Chapter 2:

The Attic

Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man

A few weeks passed after Shinji's, or rather Miya Nobaru's reincarnation. He was getting used to his new life in this world. Bookmark here

The place he was in, he learned, was called Gracius in the nation Alynth. Here the people spoke a different language unlike that of Japan back in his world. Bookmark here

But since he had the mind of an adult and the body of a kid, he could pick up on the basics within those few weeks.Bookmark here

Nobaru's learned that his family, the Miya family, was a well-regarded family of mages who used to serve under the king. And of course, such a well-off family had a large house. Bookmark here

Nobaru's house was two stories high. It was spacious and had a lot of room to spare.
Bookmark here

His parents, Izanami and Ren, were a jolly, happy couple. They bought joy and smiles wherever they went. They loved him and cared for him. Nobaru felt grateful that he can experience the love of a family after a long time of not having one in his previous life. Bookmark here

In other words, he was happy.Bookmark here

He also found out that the girl who he saw sleeping next to him at the start was his twin sister, Eri. She was blind by birth, so Nobaru, being differently-abled in his past life, understood what it was like and took care of Eri as a great big brother should do.Bookmark here

Gracius was a peaceful town. Well, it would be considered a city back in Japan with the ball, well-crafted beautiful buildings, dozens of markets throughout the town and hundreds of people buzzing with energy. Bookmark here

The beauty of nature in the town was astounding. Across the land, trees, tall and strong grew and past those trees, there was a blinding white palace surrounded by lush green hills where children ran and played or where others would come to just relax and enjoy the beautiful and natural view.Bookmark here

'This place is so quiet and peaceful' thought Nobaru 'This is just what I need.'Bookmark here

Yes, it was a peaceful place.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

--Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Seven years later
Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Nobaru was an older, good-looking kid. He possessed his father's silver hair, but with black streaks and had his mother's black eyes. He got used to his new life and was loving every day of it.Bookmark here

His sister Eri although blind could perform normally. She could walk, run and do everything a person with sight could do. Nobaru was confused. He once asked her about it. He got the most questionable and baffling response.Bookmark here

"I am blind, but I can see silhouettes of the people within my field of view. A shady silhouette. Everyone has a different one. I memorized the shades of the people and the objects. I can remember what I see as if it was a picture. So it is easy!" Eri grinned at him.Bookmark here

"What is my shade then?" asked Nobaru. He was very confused and thought that Eri was imagining things but decided to humour her.Bookmark here

"It looks bright," she responded, "but with a dark colour in the top of your head."Bookmark here

Nobaru was even more confused, especially because Eri didn't know colours. Maybe she could see them but couldn't recognise them.Bookmark here

But he was happy that his sister could still function like people with sight could, even though her ways are confusing. Nobaru could read and write. He could do arithmetic too. So he taught Eri how to do all those things. Bookmark here

Eri was a quick learner and her memory also helped her. So she could learn what Nobaru taught her quickly. Bookmark here

But the fact that she couldn't see meant that she was illiterate and could only learn through verbal interaction.Bookmark here

Nobaru loved to walk around the town, talking to the people, listening to their joys and sorrows, helping them if he could. Through his walks, he learned that the people here were mages and could perform magic and he had also seen many forms of magic being used. Hyped that such an otherworldly unique power even existed, he wished to use it as well.Bookmark here

Little did he know, his wish was about to come true.Bookmark here

Nobaru, while exploring his house, found a cluster of rooms in the second storey. It would've been hard to get lost in if he were a guest. It was almost like a miniature maze.Bookmark here

He was in the second storey one day. In one of the rooms. He was enjoying the view from the window.Bookmark here

 The room had brown, wooden walls and was mostly empty, except for a small chain in the far corner of the room. Nobaru noticed the chain and went towards it.Bookmark here

"Wonder what this chain is for." he said "The chain is made to be unnoticeable... I think. Because I didn't notice this before. Either this is true, or my eyesight is bad."Bookmark here

Nobaru did the first thing that came into his mind when he saw the chain. He pulled it. The chain just budged. He then used all his strength and pulled again. This time, a ladder dropped down. Bookmark here

Nobaru's face filled with curiosity and enthusiasm as he climbed up the ladder. He then reached a dimly lit, medium-sized room. It was filled with beautiful crystals, books and gems of different sizes.Bookmark here

"This must be the attic." said Nobaru "There are interesting things in here wow!"Bookmark here

Nobaru took a look at the gems and crystals. Each had different shapes and sizes which meant its properties differ.Bookmark here

'Are these magic stones?' thought Nobaru. Each was in different colours and was neatly polished and stored.Bookmark here

He then went to one of the shelves. There were books of different sizes and thicknesses. He went across the shelf slowly, eyes each of the books careful. Until he spotted a small but thick, dark blue book.Bookmark here

