Chapter 0:

You Know You Love It

BANG!! Goes the World

This was the end of Kuma.Bookmark here

Brick by crumbling brick did the company fall. Pipes dueled with each other on their way down. A bounty of invigorating explosions encapsulated the scenery. The symbol of the bear had begun to shudder onto whatever knees it had left. With the fall of the company came the simultaneous fall of millions of workers who poured their hearts out making their pay and pleasing the higher ups. 
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Renji stared wide eyed as the body of White, the man who tortured him for so long, plummeted to the ground alongside him, three bullet holes lodged into his appropriate white suit, now bleeding red alongside it in a spiral of color like one of those bad jokes about a zebra rolling down a hill. This time, however, it was a fully grown, curly-haired man. White had kidnapped Renji and tortured him into submissive killing for the despicable mafia he had created since he was in the 2nd grade, or so he would've been had he not been taken in the first place. Renji'd seen many an innocent man lose his life at his hands, but everything had come to a screeching halt for both of them. A noble sacrifice had led to justice.Bookmark here

That's what Renji had thought, at least, until Kamina began to reach out his hand amidst the pile of Bear-head wearing casualties which were multiplying as the two boys fell to their supposed deaths. He heard Kamina yelling for him to " Grab on!! Now!! " as he obeyed the command. Obeying was something he'd done for most of if not his entire life, but now he had reclaimed his agency to do so. He saw a distressed look on his face, something Renji never saw. Kamina always had that crap-eating grin on his face whether he felt content with his life or not. However, when his best friend's life was on the line, he would not hesitate to do his best to ensure his safety, and the same was for the latter.Bookmark here

The boys' arms reached out for each other, grabbing onto each other immediately. Kamina had a simple plan: latch onto a pipe line which was stretching around a power plant. The pipe was detached off of the pale tower and hung down, spewing a gas substance neither of them wanted to inhale, but it seemed it'd run out of gas, quite literally, when Kamina would grab onto it. There was nothing to fear from this maneuver, Kamina thought. He could climb down from this position and touch down safely onto some nearby rubble, which hopefully was not radioactive at all.Bookmark here

Unfortunately, Renji also knew that Kamina tended to be incredibly stupid. The two were mere seconds before they were about to grab onto the pipe and slide down to the bottom. There was little to no risk except another series of explosions which traveled across the power plant. The two clutched each other tightly, almost like tragic lovers. Renji finally smirked in this whole ordeal and nodded to Kamina, who returned the nod as the latter reached out his arm to grab the pipe. In what perhaps might be the greatest and simultaneously most tragic coincidence of a lifetime, Kamina grabbed the pipe successfully. Bookmark here

Simultaneously, however, a tremor-filled explosion rocked the plant tower they were right next to. It wasn't a gigantic one, but it was enough of a quake for Kamina's microchip on his neck to shatter and for the two to be sent flying into a gigantic brick wall. Renji's sight became a complete blur. He felt his sides getting turned to mush as he turned just in time to avoid any lethal areas. He rolled down the makeshift hill, suffering a number of cuts and bruises from the assorted concrete and steel materials. If Renji were lucky to survive this, a tetanus shot would be the least of his worries, which, fortunately, it was. He eventually rolled face first onto the warm concrete road, not knowing what happened to his best friend. Bookmark here

Everything had gone wrong. While Renji was laid smack-dab onto the concrete, Kamina smashed into the brick wall headfirst, tumbling down several rough pieces of concrete before smashing his head into another brick building. The back of his head hit the wall this time, ensuing a vicious game of pong with his falling self. His spiky, golden blond hair'd been tattered with blood. His muscular physique had been deflowered with cuts, most of which probably became infected in seconds. His fall was finally broken....with one more blow to the cranium on a brick loose from its place on the wall, opening another wound and sending him circling through the streets dazed before falling on his back. 3 wounds to the head. Him and Renji were lucky they didn't explode themselves.Bookmark here

" ....Kamina.....hey.....the hell....KAMINA!!! "Bookmark here

What was blurred sounds to Kamina was absolute paranoia to Renji. As he stumbled to his feet, everything was cross-eyed. Only the brightest colors of fire and explosives stuck out to him, which absolutely did not help. He continued to stumble helplessly. Every organ or bone in his body felt some kind of burn or bruise. His eyes burned the most until they went numb a few seconds later. He walked forward and felt his shoe poke something warm. He stumbled back once more. Bookmark here

" KAMINA?! "Bookmark here

Renji couldn't even hear himself. Luckily, he felt the body roll away from his foot, and he could barely make out the voice of his best friend. He tripped over trying to pull him back to the earth, thankfully falling on his back and not Kamina himself. The two laid almost right next to each other on the ground. Rubble slowly crumbled from above them followed by another collection of explosions. Kamina mumbled things Renji couldn't hear. Both of their faces were caked in red. Their clothes the same. If ambulances and cop cars hadn't been heard in the distance, this would be the moment where they recall their final moments in blissful agony. Paramedics rushed to the two of them and loaded them on stretchers, asking them constant questions on if they were okay, if they needed anything. Renji couldn't speak a word. Kamina only had five.Bookmark here

" Where the hell am I. "Bookmark here

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