back to my class. Upon entering, I noticed Shizu was already back. I was walking back to my seat, someone pushed me and I fall down. While fallen down, I turned back to see who it was. There were few classmates of mine along with a red-haired boy standing in front of them as their leader. He said,Bookmark here

"I heard that you can't use magic and you don't even have any skill. Is that true?"Bookmark here

Maybe the incident in the cafeteria reached some of my classmates. Everyone was looking at me. I was still down. I got up and saidBookmark here

" Yes, th-that's...."Bookmark here

Hearing that, everyone was shocked. The group of students who were in front of me started to approach me with the leader leading the way. Other than the group, everyone else in the class was whispering something to one another. The leader caught my collar with one hand and said,Bookmark here

"How are you in class A? Due to you, the name of class A is getting worse. People like you don't do anything and gets everything just because of your family names. People like you disgust me. "Bookmark here

Saying that, he brought another hand in front and flames of fire started to burn in his hands. Maybe that was his skill because he didn't use any incantation. He started to bring those burning flames near my face. The flames were about to touch my face, but suddenly someone said,Bookmark here

"Teacher is coming."Bookmark here

Hearing that the leader stopped his hand and with the hand, he was holding my collar, he pushed me and said,Bookmark here

"You got lucky this time, but next time won't be the same for you."Bookmark here

Saying that he left and everyone else too went back to their seats. I too hurried back to my seat. I began to sit, Shizu didn't look at me for even a moment. Furthermore, I don't know what she was thinking. Thinking about what she said during lunchtime, I sat down.Bookmark here

The teacher entered the class. Students who were still not in their seats rushed to their seats. When everyone was settled, the teacher spoke.Bookmark here

"In the morning, we learned that magic requires MANA and where the MANA comes from. We absorb MANA from the surroundings and do magic .....but can anyone tell is it possible to do magic if the surroundings don't have MANA?"Bookmark here

"We can't do magic in that case I think," someone said,Bookmark here

The teacher smiled at his answer and said," That's the answer that someone without a complete understanding of magic will give." Everyone started laughing at him. He got embarrassed and sat down. Then Shizu stood up and saidBookmark here

"Yes, we can use it even if surroundings doesn't have any MANA"Bookmark here

"Answer is yes."Bookmark here

The teacher spoke it with a teasing tone and asked further,Bookmark here

" Magic requires MANA, if MANA in the surrounding isn't present, how can someone perform a spell. Can you tell, shizumi? "Bookmark here

"MANA from his own body"Bookmark here

"Correct!" Hearing teachers remark, Shizu sat down proudly. The teacher continued," Haven't I told you in the morning that everything contains MANA that includes your body too. But there's a limit for your body to hold MANA."Bookmark here

"Teacher, is this limit permanent?" Someone asked.Bookmark here

"In a few cases, yes, but that's rare. We can increase our capacity by 'cultivation'. So now we will learn how to cultivate."Bookmark here

Hearing what the teacher told us. It looks like a method to upgrade once MANA capacity.Bookmark here

"Let's go out outside, and continue" hearing that everyone stood up and started to move out. Reaching outside, the teacher made us sit on the ground. Everyone sat down. Everyone was sitting a little far from each other. It's not that we usually sit like this, but the teacher made us sit like this. Maybe it's something related to the 'cultivation' method. The teacher said,Bookmark here

"Now everyone, close your eyes and try to find your MANA centre in your body." Everyone started doing, what the teacher said. When the teacher noticed that most students were able to find their MANA centres. She continued.Bookmark here

"After finding your MANA centre, take a deep breath and hold air inside. Imagine the air particles getting disintegrated and dissolving in the MANA centre. After the air gets disintegrated completely, breathe the rest air out... This is the method of cultivation." Most students understood the concept of cultivation.Bookmark here

"Now, everyone, start doing it." Everyone started to do it. As for me, I can't even find the MANA centre. On the other hand, Shizu, Alaz, the red-haired boy and girl with glasses were doing it like that they had mastered this method years ago. The teacher was also impressed by them.Bookmark here

After some time, some other students too got hold of it. That's all we did after that. Today's lectures were all over. Now we were free to do anything. Most of the students went to the cafeteria, a few went back to the dormitory and others to the library. While I was deciding what I was going to do now. Someone called me and saidBookmark here

"Principal is calling you in his room." After saying that, he left.Bookmark here

I got worried that I will get expelled on the very first day of my academy. Holding down my thoughts, I started walking towards the principal's room.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

To be continued.........Bookmark here

Up next "THE TRUTH"Bookmark here

Principal Hiro said, "I am glad that you are alright, master. "Bookmark here

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I got confusedBookmark here

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