Chapter 1:


Pyscho Love

First Person P.O.VBookmark here

I smiled at him. He smiled back. He grasped my hands and pulled me closer. This feels like a dream. Maybe it is a dream? I don't know, but I don't care. He's here, I'm here. Perfect.Bookmark here

Then all of the sudden darkness engulfed me, making me scream. I tried to stretch my hands to him but he just ignored me, walking towards her. Tomoya.Bookmark here

Then, I woke up.Bookmark here

" Hah.. " I sighed because of my idiotic dream. Of course he won't notice me. He belongs to another already. But she's gone and I'm right here.. Why her? Why not me? Why am I not good enough? I kept asking myself the same questions every single dayBookmark here

Water gushed out of my eyes, ' What is this? ' I thought, then realized it's my tears. Tears of Loneliness. Sadness. Betrayal. This is the first time that I cried, though. Why? Why now? Why not sooner? Why do I have to suffer like this?Bookmark here

This needs to stop. I need to stop. Enough already. I'm tired.Bookmark here

I saw a medicine kit in the corner of my room, I walked towards it and reached for it. I walked back to my bed, opening the Medicine kit to saw sleeping pills. The corner of my eyes caught my water bottle that has been waiting for me patiently.Bookmark here

" This is it.. No need to suffer. " I muttered, crying. I was shaking, I put all of the sleeping pills in my palm counting itBookmark here

" One, Two, Three,.........., Thirty Seven " I swallowed all of them at the same time even though it hurts but this has nothing to the pain I'm suffering from right now and then I drank my water. I am smiling. I know that. I'm happy to see them happy.Bookmark here

GoodbyeBookmark here

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