Chapter 0:


The Girl With A Secret

There once was a girl with a secret. A precious secret. It was a secret that she was not allowed to tell anyone. One that was forgotten. She dreamed someone else’s dreams and forgot them too. The girl had a caring heart. A strong and pure heart. One that could make someone else envious. She was curious, adventurous and sometimes clumsy. But most importantly, brave. A girl who managed to overcome any hurdles and walls. She knew right from wrong and wrong from right. A truly content heart was beating in her chest. Instead of searching for flaws in another person, she would search for the good in them. Her thoughts for others came before the ones for herself. She was unaware of what kind of person she was herself. The only thing she thrived for, was to do her best and live a happy life with the ones she loved. Bookmark here

She was a girl who kept her promises… and the one I fell in love with.Bookmark here

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