Chapter 1:


Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man

It was a time of war. The kingdom of mages, Alynth were against the kingdom of dragons, Draco. Flashes of light shined brightly, flames engulfed the land, the cries of pain of the fallen were heard from miles. Scattered remains of the fallen, even bones or pieces of flesh could be found.Bookmark here

It was at these gruesome, sad times, in the town of Gracius, Alynth, that a child was born. A child of destiny.Bookmark here

'Where am I?' Shinji thought 'Am I dead?'Bookmark here

Shinji slowly heard sounds. He was feeling hot, like burning hot. The temperature was rising. He could hear sounds of large wings flapping and roars which were intimidating and loud. Roars which shook the earth.Bookmark here

The temperature was rising to extreme levels. He tried to open his eyes but all he saw was darkness. He then felt something was wrong. An odd chill inside him through the scorching heat that would've killed a normal human for sure.Bookmark here

'What is going on!' he thought 'I feel lighter, but this scorching heat and the fact that I can't open my eyes...' Shinji was trying to think straight but he couldn't. Something was interfering with his thoughts. He thought of playing and having fun and many childish things during this dangerous and mysterious situation. As if he were a child again.Bookmark here

Then he heard a voice.Bookmark here

"...asano prito otoko!" said a woman "Asano prito onna ni shori mei"Bookmark here

'What is this gibberish?' thought Shinji.Bookmark here

Then he heard a loud but calm voice, filled with concern.Bookmark here

"Asano posion onna effect. Otoko dora aura kanji nai. Ana tomare dos safe!"Bookmark here

Shinji felt like he was being lifted up. 'Am I going to heaven?' he thought. But he heard wings flapping quickly and he felt an arm wrap around him. The woman was singing. Then he felt himself slowly losing consciousness. His thoughts became hazy and slowly but surely, he slept.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

--Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Shiji felt he was awake. He didn't know where he was. He felt like he was on a soft bed.Bookmark here

'Where am I?' he thought.Bookmark here

Shinji felt himself slowly open his eyes. He was in a large room. The walls were brown, made of wood, clean and well maintained. There was a mirror in front of a table in the distance. Right now he was on a huge bed, almost queen-sized. And in front of him stood a man and a woman. He looked to his left and saw a little infant child, surely a girl sleeping next to him.Bookmark here

'This is definitely not heaven' thought Shinji.Bookmark here

He looked at the man before him, facing Shinji with a look of concern. He had lightning white hair and grey eyes. He was a tall man with a face covered with smile crinkles. He was looking at the woman beside him, smiling. The woman was beautiful. She had black hair and eyes and was petite. On her forehead was a small mark shaped like a rhombus. She was crying with tears of joy.Bookmark here

"Now what should we call him?" asked the woman to the man. The voice sounded familiar but Shinji couldn't figure out why. But he realised that she wasn't speaking gibberish anymore and he could understand them.Bookmark here

"Let's call him...Nobaru," he replied.Bookmark here

'Is this what I think it is?' thought Shinji.Bookmark here

"A beautiful name..." said the woman, taking Shinji from the man. Shinji had a hunch about what was going on now. But he couldn't believe it. He looked at his mother's dark black eyes and at that instant, all his doubts were cleared, his questions answered.Bookmark here

'I'm a little kid!'Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Fuzzy Rabid Usagi
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