Chapter 0:


Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man

It was another day for the former general of the Japanese army and current history teacher, Yasutake Shinji. He was drinking his morning tea, brought to him by his butler, Nakanishi Koda. Bookmark here

'The tea tastes odd...' he thought.Bookmark here

Koda was a sincere fellow but he wasn't very talkative and sometimes remained hostile towards others. Shinji didn't understand why though and never felt the need to ask, thinking it would mean prying into his private life. Bookmark here

He had just retired a few months ago because he was severely injured in a war. Bookmark here

He wasn't just injured though. Bookmark here

He lost both his legs as he was trying to save a hostage from getting blown up by a grenade.Bookmark here

He hence lost the ability to walk and became wheelchair-bound. He was thinking about his long 20 years of service; the morning drills, combat training, his friends in the army and also the wars he fought when he was in his prime. Bookmark here

From just a second lieutenant to a general in a few years. Bookmark here

He was currently on the balcony of his house, looking at the beautiful sakura trees. Its pink-coloured leaves were beautiful enough to make a person zone out. Looking outside always calmed him down.Bookmark here

'Ah another beautiful day...' he thought 'But the fact that no one is with me though...'Bookmark here

Shinji was alone. He had no one to call family ever since his parents died in a successful arson by terrorists. He couldn't have a family with anyone since it would mean revealing his identity as a Japanese army general. Bookmark here

Doing that was impossible because he used to go into enemy territories as a spy for the army so anyone else knowing it would put the person's life in danger.Bookmark here

Shinji sighed as he looked at the trees, tall and beautiful as always. There were the temples in the distance where he could see the groups of people walking, going to offer their respects to the Gods.Bookmark here

Shinji was looking out, lost in thought when a familiar voice blasted him back to the present.Bookmark here

"Sir?" said Koda, "you have someone on the phone."Bookmark here

"I'm coming, wait a sec," said Shinji.Bookmark here

Koda stood near the door with a very suspicious-looking grin which made Shinji think something was off. He rolled his wheelchair towards him, ignoring the odd feeling that he was missing something.Bookmark here

'Must be my paranoia' he thought.Bookmark here

Too bad he was wrong.Bookmark here

He was feeling a bit warm on the inside, but he ignored it. This feeling grew until it felt warmer and warmer. Suddenly a searing part shot out from his chest. He instantly spat crimson red blood and collapsed on the cold, hard floor. Bookmark here

Koda's face was the last thing he saw. But instead of shock and fear, there was a menacing look on his face with a wicked glint on his deep blue eyes.Bookmark here

From his pocket, he produced a bottle filled with an emerald green liquid with the biohazard symbol on the bottle. Bookmark here

'Poison!' he thought 'But how?'Bookmark here

He remembers the tea he drank. It must've been filled with poison.Bookmark here

"W....why-"Bookmark here

"You killed all of them." said Koda "All my friends during that war. Now it's high time you pay for it."Bookmark here

Koda stomped Shinji and it felt as if everything was fading before him.Bookmark here

"Sweet dreams...soldier bastard." he said, grinning "Forever."Bookmark here

He casually walked away and placed the phone far away from Shinji. Bookmark here

"Now...You can just get blown up like you were supposed to back then," he declared.Bookmark here

He stepped out through the front door, phone in his hand, whistling merrily.Bookmark here

'I guess this is it huh...' said Shinji to himself. He tried to move a little but he lost feeling in his entire body.Bookmark here

'It was a good life...but I wish I had a family, wife and kids...At least I achieved my dream...of serving the country...But...I wish I wasn't alone...mBookmark here

Saying this, he closed his eyes, accepting the fact he died. He sure had regrets but he lived well. He then took his last breath.Bookmark here

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