Chapter 1:

Summoned By The Demon Lord

Living as son of the demon lord.


I was laying in my bed , taking a nap in the middle of afternoon when I heard a sweet voice from outside the door . Even though I was half asleep ,I instantly recognized this voice , after all it’s the voice of my favorite maid in the demon castle.


Upon my permission she opens the door swiftly , enters the room and stands besides the door maintaining a distance from my bed. My favorite maid .

“It’s lily. Forgiving me for disturbing your sleep …”

After apologizing to me she stares at me ,indicating that she is asking the permission to speak .

“what is it ?”

“Demon lord-sama has summoned you to the throne room”

Cold sweat start to flow from my forehead . the fact that she said “Demon lord-sama” and not “your father” means he wants to speak to me not as a father but as a demon lord which means I am in trouble . why you ask ?, it’s because I am being summoned to the ‘throne room’. Only the most important matters are taken care of in the throne room . The last person who was someone was summoned to the throne room was feeded to Cerberus, and he was a commander demon general , which is a high position in military . To feed someone of that standing to the family pet was a thing only a demon lord could do. Cerberus is a three headed hound of ferocious nature which is as big as 15 meters and it has been the main family pet since the 5th demon lord retired its been 300 years since then and since that hound has been around ever since my father was a child , it’s the favorite monster of my father, the 8th demon lord .

It’s been almost 16 years since I came to this world but I am still not comfortable around that dog . My father told me that Cerberus can see demon souls , so it doesn’t listen to those whose soul trembles in front of it , I guess my soul will take a little more time to settle down in this demon realm.

“Maybe its time he finally feeds me to that mutt ”

“ Argius-sama !! … please don’t say such ominous things ”

Lily’s beautiful light brown eyes were so moist that a tear could fall at any moment. This girl has taken taken care of me ever since I was born , I can easily say that she is the one who loves more than anyone else. Looking at her amber hair ,two small horns on the forehead which almost looks fragile, brown moist eyes , slender waist yet plump body, those pink lips which resembles Sakura leaves and this cute face ,I try to remain in my senses. Lily is easily the most beautiful maid in this demon castle and probably the most human looking which I adored about her the most , but she is a demon and not to be mistaken as a human that mistake can turn out fatal . Lily won’t make a fuss but if someone else finds out , They will go straight to my father and then I will have to explain how I made such a mistake without ever seeing an actual human . I can’t say I saw it in a book . Even though there are books about humans, none of the books here have images, so I wont be able to escape that . I still need to act carefully even after living as a demon for almost 16 years.

“I am just joking , I will come to the throne room shortly , you can leave now ”

“yes , I am sorry for my presumptuous behaviour ”

“It’s fine, don’t worry ”

And she leaves the room after gazing at me a little . No matter how much I want her to stay and flirt with her , I cant keep my father waiting , specially when he has summoned me as a ‘Demon lord’ . If not for my father I would have enjoyed teasing her a lot . Thinking about the ways of teasing lily I get ready to present myself infront of demon lord. No matter what, I can’t go to the throne room in pajamas , if I do I will be seriously thrown infront of Cerberus .

Throne room is a room as big as a basketball stadium , at the end of which is my father’s throne . Whenever throne room meetings are held , all the high demon generals are called , which are right under the command of my father . For now there are a total of 8 high demon generals . They all stand in the room , 4 on each side my father , maintaining a gap from each other . These high demon generals has the highest authority after my father in the demon realm . Demons are basically categorized in 4 classes .

Low demons , which is the lowest class as the name suggests . These demons are the main source of manpower in demon realm . These demon are the highest in population and are responsible for every basic needs of a demon including agriculture , transportation and other stuff that makes a country function properly . These demons have low magic power but still a little bit higher than an average human . These demons specializes in household magic so they live more peacefully than the rest of us .

Next comes demon generals , these demons are second in population and makes the most of the military power . Demon generals have more magic power than low demons , that’s why they are hired in military or rather scouted . Any demon which is born in this category has no choice other than military because they are not allowed to do anything else . Born as a demon general means army job , this is somewhat similar to like if you are a fish you have no other choice but to swim . Demon generals specializes in attack magic , this is another reason they are scouted to be in army. There treatment in army depends on what position they are in , a commander demon general will have better treatment than a normal demon general . Commander demon general is not a class it is a position in demon army which is earned after showing skills in leadership and combat abilities .So demon generals have a relatively more restless life than low demons .

Then comes High Demon Generals , there are only 8 right now there . These are the demon which stands at the top of their fields .These demons have enough magic power to blow away 80 to 100 demon generals in a matter of seconds . These demon generals specializes in different magic fields including attack magic . They are the most trusted demons of my father . If these demons were to rebel , the country would crumble. Each of the high demon general have authority equal authority which maintains the balance of relationship between these demons.

Last comes demon rulers , this class includes the demons belonging to the family of demon lords of previous as well as current generation . These demons have the highest magic power among all the demons and they also belong to the royal family , so all they do is basically rule the territories they are given and order their subordinates .

High demon generals have to wear a fixed uniform , which was bestowed upon them by the demon lord, when coming to the throne room .This uniform, all black with the country flag embroidered on it, shows there high status , authority and it is a symbol of their fidelity to the demon lord , so all of them wears it with pride .Whereas the uniform bestowed to me is just plain black in color which shows that I don’t status is below these high demon generals . which I am not to furious about because these high demon generals have served the country ever since their birth and devoted themselves to serve the demon lord . On the other hand I , who is the son of demon lord , despite having magic power that rivals the demon lord , have not done anything for the benefit of the country or the demon lord . That is because I wanted to live my peacefully without having to put any extra effort and so far it is going good but this sudden summoning worries me , it is completely out of the blue which gives me a bad feeling.

I wear my uniform and leave my room , as I open the door of my room I see an angel . No wait , it’s not an angel , it lily , she was waiting here in the hallway for me to escort me to the throne room . Seeing her beautiful face always puts my heart at ease . The maid costume she is wearing resembles the one from earth .

“it suits you well”


Lily looks at me with a confusing look on her face , wondering what I am talking about .

“This maid uniform , it suits you well”

“ah.. , thank you argius-sama”

It was a compliment which not only praises her looks but also her work , it means that I am happy with the work she is doing as a maid. Looking at her flushed face feels like my thoughts have been transmitted successfully .

“Did you conveyed the message of my arrival to my father”

“yes , I passed on the message to a high demon general’s servant, demon lord-sama should be waiting for argius-sama’s arrival ”

Being in a maid position she cannot talk directly to the demon lord or any of the high demon generals , so she passed on the message to a servant of high demon general . It should have reached to my father from that high demon general so I can’t waste anymore time here.

“Let’s not keep him waiting then, let’s go”


I had no idea that a storm was waiting inside of the throne room which was going to change my whole life .