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Kokai no Monogatari (The Story of Regret)

後悔の物語 (The Story Of Regret) is a romantic story about a boy named Satou Kousei. I was inspired to write this novel when I saw the Monogatari series written by Nisio Isin-san. I do not want to start any controversy, as most of the story is fictional. It is just my imagination running wild. I hope you will enjoy the story. Bookmark here

よろしく おねがいしま

 This novel is something I wanted to write and Share and somehow I got the perfect opportunity.


CHARACTERSBookmark here

1. Satou Kousei - Black Hair- 16 years old- 5'6
2. Kiyosumi Yozora- White Hair- 16 years old - 5'5
3. Mitsui Tsuki- Blonde Hair- 15 years old - 4'7
4. Sasaki Kai- Red Hair- 15 years old - 5'3
5. Karada Kin- Black Hair- 16 years old - 6'3
6. Nakamura Daichi - Golden Hair- 21 years old- 6'2Bookmark here

Total Word Count (Excluding chapter name, "to be continued", and the thank you letter in the last chapter) = 50K words
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First Year - Chapter 1 to 14
Second Year - Chapter 15 to 24
Final Year - Chapter 25 to 28
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As someone who is not a native English speaker, I struggled to get more words because of my limited vocabularies. That is why, the first ten chapters are short. It was after that I got hold of everything and started to write new chapters with more words.
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