Chapter 1:

Chapter One

Weeb Boy meets Emo Girl in suburban Australia

Cid woke up to the sound of his alarm, the sound of it bouncing off his bedroom walls. He sat up on the edge of his bed and took a deep breath as he prepared himself mentally for the day ahead. He walked out of his room and went to have a shower, when he emerged with a towel wrapped around his skinny waist and steam rising from his pale skin he was 40-50% ready for the day ahead. He threw on some black skinny jeans and a black t-shirt. Bookmark here

He grabbed a pair of socks and his shoes before he walked out into the kitchen. He set the kettle to boil and put toast in the toaster, While he waited for that he pulled on his socks and turned the TV onto ABC News. He listened to what seemed to him to be the same headlines he'd heard yesterday. His kettle finished boiling, he began making his morning coffee, he put a decently large teaspoon of instant coffee into his Pokemon mug and poured in the freshly boiled water from the kettle, next was a heaped teaspoon of honey and a splash of Full-cream Milk. Cid's taste in coffee was the same as his taste in women both should be strong, sweet and highly addictive. Cid was incredibly single at this point, He hadn't even talked to a single available girl in what felt like years and that didn't look like it was changing any time soon. Cid took a sip from his coffee and he rose from 50% to 80% ready for the day, now all he needed was his toast and he'd be all set.  His toast popped, he placed it on a plate and spread on it some olive oil spread and vegemite. Bookmark here

He took one bite and said "Now I'm one happy little vegemite"Bookmark here

He sat down in his chair and ate his breakfast. He decided he'd heard enough of the news to satisfy his adulting quota for the day and flipped it over to chrome cast so he could stream some anime. Cid was an enormous weeb it was one of the main reasons he was single, despite in his opinion looking not all that bad. He wasn't some 6'2 adonis but he was no slouch at 5'11 with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He finished his breakfast and placed his dishes by the sink. He grabbed his work bag and set off locking the door behind him.Bookmark here

Cid's day at work was boring, he worked in a bookshop manning the counter sorting the shelves and trying his best to aid customers in their search for a book. His work today did not see many customers and it went by slowly, five hours felt like fifteen, by the time he got home he felt like a nice long sit in his chair watching anime.Bookmark here

He was getting ready to do just that when his phone rang. He grabbed his phone from his pocket and saw the caller was Pat, he answered.Bookmark here

"Hey Pat, what's up"Bookmark here

"Hey Cid, you ready for the party tonight"Bookmark here

Cid palmed his face and he responded "No, I completely forgot about it, What's it for again?"Bookmark here

"I told you it's just a house party, just come with me have some drinks breakout those dance moves of your and have a good time"Bookmark here

Cid knew he'd never hear the end of it from Pat so decided it couldn't hurt to go.Bookmark here

"Alright, Pat you've convinced me I'll go, will there be alcohol on-site or will i have to bring my own"Bookmark here

"Bring your own, see ya later Cid"Bookmark here

Pat hung up and Cid put his phone in his pocket. He walked down the street to the bottle shop and bought two six-packs of stubbies, when he got home he put one six-pack in his mini esky and the other in the fridge for a future party. Cid went into his room and changed his black T-shirt for a sleek black button-up shirt over top he wore a black leather jacket. He was well and truly ready to go by the time he had to leave to walk to the party.Bookmark here

He made his way across town esky in tow, he made it to the party and wasn't sure whether to knock or wait for Patrick to show up. Pat thankfully saved him from having to make that decision by showing up right after him. Pat was around the same height as Cid but built stronger with brown hair in a crew cut in stark contrast to Cid's messy dirty blonde hair. Pat was wearing simple black pants white shirt combo.Bookmark here

"Good to see you mate, you ready to party"Bookmark here

"Sure, let's go"Bookmark here

They walked up to the door Pat knocked and the door swung open to someone Cid assumed was the host of the party given the way he high fived Pat. Cid walked in and high fived the host as well and made his way towards the main party which was out in the backyard. He saw loads of people chatting and dancing as music blasted out of a speaker system, He found a group of esky's piled in one corner of the yard, he put his down with the rest and grabbed a beer. He didn't recognize anyone else at the party and was going to just chill in the corner and wait to get enough alcohol in him to dance, but then Cid saw someone standing across the yard.Bookmark here

She was wearing a black dress that when down to just above her knees, she had long black hair that flowed down her back and eyes green as jewels. Cid's heart was already racing just from looking at her, but when she turned and looked at him he felt his heart burst.Bookmark here

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