Chapter 2:

Chapter Two

Weeb Boy meets Emo Girl in suburban Australia

Cid noticed that Patrick was just putting his own esky down and he hurried over to talk to him.Bookmark here

"Pat I need to talk to you," he said
"What is it, and if it's about leaving, no you just got here"
"No it's not about leaving, do you know the girl over there dressed in black"Bookmark here

Patrick looked at where Cid was pointing and shook his head.
"No, I don't know her, why?" said Patrick
"I'm going to try and put the moves on her" replied Cid
"Right and you need me to be your wingman"
"No, I'm fairly confident I can do this myself"
"Okay then I don't suppose it would bother you if I made my moves on the lovely woman standing next to her"Bookmark here

Cid took a look at the woman Pat was referring to, She was pretty, blonde-haired blue-eyed tall and tanned, not Cid's type and then Cid realised how close the two women were to each other. They weren't standing like lovers but the girl Cid liked was showing some awkward body language, this told Cid the girl knew no one else at the party, so they were in the same boat.Bookmark here

"You can make your move, but don't stray too far they look really close and I wouldn't want to make her uncomfortable"
"Alright, so wingmen"
Bookmark here

"Yeah, I suppose wingmen"Bookmark here

They made their approach casually waltzing across the yard till they were standing facing the two girls.Bookmark here

"Hi some party," said Patrick
"Yeah some party, I'm Serah and this is my friend Gwen," said Serah the blonde girl 
"Hi,"  said Gwen the black-haired girl
"Nice to meet you, I'm Patrick and this is my mate, Cid"
"Yo," said Cid
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Patrick and Serah seemed to drift away into their own little conversational bubble, leaving Cid to talk with Gwen.Bookmark here

"So, your friend nag you into attending the party same as mine?" Cid asked
"How could you tell," Gwen said jokingly 
"You appeared to practically be in orbit around her, so either you know no one else at this party or you're her lover, and I didn't really get that vibe"
"Yep I know no one else at this party, so are you just acting as a wingman or are you actually interested in little old me"
"I'm actually interested, in fact, it was my idea to go over here, Pat just decided to tag along"
"So, do you think the love birds would notice if we grabbed our drinks and ditched this party"
"I'd say they wouldn't and even if they did they'd probably approve anyway, the only question now is where would you like to go my lady"
"I suppose your place"
"Sounds a plan"Bookmark here

They stealthily walked away from Serah and Pat leaving them to chat away in their little bubble. Cid grabbed both their Eskies and they made their way out of the party. Bookmark here

They were out of the party and on their way to Cid's place a few minutes later.Bookmark here

"So Gwen, what are your hobbies?" Cid asked
"Your small talk needs work if that's your opening question"
"All the preceding questions just seem so pointless,  how old are you, as long as your over eighteen who cares, where do you work, what does that matter, however knowing what a person's hobbies and interests are, that's important its what they're generally most passionate about"
"Alright, I guess I see your point, My interests include emo music, books, gaming and a little bit of anime and manga, what about you"
"Anime and manga, books gaming and a little bit of emo music, so I guess we both have some uncommon hobbies"
"I suppose so, but then again I wasn't expecting you to say sport and i don't think you were expecting me to say fashion or something like that"
"Well I think you are quite fashionable, but then again what do I know I'm just a giant piece of weeb trash"
"You look pretty damn good for trash"
"My place is just up ahead"Bookmark here

They were in Cid's flat, He turned on the lights and checked his phone, not a single message from Pat, which meant he hadn't noticed he'd left. Gwen took a seat on the couch beer in hand, Cid slid down next to her.Bookmark here

"Any contact from your friend?" Cid asked
"Nada, what about yours"
"Not a peep, what do you want to do now?"
"I just want to keep drinking and talking with you, maybe watch a movie"
"You got a problem with classic James Bond movies"
"Nope, put em on and let's lose track of time"Bookmark here

Cid did just as she asked, he put on a James Bond movie and sat down to watch it with Gwen. He did lose track of time his only reliable guide was how often he had to get up and put a different movie on. He had no idea when they'd moved from the lounge room to his bedroom but they had. Bookmark here

He woke up in bed alone the next morning with a post-it note stuck to his chest, it read "Thanks for a great time, Serah came and picked me up, call me XOXO" what followed was her phone number.Bookmark here

"I will, right after I have some solid food"Bookmark here

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