Chapter 1:

Takeo's Feelings

Yandere Gf just won't Give Up !

I was on my way back to my home after finishing first day of high school. My name is Takeo , 16, and I was lucky enough to get admission in a good high school. Now all I need to do is get into a good university , then find a job and settle down in life . Thinking about how to do all that , I heard a voice from behind calling me .Bookmark here

“Takeo-kun… ”Bookmark here

“Ah, Miumi-san ”Bookmark here

It was voice of my childhood friend Miumi . she is same age as me , we go to the same high school and we are in the same class . Its no wonder she finds me on my way home , her house is right next door to my house .Bookmark here

“Are you in a hurry or something ? You could’ve waited for me , I wanted to go home together with you ”Bookmark here

“I though you would walk home together with your friends ”Bookmark here

“I would rather choose to go home with you , always ”Bookmark here

“Then I will wait for you from tomorrow onwards ”Bookmark here

“You better do that right” Bookmark here

“Yes”Bookmark here

This girl she acts sweet in front of every one but when we are alone like this , her words turn more harsh and personality changes . I wonder why she acts like this only in front of me . Bookmark here

“And by the way I want to talk to you about something”Bookmark here

“yes, what is it ?”Bookmark here

Now that I think about it , she was staring at me the whole day today, sitting in the class from her bench . I was a bit scared that I might have done something to upset her but I couldn’t think of anything like that . She must have wanted to talk about something important ,to be looking for the opportunity when we are alone . Bookmark here

“ First let’s go sit in that park ”Bookmark here

“Okay”Bookmark here

There was a park on the way home , so we enter it and sit on a bench where no one else was around . It was the beginning time of spring so the Sakura leaves were blooming . the whole park was dyed in sweet pink . I look at Miumi who was looking at me with a serious face . Her light brown hair , white skin , blue eyes and lips as red as a strawberry were resonating well with the sweet pink surroundings in the park. She opens her mouth.Bookmark here

“I want you to be my boyfriend ”Bookmark here

“Huh !!!”Bookmark here

“Couldn’t hear properly ? I want us to start dating and for you to be my boyfriend ”Bookmark here

I can hear you properly but .Bookmark here

“Won’t that make you my girlfriend ?”Bookmark here

“Well , isn’t that obvious ”Bookmark here

Yes , that is obvious but I still can’t understand that...Bookmark here

“Why ?....” Bookmark here

“Because I like you , stupid !!”Bookmark here

Why ? , why would she like someone like me ?, I don’t understand . I don’t have anything that someone would find attractive about me . I am not rich , so it can’t be for the money . I am not good looking , so it can’t be for the looks. I am not in any sports , so it cant be for the clout . I am not even popular , so it can’t be for the fame . in the end I could think of nothing but if she still says that she likes me then. Bookmark here

“I can’t …. Miumi-san I can’t date you”Bookmark here

“Hmm… Did I ever say that you could refuse ?”Bookmark here

“what ? ” Bookmark here

“I don’t care what you can or can’t do , if I say you will be my boyfriend , it means we are dating ”Bookmark here

‘I must turn her down’ was what I thought but it doesn’t look like she is in any mood to hear that . Bookmark here

“I can’t …”Bookmark here

“Why ?”Bookmark here

“because…”Bookmark here

“because ? because what ? I don’t think you have anyone you like or do you already have a girlfriend ?”Bookmark here

“No.. , it’s nothing like that ” Bookmark here

“Then what’s the problem? , isn’t it going to be fine if you date me ?”Bookmark here

What’s the problem? , the problem is that you are beautiful and I am not . How could she want to date someone like me, who can’t even compare to her in any way.Bookmark here

“Aren’t there better options than me, someone good looking or someone smarter ?”Bookmark here

“You really have the nerve to say that !!!, I want you because I find you better than everyone else . Now how long are you going to keep squirming like that, just accept it already that you will be my boyfriend !!”Bookmark here

She started yelling at me in the middle of the park, I am glad there’s no one around but what does she mean , she finds me better than everyone else ? . This girl, is she delusional or something? . How could she think of me like that, when I can’t even point out one good thing about myself. Moreover, the more I try to refuse her , the more she raises her voice . I don’t want to create trouble for others. I should think about some way to calm her down. Bookmark here

“Okay” Bookmark here

“what was that ?”Bookmark here

“I will be… your boyfriend”Bookmark here

Everything went quiet for a few second , she finally calmed down . I look at her face and she is smiling while looking at me , she seems happy. Is she really that happy that I agreed to become her boyfriend , is she really ?. she is a good looking girl who is also great in studies , she deserve someone better than me . if she doesn’t gets bored of me after some time , I will try to convince her that she can have someone far better than me. I don’t want her to spend the rest of her life stuck with me , I will only pull her down . Bookmark here

“since takeo-kun is my boyfriend now , I will call you Tacchan from on . Do you like your new nick name ? ”Bookmark here

“Yes , I think its good ”Bookmark here

And she reverts back to her sweet self. I need to agree with her to not get her angry, so I accept the nickname. somehow I am feeling like a dog who just follows their master’s order but there’s nothing else I can do right now. she always talks to me roughly and only sometimes speak politely to me and since this is also one of those times. I can safely assume that she is in a good mood now.Bookmark here

“Then shall we go home now ?”Bookmark here

“Yes, I think unless you want to talk about something more”Bookmark here

“No, I got all I wanted from today, let’s go home”Bookmark here

“Okay”Bookmark here

No matter how much I think about it , I just can’t figure out…. my girlfriend?!!Bookmark here

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