Chapter 16:

Act 16

I'll carry you

I threw my phone at one of the guys who tried to stop me getting any closer and tackled the guy who was sitting on top of Akimitsu. He grabbed me by my throat.Bookmark here

“Get this bitch off of me!” he screamed at the others.Bookmark here

“Don’t you dare hurt her!” Akimitsu yelled at them. People were still watching. Bookmark here

“Get off of him, you fucking bastard! I know my father told you to do this shit,” I screamed out loud. Two guys grabbed me by my arms and dragged me back. I tried to resist and kicked around me. Nothing was working, so I bit one of the guy’s hands and kicked the other one in the shin. They all were wearing leather jackets and beanies. Fucking wannabe gangsters. Akimitsu punched the guy who was sitting on top of him in the face and pushed him off of him. I tripped and fell to my knees. Bookmark here

“Little bitch,” someone said behind me. I turned my head and saw a guy swinging a baseball bat at me. I ducked and raised my hands in defence. My body tensed up. Akimitsu covered me with his body before the bat came down on me and hit him instead.Bookmark here

“Eichi! Are you okay?” I asked him panicked. He wouldn’t answer. His body was sagging. Blood was dripping from his head onto the floor. I was supporting him and held him closer to me. My cry pierced through the cold air. The guys got startled and made a run for it. People around us finally decided to offer their help but I wasn’t having it.Bookmark here

“Don’t fucking come close to us! Don’t fucking touch us!” I screamed and hugged Akimitsu tighter. He was still not responding to me. I prayed for him to be okay. Bookmark here

“You’ll be fine,” I said with a broken voice and tried to stand up with him on my back. Paramedics rushed over to us and took him away from me. They had to hold me down until I calmed down a bit. I was allowed to be in the same ambulance as Akimitsu. One of the paramedics told me that he was going to be okay and had only lost conscious. Bookmark here

“You don’t know that! You haven’t done any tests or scanned his brain to see if it’s severe or not,” I shouted at him. My head was spinning, and my chest felt tight. My body was covered in sweat and so was Akimitsu’s. We were separated in the hospital and examined separately. I had minor cuts and bruises. The doctor told me that my father had been contacted but they weren’t able to contact anyone from Akimitsu’s family. He was still unconscious when I entered his room. Yumiko had told me that Akimitsu’s father was away for work a lot. I sat down next to his bed and kept sobbing. It was all my fault. If he hadn’t met me, then all of this wouldn’t have happened. If I would have refused to be his friend, all of this wouldn’t have happened. A hand was placed on my head. It was Akimitsu. He woke up. I wanted to call the nurse or doctor, but he stopped me. Bookmark here

“It’s not your fault,” he said and sat up. He wiped away my tears and gave me a smile. “I’m fine, don’t worry. I’ll probably will have a headache for some time but that’s fine. I can live with that.” Bookmark here

“It is my fault,” I whispered. “I’m sorry.” He got out of his blanket and placed his body in front of me. He opened his arms and embraced me. Bookmark here

“No, it’s not. Nothing until now has been your fault,” he said. His voice was soft. “No one deserves to be treated the way you have been by your parents. No matter what reasons and justifications they keep telling you. No human being should have to go through what you are going through.” I started crying again. I couldn’t help it. It took me a while to calm down. He didn’t let go of me until I told him to. I placed my hands on his chest.Bookmark here

“You shouldn’t be hugging random girls. Your girlfriend would hundred percent get angry at you,” I said and cleaned up my face with my sleeve.Bookmark here

“Girlfriend?” he repeated surprised. Bookmark here

“Yes. You know, the girl you were hugging,” I said and looked away.Bookmark here

“Oh, no. You got it completely wrong,” he explained and chuckled. “She is not my girlfriend. She confessed her love for me again, but I rejected her again. It was her who suddenly hugged me. I had nothing to do with that.” Bookmark here

“Oh, “ I said. It was the only word that escaped my mouth. I felt embarrassed. He started laughing. Bookmark here

“Ouch. I shouldn’t laugh. It makes my head hurt,” he said and grabbed his head. “Seeing you worried is making me worried, so stop.” I nodded my head.Bookmark here

“Can you tell me about yourself?” I asked him and looked him into his eyes. “Nakajima told me that a friendship is a two-way street, but I don’t know anything about you.” Bookmark here

“Sure but where should I begin. I was born on the sixteenth of March. My blood type is O. I live with my father who is usually away for work because he works in the construction industry. My mother passed away about five years ago due to cancer. I would spend my summers at my grandparent’s house after she passed away but like I told you my grandfather passed away last winter, and my grandmother passed away two years ago. I don’t know my father’s parents because he was an orphan. Also, I lied to you about moving houses and I actually just ride my bicycle to get to your train station,” he told me.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry to hear about your mother and grandparents,” I said.Bookmark here

“It’s okay. That’s life,” he said and shrugged his shoulders. Bookmark here

“And I knew you were lying, especially after you sent me your address,” I continued. “But why would you go to that length for a stranger? I get it that I helped your grandfather but it’s still too much.”Bookmark here

“Because you saved me when I was drowning,” he confessed.Bookmark here

“I honestly don’t remember ever saving you,” I said confused. Bookmark here

“But you did. My mother was weak from birth on and my parents were told not to have any children. It would have made her condition and health a lot worse. It was an unexpected pregnancy but my mother’s wish was to meet and hold me and so she endured those nine very difficult months. But as expected, she got weaker and shortly was bedridden after giving birth to me. And then she was diagnosed with cancer, but she kept it a secret from me and my father. After her sudden death, I started blaming myself. I wished that I was never born. I ran away from home and found myself lost in a park. That’s when I met a girl, the same age as me. She appeared out of nowhere in front of me and even though she didn’t know me, she offered me a red bean taiyaki. She saw that I was crying and patted me on my head and told me that everything will be alright. I got angry and told her about my mother. What she said next surprised me. She said that I was lucky to have had a mother that loved me endlessly. Not everyone had the chance of experiencing that. And that I should cherish the time I had with her. She told me that my mother had only left me with good memories. The last thing the girl told me was that she was happy to have met me and was glad that I was born. That girl was you,” he told me.Bookmark here

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