Chapter 1:

Blooming Love

Kokai no Monogatari (The Story of Regret)

BLOOMING LOVEBookmark here

There were about a thousand people in this 500-meter noisy School Hall! Well, it is normal since this is one of the best schools in Japan.Bookmark here

Art and Fame School, Tokyo. It is different from other schools in Japan because of its unique criteria for admission. Here 90℅ students get admission based on their family's worth or their fame. The other 10℅ are those who have top marks in Junior high. And yeah, they teach the same stuff as the other schools do. However, this school has many clubs and activities when compared to normal High Schools.Bookmark here

Well, I like to call this school as the school which can make your dreams come true.Bookmark here

So why am I here? Bookmark here

Because today is the first day of my High School life! Am I excited? Well, I am not going to lie I am not excited. Why!?Bookmark here

I don't know it is probably because of my previous school experiences. My Junior High experience was not so special and was boring. Bookmark here

And that is why am I talking to myself.Bookmark here

As you guessed, I am not a social person. I always stay at my house and watch anime or read manga. So in short words, I have no friends. HahaBookmark here

Maybe, that is why I am annoyed by the noise the students are making in this hall.Bookmark here

I looked around the hall, I saw many students whom I've already known and seen and I saw many other students who were laughing and enjoying this boring orientation class with their friends.Bookmark here

“Ah, I wish I could be happy too" I said that, aloud.Bookmark here

I am not going to lie, I want to have friends as well. Having friends can make you happy and less lonely right? Ah, if only I was lucky.Bookmark here

Suddenly, I heard a voice from my left side!Bookmark here

“Umm? So you are not happy right now?"Bookmark here

I looked over to my left side and I was surprised! I was not surprised because of how someone heard my small voice in this noisy hall.Bookmark here

I was surprised because I have never seen someone as beautiful as this girl.Bookmark here

I always thought that beautiful girls do not talk to boys like me! However, she talked to me! She has big eyes and red lips...Bookmark here

Ah, I couldn't take my eyes off her. Why is she so small? She is probably not even 5 foot tall! How can someone be this cute! I found myself staring into her eyes.Bookmark here

“Ha ha! Why are you making that surprised face!?" She asked while looking at me.Bookmark here

Huh, why! Why is her sound so gentle?Bookmark here

“I.. I... I am sorry, I didn't expect someone to hear my voice in this n...noisy ha-hall" I replied to her.Bookmark here

“Ha-ha, you were talking to yourself and I was interested in knowing what you were saying. Ha-ha I'm sorry"Bookmark here

“D-don't say s-sorry"Bookmark here

“Ay ayy! By the way, what's your name?" She asked meBookmark here

“I am Satou Kousei (佐藤 恒星, Meaning: Fixed Star), nice to meet you, w-what's your name?"Bookmark here

“My name is...."Bookmark here

“ALL STUDENTS ARE ASKED TO LEAVE THE HALL AND PLEASE GO TO THEIR RESPECTIVE CLASSES" The Headmaster announced that loudly from the front of the stage.Bookmark here

All students rushed outside from the hall, she waved her hand, and I waved my hand too!Bookmark here

Every step she takes away from me is making my heart beat faster!Bookmark here

What is this feeling? Is this Love?Bookmark here

Nah, how can this be love? We didn't even speak properly.
And I do not believe in first sight love.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

But why am I feeling like I want to meet her again!Bookmark here

We followed our teacher to the third class. Our classrooms were at the Third Floor.While climbing the endless stairs I was looking for her.
Bookmark here

Like a Meerkat, I was lifting my whole body up just to check where she was. That was what I did as we all walked towards our classBookmark here

There were about 120 students in my department.Bookmark here

“Ah, she is in my class," I thought to myself.Bookmark here

Well guess what!Bookmark here

“We decided to divide this class into two! Sixty students in each class. I will call out the names of 60 students, they will be in class A and the remaining 60 students be in class B" The teacher said that from the front and after saying this, she started calling out names.Bookmark here

Every time the teacher called out a girl's name, I found myself looking at her. Because I wanted to know her “name". So, I was listening carefully.Bookmark here

“Satou Kousei will be in Class A", the teacher called my name!Bookmark here

Of course, I am not surprised; I don't even know what “luck" means! I just wanted her name to be called before mine!Bookmark here

With the disappointment on my mind, I walked towards class A. Bookmark here

Ah, It is kinda making me anxious when I think about the new people I am going to meet. Bookmark here

Will I get friends in this school? Bookmark here

Can I enjoy my school life just like others. Bookmark here

Ah with these unanswered questions, I entered the classroom of class A.Bookmark here

It was loud! Everyone was talking to each other.
Just as I entered, everyone stopped for a while and checked me out. Bookmark here

Ahh, They were staring at me like a predator stares at their prey when I entered that room.Bookmark here

I hate when people stare at me. Bookmark here

I looked towards the class to find an empty seat and I found an empty seat near the window. So I went and sat there.Bookmark here

, I found myself looking at the door.
I was hoping and praying to have that girl in my class. I was waiting for her arrival.Bookmark here

One more student left, please let it be her. God, please.Bookmark here

My heart was beating crazily! Bookmark here

The 60th student entered the class andBookmark here

ITBookmark here

WASBookmark here

NOTBookmark here

HER!Bookmark here

Life reminded me again that I am not a lucky person. Bookmark here

Ah, The first day of high School and I have one regret, I couldn't grasp her name.Bookmark here

That is how it started, the story about my High School life
Bookmark here

The story of my RegretBookmark here

Bookmark here

*to be continued*
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