Chapter 2:

High Demon Generals

Living as son of the demon lord.

I was standing infront of the throne room . the gate is about 10 meters in height each and 15 meters in width together. Each gate has a dragon carved on it . The dragon on the left gate is spitting fire in the sky and the one on the right side is spitting fire on the ground . These carvings haven’t been changed since the time of 1st demon lord. These carvings have a significance that every demon know. These carvings indicate dragons spitting fire on the heavens and the hell which means no matter where the enemy comes from demons will fight back and survive in this turbulent world. The reason they call this a turbulent world is because we are constantly in war . the 1st demon lord waged war against the human realm and even though we couldn’t win that war, the 3rd demon lord ended that war which caused the demon factions to split and now the Demons are in war against each other.

Admiring the brilliant carvings , I open the gates and enter the throne room . Inside was a throne in the middle at the end of the room and 16 pillars , 8 on each side of the throne . I could see 8 figures , 4 on each side of the throne , standing near each pillar . Those are the high demon generals . The 8 pillars near the gate of throne room were empty . There are a total of 16 pillars in this room which means there used to be 16 high demon generals but now only 8 are left here .This is because when the war with humans ended , the high demon lords who were against the ideas of 3rd demon lord rebelled against him causing the country to split.

I was walking towards the throne , the throne room was so silent that my footsteps could be heard echoing in the room . They call it a room but it’s size is quite big to be called a room . As I walk past each empty pillar ,I could feel the air around me getting heavier and heavier but I kept on walking without faltering my steps . Even if high demon generals are here ,I don’t need to be scared they are not going to attack me or something . I reach the first pair of pillar with a high demon general standing infront each of it .

On my right is a high demon general called Azazael, his height is about 5 meters. Red skin , slender legs , small waist but huge chest , ripped muscles , a thick mane around its neck with long black hair, four big arms , head of a horse and long round horns like a mountain goat. It’s panting , I could literally hear his breathing even though its about 4 meters away from me . The aura its giving off is not that special I am not particularly scared of him but I would like to maintain a distance from him .

On my left is the high demon general called Naga , it’s a giant snake with a torso of that looks like a man. This one is has a body of snake below his waist , green in color and about a meter in diameter , he is sitting on his coiled up snake body but if I have to guess ,its about 18-20 meter long . His human part is average with a skin color of faded green, no facial hair , no hair even on his head , he is bald . He don’t have skin on his forearms , his forearms are covered in scales , green scales . This one is giving off an aura which makes me a little uncomfortable . Looking at his smirk makes me wonder what he is thinking and gives me a weird feeling .

So I keep on moving and reach the second pair of pillar .

On my right side , Aster and on my left side , Asterion . A brother pair of high demon general. Both are minotaur with thick grey mane around neck, around 3-4 meters in height , thick bulky arms, full of muscles , head and horns of a bull and small grey hair all over the body . both of them have a thick golden ring pierced in their nose . Both of them are giving off similar aura but this aura is different from others , it gives off a feeling of respect and expectations. Minotaurs is a species which values power that might be the reason they respect me a little because I have the magic power which rivals even the demon lord. I don’t know what expectations they have from me but I would like to tell them to calm down a little bit , I don’t have any ambitions to achieve any great goals as of now.

I move ahead to the third pair of pillar.

On my right side is yet another high demon general called Pallas . It’s a giant demon with one eye . his height is about 9 meters , looking at him makes me wonder if throne room gates were adjusted in size only so he could fit in .He has got long thick hair reaching upto his shoulders and a heavy beard. He is most bulky one present here , with big legs and huge arms .His eye is right above his nose .He only has one eye and its placement makes his face look very distorted. I won’t feel comfortable looking at his face , not like I wanna look in the first place .

