Chapter 0:

Born as son of the Demon Lord

Living as son of the demon lord.

I was sitting at a lakeside at night ,looking at the stars and drinking my favourite soft drink . It was a chilly night with light breeze , the last day of earth. An asteroid is predicted to smash into earth and end the human suffering for once and for all . It is an asteroid of size of the sun, there was nothing that could be done to save our life , rich people has already evacuated to other planets , only those who could not afford a rocket are left here on earth to die , that is the majority of population which of course includes me as well. I was never rich or should I say I never needed to become rich to live an easy life . I don’t know how people get such enthusiasm to work 20 hours a day to earn a lifestyle different from normal people . I lived my life as easily as I possibly could , working minimum wage, living with my parents ,without paying any bills or filling any taxes .

As I was thinking such thing the asteroid which was predicted to smash into earth was coming closer and closer . I was always scared of pain and always hated getting hurt , this time was no different as well ,I couldn’t imagine the pain of getting killed by an asteroid so I was already prepared. It was night, time was around 2 a.m. but a light could be seen in the sky which was somewhat similar to dawn light . the stars started to fade into the bright light as the temperature begin to rise rapidly .

“So its really coming ”

It’s the asteroid . some part of me still wanted to believe that it was all a lie ,but all the doubts and uncertainties I had in my heart were there no more . But I came prepared I had sleeping pills with me because I thought if I die while being unconscious I wouldn’t feel any pain . in the last week only suicide rates skyrocketed all around the world and almost everyone was falling into depression . “No one can escape from the end” was what came to my mind thinking about the current situation of earth.

I took my sleeping pills before it was too late. The temperature was too hot already ,indicating that the asteroid is closer that before . I was already sleepy to begin with and my body was too tired and my muscles were loosing any remaining strength. As I was feeling too hot laying on the ground, the sleeping pills started to kick in and my consciousness started to fade away slowly and slowly. All that was left was darkness .

“Wake up mister !! , what do you think you are doing ?!!”

White , everything was white . Before I knew it , I was in some place completely white and I couldn’t feel my body. It was a strange sensation to have my consciousness but no feeling of touch ,taste , breathing , heat, vision and even hearing. I could not hear anything except that voice which just woke me up and after he went silent there was no sound left . I don’t have any eyes at the moment and all there is was whiteness .

“where am I ?”

I don’t have any mouth or any ears but I could hear my voice . It was definitely the most weird thing I have ever experienced .

“You are in the void ”

In the void ? , I always imagined void to be completely dark without any speck of light but this one is totally opposite and this strange voice where is it coming from . It is a very comfortable and warm gender neutral voice , I say gender neutral because I can’t guess whether it’s a voice of a woman or a man but its certainly a very pleasing voice , one I could keep hearing without getting tired . And the voice continues.

“since you are already here and the only planet which could support life in your previous world is destroyed, I have no other choice but to send your soul to the next world , now choose whether you want to birthed as son of the demon lord or as a hero .”

Send my soul ? ,demon lord ? , hero ?. Woah Woah Woah !!! , am I really getting reincarnated. Reincarnation was real after all .

“umm, are you god ?”

“something similar”

“is everyone going to get reincarnated?”

“No, only a few lucky souls which made it into this void, don’t worry I will send each soul to different worlds”

That was not what I was worried about but still I am somewhat relieved that not everyone is getting reincarnated , but what is up with my options . son of demon lord or a hero , both sounds OP but something feels fishy here . Ever since the voice asked me to choose these two options are floating in my consciousness that is why I noticed.

“why is it son of demon lord , not demon lord and why is it hero , not son of hero ? ”

“demon lord is a title that only the successor of demon lord gets when the active demon lord retires , only a demon can become a successor of demon lord not a human and on the other hand a hero is born with the hero title itself .”

“is there any benefit in having a title ? ”

“some , the benefits are title related , for example one with title of scholar will have an easy time learning about academics comparing to others , don’t worry everyone has titles in the world I am sending you to and you can change your title to the titles you have unlocked so there is nothing to worry about ”

This voice keeps saying “don’t worry , don’t worry ” which makes me worry even more . Lets think about it calmly for a while . if I becomes the hero I will have to protect the people and work hard to keep everyone save, wake up early in the morning , and work all day long . From the way this voice has been speaking I can assume this next world is not going to be as modern as my previous world , I mean I didn’t have any title , demons, demon lord or hero in my previous world at least. There were tv stars and pop idols everyone admired but that was a lot of work too and I can only imagine that living as a hero will be harder .