"Savat un Progmeni Magicae" read Nobaru "Book of Advanced Magic."Bookmark here

Nobaru turned past pages. Each contained spells and more spells that intrigued him. He stopped suddenly when he saw a spell, a small but good one.Bookmark here

"Let's take this outside. Behind the house" he said, "I'd hate to damage these valuable things while trying the spell out."Bookmark here

Nobaru went outside the house. He looked towards the horizon and took a deep breath. He opened the book again, to the page with the spell he found. In it were just four incantation. Nobaru read it out loud.Bookmark here

Ksuoi shima nai,Bookmark here

Yoai hito naku nai.Bookmark here

Un kokoro estal wa deka,Bookmark here

kumo dake ni.Bookmark here

Dekai hurd koko ni,Bookmark here

marimasu finale.Bookmark here

un com shima finale,Bookmark here

kumo no hagare yuu.Bookmark here

MUD WALLBookmark here

The ground suddenly quaked underneath until Nobaru faced a hard and sturdy wall of earth. It was as tall as him, definitely hard to break.Bookmark here

'This is AWESOME!' thought Nobaru 'But the wall isn't large enough. I can train here until I can reach a result I'm proud of.'Bookmark here

And so it began. Nobaru trained throughout the day. He had a high mana quantity, to begin with. He collapsed only after 10 mud walls. And a few hours later he would rise again and continue training.Bookmark here

This continued for a few weeks, Nobaru could feel his mana increasing bit by bit. He trained without his parents' knowledge; when they went out, shopping in the market or went to the neighbour's house for a visit.Bookmark here

--Bookmark here

Three months laterBookmark here

Bookmark here

Nobaru could now do a proper tall mud wall, 5 times as tall as he was. He didn't collapse that often too. He now felt a need to go one step further.Bookmark here

Nobaru reopened the book. While he was browsing through the book during his training, he had found an amazing spell written in calligraphy. The page was red coloured and in it contained an incantation. Nobaru, confident enough to try it out at his current level, went to the front of his house. Looking towards the horizon and taking a deep breath, he felt calm. Now with his mind calm and relaxed, he read the incantation.Bookmark here

El yuuki no kami,Bookmark here

chi no rava iru.Bookmark here

chi no savada yui nii,Bookmark here

wa warai hito ni zenmetsushii.Bookmark here

ZUES' FIST!Bookmark here

Slowly, the air grew cold and the sky grew dark. Black clouds formed in the sky, engulfing the land in total darkness. The clouds then parted slowly and made way for a huge, powerful blast of lightning which struck a tree a short distance away from the boy.Bookmark here

Izanami and Ren came running out towards Nobaru. Eri followed. They stopped when they saw the tree. Nobaru was shocked and stood still. The power of the blast astounded him.Bookmark here

"What's going on here!?" asked Izanagi.Bookmark here

"Nobaru, are you hurt? Are you okay?" asked Ren.Bookmark here

"I'm fine..." said Nobaru, surprised by his feat.Bookmark here

"That colour was the colour of lightning." said Eri "What happened?"Bookmark here

"What is the cause of this?" asked Izanami. He looked at Nobaru, confused. Then he saw the book that Nobaru was holding.Bookmark here

"Show me that book you are holding," he said.Bookmark here

Nobaru gave him the book while he was regretting his deed. He looked at Izanami as he turned the pages, trying to figure out the spell he did. He then reached the red page. Moments later, he clapped Nobarus's back.Bookmark here

"What happened?" asked Ren.Bookmark here

"Let's just say, our son did the impossible," he replied as he handed her the book. Ren took a look and smiled with joy.Bookmark here

"What happened." asked Nobaru "Did I do something bad?"Bookmark here

"Not at all." said Izanami "You did this spell right?"Bookmark here

"Yes... It was AMAZING."Bookmark here

"Yes it was!" said Ren. "You just did a spell that is considered one of the most powerful spells in advanced lightning magic. It takes an average person at least ten years to make it this strong!"Bookmark here

"Nobaru did this?" asked Eri to which the boy in question nodded. Eri was amazed.Bookmark here

Then his mother put her hand on his head and said "Mana Sense!"Bookmark here

Moments later his mother had a faraway depressed look in her eyes. But it changed back to her usual smile, although it was strained.Bookmark here

"What's wrong..." asked Izanagi.Bookmark here

"No wonder he could do it." said Ren, smiling "He has a great amount of mana. A lot of potential as a mage. We must find one immediately."Bookmark here

Nobaru was confused. "Find what?" he asked.Bookmark here

Ren looked back at him with a faraway sad look. She smiled wide at him and patted his head. Nobaru felt like she was hiding something. Her face displayed a sad look. He wanted to ask her, but he felt that now wasn't the right time. Then Ren finally said.Bookmark here

"A tutor my dear." she said, "A person to teach you magic."Bookmark here

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