Chapter 1:

[The Coming Dawn]

Estelle: The Land Beyond Tomorrow

The coming dawn marked the end of our story. I know this because, for four hundred years, the formula hasn't changed. His journey is as repetitive as the hero who came before him and the heroes who will come after. Bookmark here

A brave hero and his companions sit at the edge of the demon lord's fortress. Their allies wage war against the demonic army, battle cries sung proudly in the distance. They are safe here because the hero is with them, and he who has god's favour is invulnerable from harm. Under a blanket of darkness barely illuminated by the flicker of an orange campfire, they make merry.Bookmark here

Laughter and drinks in abundance, they ignore their swelling bouts of anxiety, favouring reminiscing about adventures long gone. The hero locks eyes with his chosen lover, this time a Princess from a kingdom gone asunder. He reaches out slowly to hold her hand, and she waits for him politely - a beautifully submissive bride. Bookmark here

Fingers tied together as their eyes shine with hope and love, they smile at each other. Bookmark here

Look at them, so lovey-dovey. Bookmark here

It's almost as though the Princess has forgotten the petite-figured Thief sitting beside her attempted to seduce her beloved. Or that her beloved hero didn't make any attempts at rejecting the advances of the busty elf not too long ago. And the hero's childhood friend, the second-class knight, sits there yet to be noticed by anyone. After all, he's just there to make the hero look good. Bookmark here

In the coming hours, their journey will finally be over. This story's ending will be the same as ever. Dawn will break, and the hero will slay the demon lord with his lover and best friend beside him. Bookmark here

And I can finally give the audience of this generation a final bow, curtains close, as my role as a side character finished.Bookmark here

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