Chapter 8:

Act 8

I'll carry you

I pushed her off me after regaining control back over my body. She fell into the water. I quickly sat down in the water, but her face already told me that she had seen my body.Bookmark here

“If you promise me to keep it a secret, I’ll be your friend,” I said in a hurry. She got closer to me again but this time I put my arms up. I saw tears in her eyes. She slowly nodded her head. Bookmark here

“Also, Akimitsu and I are friends. I already trust him. Not a hundred percent. Maybe around twenty-five percent which in my book is the highest number that I have given to someone outside of my family,” I muttered and went deeper into the water. Bookmark here

Yumiko didn’t talk much the rest of the night and the time to go to bed came around. She placed her futon next to mine. I was weighing in my head if I did the best possible option back in the bath. I could have easily told her a lie. She was a very gullible girl after all. What’s done is done. I turned to my side and saw her face. She was smiling while she was fast asleep. I carefully got out of bed and walked over to the window to look at the glowing moon and the glistening stars within the dark blue void that we call sky.Bookmark here

The agenda for today was similar to yesterdays. Yumiko was not leaving my side. She sat next to me while we were eating breakfast. It was early in the morning. Akimitsu and the delinquent decided to sit on the same table as us. I could hear the teachers discussing something. The radio was on and we listened to the weather forecast for today. A storm was approaching, and heavy rainfall and dangerous wind were expected this afternoon. The teachers decided to cut the activities in half. We had to be back by 3pm but were allowed to move within groups on our own. To no surprise, I was stuck with Akimitsu, Yumiko and the delinquent. The weather was hot and humid. We were aimlessly walking around town. I spotted something that I liked but didn’t say anything. Yumiko was telling me to get some matching souvenirs. Bookmark here

“Let’s go to the shaved ice cream shop,” Akimitsu said and placed his hands on my shoulders. He pushed and made me walk. Bookmark here

“Let go off me,” I told him, but he refused. The other two agreed on eating some shaved ice cream. It seemed like other students had the same idea because the shop was packed. I gave in and ordered a strawberry one. Everyone got a text message from the teachers, telling us to come back soon as the storm would arrive earlier than expected. The shop owner warned us to hurry back as well. I wasn’t able to finish my ice cream. Bookmark here

We were instructed to stay in our rooms until dinner was ready. Yumiko left to see her boyfriend. She promised me that she would return in no time, but I told her that she can take her time. I was alone in the room. The other girls went to see their friends too. It was finally nice and quiet. I truly enjoyed my own company the most. My blue inhaler was next to me. The drastic weather change was making me wheezy. The windows were shaking, and the wind was howling outside. I heard a knock on the door. A boy with black hair entered the room.Bookmark here

“You’re friends with the girl with the freckles, right? I just wanted to let you know that I saw her going out to the garden,” he said. Bookmark here

“Why would she be outside?” I asked him, doubting every word he was saying.Bookmark here

“How should I know?” he answered and shrugged his shoulders. Without saying anything else, he left. I was pretty certain that he was lying but we were talking about Yumiko. I had a feeling that she was a too nice person and would easily be messed around with. I let out a sigh and walked through the hallway until I reached the door to the garden. It was darker outside than I expected. I stuck my head out and looked around to see if I could catch a glimpse of her if she was outside. No one was in the garden and before I could close the door again, I felt hands on my back, giving me a push. I lost my balance and fell to the ground. The door was closed behind me and I heard the sound of someone locking it. I stood up. My hands formed into fists. I took a deep breath and decided to walk around to get to the main entrance.Bookmark here

For a moment, the wind stopped. It went really quiet. I looked up and saw the heavy clouds above me. A sudden, very strong gust of wind followed after the very short break. I was unable to walk forward. Then a white wall swallowed me up and I felt like someone had slapped my whole body. It was the rainfall that the teachers had warned us about and it had come down like a waterfall. The rain felt very heavy and I was having difficulty breathing. The temperature and pressure had dropped. Everything happened within a split second. I was still in the garden and forced myself to walk back to the door. My lungs were constricting. It felt like I was drowning. My shaky hands grabbed the handle of the door and tried to open it. I knew it was locked but I tried again and again. A wave of terror came over me. Was I going to die? My breathing was out of control and I was panicking. I started slamming my fists against the door. My lungs were gasping for air, but I felt like someone was strangling me. I tried to scream but no noise was coming out of my throat. My body felt cold. I was getting desperate.Bookmark here

“Someone open the door! Please! Someone… anyone,” I begged. I was not allowed to die yet. I still had things to do. Bookmark here

“Eichi! Eichi! Eichi!” I screamed with the last air I had left within my lungs. I heard voices but they were muffled and were being drowned by the sound of the rain. The door opened and I was blinded by a yellow light. Someone grabbed me and pulled me back in. Bookmark here

“Isamu, get me some towels and Yumiko get me her blue inhaler,” someone said in a panicked voice. It was Akimitsu’s voice. They were his arms that were holding me close. His body was warm. I saw the puddle of water underneath us. My breathing was still shallow, and my body was trembling. Bookmark here

“It’s okay. It’s okay now. I’m here. You’ll be fine. I won’t let anything bad happen to you,” he reassured me. His voice felt soft. I closed my eyes and buried my face into his chest. I didn’t want him seeing me cry. I was lucky that I was drenched. The rain would be my alibi.Bookmark here

I stayed in a separate room from the others, so I could recover. Yumiko was taking care of me. I told her that I was fine, but she would not listen. Mrs Ito told me that I had experienced a microburst and that she was glad that I was okay. I didn’t mention the incident that caused the door to be locked. Yumiko would blame herself and would probably not recover from it. The trip had ended for me. We went back to the high school the next morning. My father had been called to pick me up. Akimitsu and Yumiko gave me their numbers before I left to go home.Bookmark here

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