On my left side is a wolf standing on it’s feet, this high demon general is a were wolf called Lycaon . About 3 meters in height ,with pure white silky fur , this demon almost looks cute . It’s wolf ears standing upright are very pretty. This one could make a good pet if it were not a high demon general. It is not even leaking any aura , that’s not because it’s weak or anything , it’s because this one has complete control over its magic energy and emotion. When you don’t have a total control over your magic power , your emotions gets mixed with it and starts leaking as aura. The feel that someone’s aura gives completely depends on what that demon is feeling . so if you feel a menacing aura from someone it’s not presumptuous to assume ‘ that guy is trouble’ . You either leak aura or spread it intentionally . Only those with high magic power have problem of leaking aura , aura doesn’t leak from demon generals , so if you get an aura from a demon general, its fully intentional . Only high demon generals and amateur demon rulers have problem of leaking aura because of their high magic power. Demon babies are always leaking aura for first few months , no matter what class they are from because at that time the magic core is still unstable , it helps the parents to judge their baby’s mood and feelings and treat them accordingly .

I move to the last pair of pillar , the most troublesome pair . The reason its most troublesome is because I don’t sense any aura from both of these demons and they are the strongest ones among the high demon generals present here . Even though all of the high demon generals have equal authority in the country , they don’t have equal strength . The position of the pillars they are standing infront of , determines the order of their strength . The first six high demon generals don’t have much difference in strength but the ones on the last pillars are clearly one league above other high demon generals which makes them the most troublesome.

On my right is the high demon general I find the most strange , this one’s name is oaka , It’s a dryad . the reason I find this, 2 meter tall beautiful woman with awesome figure which challenges the models from my previous world , strange is because it’s completely wood from skin to hair . One look at her and you just know that she is as hard as wood. Her skin color or should I say wood color depends on the season , right now its dark brown because of winters . she is no doubt very beautiful and makes your heart skip a beat but there’s nothing more to it , she is just wood . I don’t even know whether I should call her ‘she’ or not because dryads can control the shape their figure . Right now she is a beautiful lady with hot figure but one blink it could be an ugly bastard with big belly . I call her ‘she’ because whenever she takes a form other than a tree , she always takes on this form she is in right now . She specializes in clairvoyance magic in addition to attack magic . She is incharge of all the information that reaches my father . she can see from any tree or plant , anywhere in the world . She is the reason I don’t keep any flowers or plants in my room , I don’t want her see me in my alone time as I have to attend to some pretty serious matter like ..ahem !! flirting with lily ..Ahem!!

She also keep an eye on the human realm, so my father is always kept updated on what is happening in the human realm .

On my left is the strongest high demon general , Asmodeus the vampire .This one is also almost 2 meter in height , with light pink hair and pale skin , this one is the personal servant of my father, the demon lord . This one makes me very jealous , he is too handsome for his own good . Even though, thanks to my mother, I was born with a handsome face in this world , I am no where near as handsome as this demon . He is the one fully devoted to my father alone . He is just standing there infront of that pillar with an expressionless face which makes you think as if he has given up himself and has completely become a tool to be used by the demon lord . I don’t care about all that extra stuff , all I care about right now is that he is strong . If I have a 1v1 with him , even if I win , I won’t make it out without some damage. This jerk is not even looking at me , all the other high demon generals had their eyes fixed on my movements but not him . Without even doing anything , this one makes me furious. Oh.. and I don’t leak any aura because I have my magic power in total control , So I can resent him as much as I want ,from the bottom of my heart .

After crossing the last pair of pillar , I stop at a distance of around 7 meters from the throne the throne is 3 levels above the floor of the throne room and a red carpet of about 2 meter width is laying from the gates of the throne room to the levels . There I put my right knee on the red , left arm on the left knee and hand on my right knee. Then after staring at the carpet for a couple of seconds I lift my neck and look up , at my father. There he was sitting on his high throne , with one leg on top of other and folded arms above his chest , looking down on the entire world .

“Long live demon lord-sama , I have arrived upon your summoning father ”

I say father in the end to lighten his mood but looking at his face I don’t think it worked . ‘Long live demon lord-sama’ is the fixed greeting you give to the demon lord when meeting in an official setting like this one , it not only means for him to live long , as a demon lord stays a demon lord as long as he is not retired , the greeting also means that they wish for him to stay in power and keep ruling as a demon lord . After a demon lord retires his title reverts back to demon ruler .

“You’ve kept me waiting ”

Shit !!! He is mad . 

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