Chapter 1:

My new classmate is a familiar face

The Starless Eye of a Fake

 “I am your new classmate, Tetsuyama Kokoro, nice to meet ya’ll”Bookmark here

Remember when I said she must be some high school or something like that, I was no expecting this kind of thing, the class, mainly the boys. Looked at her apreciating her informality and beauty, they will kill me if they know where she is living in.Bookmark here

“By the way… We are in the same class, my roomate!”Bookmark here

“Crap!”Bookmark here

She not only saw me, but futhermore she apointed at me, I could see and feel that my death is near, jealosy and more jealosy in the air… crap, even the girls are looking as I was a piece of trash, some kind of profiteer… well, they are not enterelly wrong.Bookmark here

“Please, choose a seat, miss Tetsuyama”Bookmark here

“Ok, where could it be?”Bookmark here

“Here!”Bookmark here

“Not there, but here next to me!”Bookmark here

Idiots, you just can’t see that she is playing with your hearts, she had choose the place earlier, it is gonna be right by my side, because as she said, I am her roomate and now her classmate, by the end… you all wil…Bookmark here

“Um?!”Bookmark here

“Here, I will seat here, next to the girls!”Bookmark here

Wait, what?! Wan’t she meant to sit down next to me, like… I have an empty chair in my right side, then I thought... Clichés don't exist to favor us when we need it at the most.Bookmark here

“Finally, it’s over”Bookmark here

“Hey, miss Testu, do you want to hang out with us a bit?”Bookmark here

“No, I have planns with… Oh there you are, hey, Nise, let’s go to our house”Bookmark here

“That damn it, Nise”Bookmark here

She pulled me by my clothes, it seems that I have not choice, but to follow her. We left the classroom and, in the hallway, she opened her mouth and, in a relaxed tone, said:Bookmark here

“It looks like we are in the same school”Bookmark here

“Yeah, It’s true”Bookmark here

“Hey, Hey, don't tbe oo sulk, because I didn't choose the seat on your side!”Bookmark here

“I am not and…”

Bookmark here

“Yes, you are”Bookmark here

“how did you get to enter in this school?”Bookmark here

“By the gateway”Bookmark here

“No, no, I mean… How did you get transferred to here?”Bookmark here

“It was my fault, sorry”Bookmark here

“You!”Bookmark here

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