Chapter 1:


Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man!

The bitter flames of war were raging across the world. The kingdom of magic, Alynth, was waging war against the kingdom of dragons, Draco. Flashes of light shined brightly, flames engulfed the land, the cries of pain of the fallen were heard for miles. Scattered remains of the fallen, like bones or pieces of flesh, could be found.Bookmark here

It was at these gruesome and sad times, in the town of Gracius, Alynth, that a child was born. A child with a special destiny.Bookmark here

'Where am I?' Shinji thought 'Am I dead?'Bookmark here

Through the scorching hot temperature, Shinji felt lighter. He felt like he was rising up into the sky as the sound of what seemed like the flapping of huge wings rustled past him along with the roars, the loud intimidating roars that shook the earth beneath them. Bookmark here

A fuzzy feeling interfered with his thoughts. He thought of playing, having fun and many childish things during this dangerous and mysterious situation. As if he was, reverted to his younger, immature self.Bookmark here

"...asano prito otoko! Asano prito onna ni shori mei"Bookmark here

He heard a woman say this as a warm, slender hand caressed his head.Bookmark here

'What is this gibberish?' Shinji thought.Bookmark here

Then he heard a loud but calm voice, filled with concern.Bookmark here

"Asano poison onna effect. Otoko dora aura kanji nai. Ana tomare dos safe!"Bookmark here

A feeling of light-headedness overwhelmed Shinji. The warm, unforgiving wind that surged past him was surprisingly soothing. He felt drowsy while a beautiful voice of a woman entered his ears, the song... the lullaby. He felt safe, like nothing in the world can hurt him. The soft, gentle embrace of the woman assured that much.Bookmark here

And then, he slept.Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

Shinji was awake, not knowing where he was. But the warm, cosy bed was comforting and suggested that he was definitely not in Heaven… or dead for that matter.Bookmark here

'Where am I?' he thought.Bookmark here

Shinji tried to open his eyes. He was in a large room with dark brown walls made of wood. There was a mirror in front of a table in the distance. Right now he was on a huge bed, almost queen-sized, and in front of him stood a man and a woman. He looked to his left and saw a little infant child, surely a girl sleeping next to him.Bookmark here

The man looked at the woman with concern with his soft black eyes, his face that suggested he smiled a lot wasn’t smiling now. His head of silver hair was beaded with sweat. The woman had tears of joy as her eyes shifted towards Shinji the next moment. Her beautiful, petite figure was a treat to the eyes and so was the rhombus-shaped mark on her forehead. Shinji felt himself relax, looking at her deep black eyes.Bookmark here

"Now what should we call him?" asked the woman to the man. The voice sounded familiar but Shinji couldn't figure out why. But he realised that she wasn't speaking gibberish anymore and he could understand them.Bookmark here

"Let's call him...Nobaru," he replied.Bookmark here

'Is this what I think it is?' thought Shinji.Bookmark here

"A beautiful name..." said the woman, taking Shinji from the man. Shinji had a hunch about what was going on now. But he couldn't believe it. He looked at the nervous couple and at that instant, all his doubts were cleared, his questions were answered.Bookmark here

'I'm a little kid!'Bookmark here

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