On the other hand if choose the son of demon lord , I guess I wont have any need to do anything because first of all I will be a demon , so definitely no protecting people and second I will be a demon , hearing the word demon makes you think someone who do things without caring about others , even if I laze around all day or do something evil if someone tries to preach me I can simply say “ what else were you expecting from a demon ? ” and third ,if my father is the demon lord I can use his clout to get anything I want and leave all the annoying work to my father , even if its something annoying I think a demon lord can handle everything with ease .

All things considered , the option which suited me the best was ‘son of the demon lord’ at the moment. I don’t have any idea how it will turn out , if it turns out bad I can only regret it later but if it turns out as I have thought my whole live will be leisurely , it will be like a dream come true . For the time being I still have many questions that I want to ask this celestial god like voice .

“is there magic in this next world ?”


“does everyone have magic or is it like only some people of the upper echelon ? ”

“everyone has magic but its type differ from person to person, you can learn about it more in your next life , I don’t want to start a magic lecture here ”

Lets Goooooo !!!!!!!! , magic !! , I can use magic , my 8th grade syndrome turning into reality , every mans dream , MAGIC !! as I was lost in excitement the god like celestial voice continues to talk .

“so what is it ? son of demon lord or hero ? what do you want ? you are wasting too much time ”

“ oh , sorry . I would like to be birthed as son of the demon lord please ”

“are you sure ?”

“yes . I am sure ”

“you can’t change it later ”

“yes , please”


That was the last voice of the godlike voice and the white void started to turn dark slowly until it was completely dark . It remained dark and silent for a long time , I kept thinking that the voice just made a fool out of me , I am no son of demon lord neither am I a hero . I am still in some kind of void , only the color has changed from light to dark . I can’t move , I can’t breathe, I can’t see , I can’t hear anything , I can do nothing. In this time I had many thoughts cross my mind , ‘why did that voice fool me’ or ‘why do I still have my consciousness’ or ‘is this actually what death is like?’.

This continued for a very long time and suddenly I began to hear things ‘sounds’ or ‘muffled sounds’ to be precise they kept coming and going. I could never make it out what those sounds were saying . when I heard a sound it stayed for some time and then there was no sound for some time . to make it more clear the duration of time which the sounds stayed and the duration of time which without any sound was 1:9 . 9 being without sound .

The sounds had more or less fixed intervals. I realized that after some time but that’s not important anymore , what’s important is that lately I have been feeling a little warm. This feeling is new , it not there before . I am feeling very warm , upto the point where its very comforting. I didn’t think I would say something like this but this situation I am in right now doesn’t feel that bad . I mean I don’t need to work , I don’t need to work, I don’t need to eat , I don’t get hungry or thirsty and I am even comfortably warm . Isn’t this ideal , Isn’t this how life should be .

For quite some time I felt pleasant due to the warm feeling I had been feeling and then I began to feel something more , something I haven’t felt for a very long time , something I almost forgot that existed . I could feel my arms and legs , and I could feel them move. Its not moving so much but its definitely not ‘not moving’ . that was the time all the things became clear and I understood exactly where I was .

I was in a womb , my mother’s womb to be precise , that’s why all the senses have been coming in one by one as the foetus develops , calling myself a ‘foetus’ is certainly strange and I don’t want to get used to it so I will refrain from calling myself foetus but yeah , that’s what I am right now . which means that godlike voice was not lying and I am really in the next world , I will live my next life. Now that I think about it ,that godlike voice never mentioned anything about having my consciousness or taking my memories to the next life. I guess I can count it as a cheat skill , I am sure the voice won’t mind .

Taking all my current development into consideration , it should now only take about 3 months until I can breathe again . yeah, I still can’t breathe but I think its normal now ,I can’t keep on complaining forever now that I know soon I will birthed , that is considering that a demon gestation period is same as that of in my previous world. I hope everything turns out good and I don’t have any miscarriage , that would be sad , dying before being born . And no, I am not a masochist my remarks “ I hate getting hurt” stays true , even though I feel like a pessimist I don’t really wish for anything bad to happen.

3 months later

The son of demon lord was born with an extra ordinary amount of magic power for a baby demon . Everyone was rejoiced , especially the demon lord but little did he know his son believed in the NEET way of life.( NEET = Not in employment , Education or Training )

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