Chapter 10:

Act 10

I'll carry you

Summer vacation was approaching, and Yumiko asked me if I wanted to go somewhere with her. I told her that I had to babysit my younger sister, but she told me to bring her along. Akimitsu and Nakajima were joining us. They decided to go the beach. I told them that we owned a house near a beach and so it was settled that we would spend a week there. My father had work and my mother was going to see her younger sister. She wanted to take Ai-chan with her but decided against it in the end. I had packed for me and my younger sister and we were ready to go. Our meeting point was the main train station. Aki-chan and I were waiting at my train station for the train to arrive and to no surprise Akimitsu joined us. My younger sister was delighted. She was wearing a light blue dress and a straw hat on her tiny head. I made sure to cover her fair skin with enough sun cream. Bookmark here

“You are looking very cute, Ai-chan,” Akimitsu said to her and she immediately hid behind my legs. Bookmark here

“Thank you,” she muttered and bowed her head. It made me smile. She was the most precious thing in the whole wide world. I caught Akimitsu staring at me.Bookmark here

“Is something on my face?” I asked and stopped smiling.Bookmark here

“No, nothing,” he said and gave me a warm smile. Bookmark here

Yumiko and Nakajima had already arrived at the main train station and were waiting for us. I recently started receiving a lot of text messages from her. It didn’t take us long to get to them. We boarded the train and got excited by the train leaving the train station. We were finally on our way to the beach, all together. Ai-chan was sitting on the window seat and I was sitting in between her and Akimitsu. He had decided to sit next to me, and Nakajima was sour about it. Yumiko was sitting opposite my younger sister. She had fallen in love with her. In her words, she was too cute too handle. It took us about two hours to get to our destination. The house was only a walk away and so was the beach. Ai-chan started jumping up and down after spotting the endless, sparkling ocean. Bookmark here

“Ah, the salty, fresh air feels really nice on the skin,” Yumiko exclaimed. Everyone looked at me and gave me a disapproving look. That was because I was wearing a hoodie. My arms and legs were fine this time, but I felt the most comfortable when I covered my body up. We pulled our trolleys along the street. I took out the key and opened the front door. It smelled musty inside and some dust had collected on the furniture. We decided to clean the place before enjoying ourselves. It took longer than expected and everyone was hungry after all the intensive cleaning and unpacking their luggage. Ai-chan was very sleepy and could barely keep her big eyes open. We ordered some pizza and watched a movie together. The doors to the backyard were open and the white curtains were dancing with the breeze. It felt like a dream and I didn’t want it to end. Bookmark here

Me and Ai-chan shared a room with Yumiko. And Akimitsu and Nakajima shared one together. We played rock, paper, scissors to decide who could use the bath first. The guys won but they let us go first because Ai-chan kept falling in and out of sleep. I always told my younger sister to never watch me undress. She would go into the bathtub first, then closed her eyes and waited for me to join. The bubble bath usually hid my body well. But this time, I asked Yumiko to keep an eye on her. She already knew what was buried underneath my clothes. Bookmark here

“I’m not going to ask you how it happens, but does it hurt a lot?” Yumiko asked me. I was laying between her and Ai-chan.Bookmark here

“Of course it does,” I whispered. Our window was open, and you could hear the ocean waves in the distance.Bookmark here

“How long does it take for them to go away?” she questioned. Bookmark here

“Around two weeks,” I answered.Bookmark here

“They are different colours,” she said. Her voice broke at the end.Bookmark here

“Mhm,” I said.Bookmark here

“I was thinking about it a lot, but I just don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to help you,” she confessed.Bookmark here

“You don’t have to do anything. I’m fine,” I said and smiled at her. Her eyes were glistening. She was about to cry but I told her to stop. Ai-chan would wake up. She apologised and fell asleep after a while. I was the only one left, still awake. I would definitely be needing a coffee tomorrow. Bookmark here

We got breakfast from a nearby café and went immediately to the beach afterwards. Ai-chan had her inflatable swimming ring with her and she was floating around in the water. She was fascinated by all the fishes and sea creatures she was seeing. The guys were racing each other. Yumiko stayed close to us and helped me teach Ai-chan how to swim. I was wearing shorts on the bottom and a hoodie on the top. All the others had their swimming clothes on. I admit, it was really fun, seeing everyone having fun. It was short cut for me because Nakajima had the bright idea to sneak up behind me and throw me into the ocean with all my clothes on. I knew how to swim, so I didn’t need any rescuing, but he would certainly need some when I would get my hands on him. I got out of the water and hid behind a rock, so I could take off my hoodie and squeeze the water out. It got really heavy and I was struggling. My white t-shirt underneath had gone see-through. I was about to take off it as well but stopped when I heard someone behind me. I grabbed the first thing that I could find and threw it at the person behind me. The star fish left my hand and landed on Akimitsu’s face. He took it off slowly and apologised to it for my rude behaviour and put it back on another rock, away from me. Bookmark here

“I came to check on you. I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said.Bookmark here

“There is nothing to check here. You’re just being a stalker again. You saw that I was fine, but Nakajima won’t be in a bit,” I said. Akimitsu didn’t say anything back. I noticed that he was looking at my stomach. I quickly grabbed my hoodie off of the rock I placed it on. He took it from me before I could wear it again and pulled my t-shirt up. I screamed and pushed him back. He threw away my hoodie and without hesitation pulled my t-shirt back up again. Bookmark here

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I asked startled. He placed his hand on one of the bruises. His hand was cold this time.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Stop! That’s enough,” I screamed and pushed him hard. My body was shaking. I couldn’t see him in his face and ran away. Don’t cry. Whatever you do, don’t cry. I kept telling that myself. I had picked up my hoodie and I was wearing it again. Yumiko looked at me concerned and asked if I was okay. They had probably heard my scream. I told her that I wasn’t feeling too well. We decided to go back to the house. I stayed in my room while they were having some watermelon. To not worry Aki-chan, I pretended to have a stomach-ache and assured her that with a little rest I would be fine again. I ended staying in my room for the rest of the day. I refused to come out and I refused to cry.Bookmark here

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