Chapter 0:

The mysterious full iron girl

The Starless Eye of a Fake

 “Ah, did it really happened?”Bookmark here

I waked up at the morning and looked at my alarm clock, it was 5:00 hours, trying to figure out that what happened yesterday night was real, but my memory is failing with me.Bookmark here

“Um?! An umbrella, what does it do here?”Bookmark here

Now, I remembered everything, this is her umbrella, that strange girl attacked me and I, somehow, conterataccked her, but after that…Bookmark here

“My head hurts… um?! What is this smell?”Bookmark here

It looks like someone is cooking, but I am the only vivid soul that lives here, I got up from my bed and walked to the kitchen, when looking for the mysterious smell, I saw a girl with her black hair, purple eyes and a smile in her face, it is her.Bookmark here

“Hello, good morning, I made some fried eggs and coffee for us”Bookmark here

“Who are you and what are you doing here?”Bookmark here

“Ahn?! What do you mean? You invited me to live here”Bookmark here

“Um? I don’t remember that!”Bookmark here

“But it’s true, you invited me in old fashioneted way, it was cute”Bookmark here

“I am not cute and, besides, I don’t know your name”Bookmark here

“Tetsuyama Kokoro is my name, nice to met ya”Bookmark here

What a strange name of apresentation, the words aready are in a peculiar way, but the pose itself is complimented to that, she posed cruzing the legs and made a peace sign with her right hand and hided her left hand.Bookmark here

“I can see you are crossing fingers”Bookmark here

“Oh, by the way… what is your name?”Bookmark here

“I am Gisaku Nise... Hey, dont’t chaneg the subject like that”Bookmark here

“ The two kanjis that mean 'fake' togheter, what a strange name”Bookmark here

“Yes, yes, miss 'heart of full iron'”Bookmark here

“Don’t change the meaning of my name like that”Bookmark here

The talk was burning like fire, it was possible to see sparks coming from our eyes, but it seems that the fried eggs decided to join us, because they began to burn.Bookmark here

“My, My, Let turn it off”Bookmark here

“I'm going to turn off the gas now”Bookmark here

“I hope it still with a good taste”Bookmark here

“Ta da, here are your plate of fried eggs from me, the iron maiden”Bookmark here

She forced me to sit down and wait for the meal which she has prepared with her own hard work, unfortunately for me, the eggs that were mean to be fried turned to be more like carbonified and I could see in her face, she was waiting for me to eat, oh god, why?Bookmark here

“Thanks”Bookmark here

It’s a food made by a pretty girl, It’s a food made by a pretty girl, It’s a food made by a pretty girl… I was mentalized these words to make the food seams better at my mouth, but it was useless. I could see that it was a good portion of food before, now these are only coal.Bookmark here

“Wow, You really are enjoing it, what a relief”Bookmark here

“Um?! You said I invited you to live here, but when?”Bookmark here

“You really forgot that, right?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, sorry about that”Bookmark here

“It was after our fight, it's humiliating, but you defeated me!”Bookmark here

“was I a little bit different when that happened?”Bookmark here

“Now looking better… you hair was white and your voice tone are, now, different”Bookmark here

“….”Bookmark here

“Oh, sorry, did I messed up? Was he, I dunno, your brother?”Bookmark here

“No, it was me, sorry about that damn incident”Bookmark here

She was confused by what I mean by “damn incident”, it will be worse if I have to explain this kind of stuff, for now, I will just avoid this painful subject.Bookmark here

“Oh, it's class time, I am late”Bookmark here

I looked at the clock, the same I use as a alarm clock, and it was 6:30, I have to run and fast, the class begins at 7:00, my god, my god.Bookmark here

“But the food…”Bookmark here

I could not let her in my room, I prefer to die, if she finds my “top secret collection” or something about my well hided secret, for now I will just push her for outside of my apartament.Bookmark here

“leave it for later”Bookmark here

We leaved the room, I locked the door and began to run for my high shool, however she seems like she has my age then she must study somewere, so…Bookmark here

“By the way... what is your school?”Bookmark here

“Wait, wait, not too fast, I am panting”Bookmark here

“Ah, sorry”Bookmark here

We were running at the streets and, in the middle of the traject, a young and an old lady, talking and after some time, and with time I mean seconds, the young one apointed at us and said:Bookmark here

“Look, look over there, a young couple, that’s just lovley”Bookmark here

“Yes, indeed”Bookmark here

“What? Oh, sorry…”Bookmark here

After they saied this nonsense that I noticed I was holding her right hand and we should be appearing like a couple in a hurry, she was blushed, red like a tomato, incredibly, this made her cuter than before.Bookmark here

“Could you, please, stop holding my hand?”Bookmark here

“Oh, no, I am late for the class”Bookmark here

“Wow, who is she?”Bookmark here

and I will respond with a smile:Bookmark here

“She is living at my room, isn’t she pretty?”Bookmark here

Hehehe, thanks, my soulmate, thanks for invite her to live with me, I am gonna owe you a lot after that. For now, I will just enjoy this race, but where does she study?Bookmark here

“Hey!”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“What is your high school?”Bookmark here

“Well...”Bookmark here

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