Chapter 4:

Act 4

I'll carry you

It was the next morning. I was sipping on an energy drink. The change came to be as a result of me not getting a wink of sleep last night. Akimitsu had returned and was standing next to me. He was holding a cup of hot chocolate in his hands. Bookmark here

“Don’t get the wrong idea. Just because I listened to your sob story and bought you taiyaki yesterday, doesn’t mean we are friends now,” I warned him.Bookmark here

“I know. I’ll make sure not to be a pain in the ass, but I will stick around for a little while longer,” he said and grinned at me. I guess I would have to put up with him for a little while longer. Bookmark here

People started gathering and in the midst of it, a man collapsed. Akimitsu immediately ran over to see what had happened. I stayed in my place. People around the man were checking on him or were panicking. A woman was asking around if there was a doctor at the train station. I could see the man’s face between the legs of people. He was gasping for air and a rash started appearing on his neck. I took off my bag and placed it on the floor with my energy drink. Akimitsu was still within the sea of people. Fortunately he was taller than the average person and I could see his head sticking out. I took a deep breath and pushed myself through to him. I grabbed him by his blazer. He turned around and was surprised to see me. I gave him some instructions and he left. I went deeper until I reached the end. The first step was to call an ambulance which was already done. The second step was not too move him and to keep him still. The third step was to inject exactly a dose of 500 micrograms adrenaline into the middle third of the thigh. Akimitsu returned with a first aid kit in his hand. I told him to open it up and look for an EpiPen if there even was one. We were lucky. Bookmark here

“What should I do now?” he asked me with a worried expression. Bookmark here

“First of all, calm down. He’ll be fine after we inject him with some adrenaline. He is having an anaphylactic shock and you are holding the antidote for it. Pull off the coloured safety cap and hold the other side which is called the tip that has the needle in it approximately 10cm away from the outer thigh,” I instructed.Bookmark here

“Do we have to take off his trousers?” a woman interrupted me. Bookmark here

“Don’t talk over me when I’m giving him the instructions on how to inject it,” I said to the woman. She saw my angry face and backed up a little bit. “Don’t worry Akimitsu. It will go through clothes and trousers,” I continued. He did as I told him. His hand was steady.Bookmark here

“Now jab it firmly into the outer thigh until it clicks and hold it in place for about 3 seconds,” I said and then paused to watch him do it. “You can move it away now and maybe rub the injection place a little bit.” I could hear the sirens of the ambulance. My work here was done. I went back to grab my bag and energy drink. The train had arrived as well. An announcement was made to let us know that the train would proceed after the commotion on the train station was over. Bookmark here

“Why did you just leave me there? You could have tapped my shoulder or told me that you are leaving,” he complained. Bookmark here

“Why should I? I’m not your babysitter,” I said back to him. The train was moving and due to the slight delay, it was also full of people. Bookmark here

“You were pretty amazing. How did you know that he was having an anaphylactic shock and how to inject an EpiPen?” he asked excited.Bookmark here

“It’s common sense to know what to do in a medical emergency. Also, the instructions were written on the EpiPen itself, but I thought that you might end up being an idiot and injecting yourself,” I said. He was not pleased with my answer. “My younger sister has a peanut allergy. You get used to these situations quite quickly when you see them happening in front of you every now and then,” I confessed. He was shaking his head and then started laughing. Bookmark here

“It was still amazing how you remained calm,” he said with a smile and tried to place his hand on my head, but I quickly dodged. My head bumped into someone else’s back. It was a man who lost his balance thanks to me and stumbled into a woman’s chest. I squeezed my way behind Akimitsu before both of those people could give me the evil eyes. Instead they gave Akimitsu the evil eyes.Bookmark here

I had already used up too much of my energy this morning but to my bad luck we had P.E. today as well. If school was hell, then the girl’s locker room was the burning abyss where you get eaten alive. To avoid that, I had practiced my skills in changing into my P.E. clothes as fast as possible, so I could leave that place as soon as I entered it. Today’s assignment was to run to assess our speed and endurance. I was already hating it even though it hadn’t even started yet. My plan was to stick to the very back of the group and keep some distances between me and the other students. The fastest students had already completed one round and were about to pass me, but they didn’t just pass me. One girl with bushy eyebrows came closer and kicked me from behind to make me fall. And I did fall. I was laying on the ground. I could feel the burning and painful sensation on my knees; like the one you get when you get a carpet burn. My hands were bleeding as well and small gravel and stones were stuck on them. I looked up to see a different girl with a long ponytail stepping on what had fallen out of my pocket. It was my blue inhaler. My hands formed into fists and I got on my knees. Bookmark here

“Calm down,” Akimitsu whispered to me. He was suddenly kneeling next to me. Bookmark here

“Hey, cut it out,” our P.E. teacher, Mr Hashimoto yelled.Bookmark here

Akimitsu picked up my blue inhaler for me and placed it in my hands. It was in two pieces. I placed the cartridge into the outer package and checked if it was still useable. I was told to go to the nurse’s office to get some first aid. The nurse cleaned the wounds and stopped the bleeding by putting plasters and bandages on my knees and hands. My P.E. trousers were ripped. The nurse told me to wait and went to get some paperwork done. Bookmark here

The door opened and it was not the nurse who had returned. It was Akimitsu who came in and decided to stand right in front of me.Bookmark here

“Can I help you?” I asked. Bookmark here

“Yes, you actually can,” he said with a serious tone to his voice. He looked upset as well. I did not know what to do and looked away. “I came here to see if you were okay and to ask you why your face looked like you were seriously going to kill that girl who was stepping on your inhaler but first tell me what these bruises on your legs are?” he asked and pointed towards my still exposed legs. I pulled the legs of my trousers back down and stood up.Bookmark here

“I just fell, remember?” I answered.Bookmark here

“Stop lying. Those bruises are clearly not from today,” he said out loud.Bookmark here

“It’s none of your fucking business,” I said sharply and left the nurse’s office.Bookmark here

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