Chapter 3:

Words vs Flashback

The Starless Eye of a Fake

 Sekai was serious, but I could see that her hands were trembling when I saw the chalk, that she was holding, she closed her eyes, writed some words in plain air and screamed:Bookmark here

“Come to me, The Word World”Bookmark here

“Oh, no, Tetsuyama, be careful”Bookmark here

“That’s too late, I will activate my own world”Bookmark here

She touched the written words in the air with her chalk, the writing began to shine. Her eyes became golden and her hair became in a red… she had activated her masterpiece, the world of words, a power that only sekai and ‘he’ could escape.Bookmark here

As soon as she activates her triumph card a almost transparent barrier formed around us, there’s no escapatory, whe have to make her retreat to, finally, run from this situation.Bookmark here

“You are late!”Bookmark here

Sekai wroted something, the writing was in every surface, it was impossible not to read, this is he effectBookmark here

of her power, a ‘world’ made of words that if and only if someone read, the words turns into what they mean.Bookmark here

“Swords”Bookmark here

As soon as one of us readed that, Sekai screamed and, in every ich of the room, Swords were flying towards us, Tetsuayama tried to dogde them and, at the same time, block them with her big sword, but some of the flying swords grazed her skin.Bookmark here

“Crap, what do we gonna do, Nise ?”Bookmark here

Tetsuma said that back to me… this is so unfair, I cannot help her, being powerless is too damn useless in this world, but…Bookmark here

“Stay way, Tetsuyama!”Bookmark here

“Fool, you are starless, what can you do in this situation?”Bookmark here

“Yes…”Bookmark here

I smiled with confidence, she could see that I have planned something in my head and, because of this situation, we have to trust ourselves or we will die.Bookmark here

Tetsuyama holded back and ran after me, she was in guard and Sekai was prepared to attack, please… please, come to me, only this time, I really need your help.Bookmark here

I opened the flap of my school uniform jacket, which I was wearing, and from there I took my old fedora.Bookmark here

“What? A hat? How is it gonna help us?”Bookmark here

“Ice piles!”Bookmark here

I picked up my old Fedora and put in front of my eyes to finally, put it in my head, it had some old smell I would never forget, yes… it was her perfurm.Bookmark here

“What? You hair in chaging color”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“This arrogant look, this five-pointed star in the eye, this confidence smile, this white hair, don’t tell me, you, really, are…”Bookmark here

“Yes, I am…”Bookmark here

“Thunder”Bookmark here

This bastard Sekai is attacking me, who does she think she is, I gonna beat her up, then she will understand that nobody, yes, nobody can defeat me!Bookmark here

“Don’t interrut me… come to me, Flashback”Bookmark here

A giantic being made up of gears and wood, with, a part of the creation and essence of this world... this is flashback, he was after me, waiting to fake a power of someone in this school, let me see… Bookmark here

“What kind of ability will I stole ? Ah, I know… come to me, Jack Frost”Bookmark here

Flashback plunged its claws into the fabric of reality and, for a sec, made my image equal to someone I know very well, after that a golem made up of the coldest ice in the universe and a little of comet dust, this is Yuki’s power, right?! Ah, whatever… I will use it anyway.Bookmark here

“You damn, don’t think in use my friend’s power against me”Bookmark here

Sekai was raging in fury, beacuse I faked her best friend‘s power, what a fool, this is a battle and I will use anything to win,after that, she wroted something, but Jack Frost already destroyed the writng, so it was useless.Bookmark here

“Beat her up, Jack Frost!”Bookmark here

The fighting ice golem punched her so hard thatshe ended up flying, thanks Yuki, I am going to pay a chocolate crepe for you next time.Bookmark here

Sekai was trembling with pain, she barely could stand up and parts of her body were frozen.Bookmark here

“Now, come to me… Dragon’s curse”Bookmark here

Again, flashback plunged its claws and, now, I control the fire from a dragon, after I stole it, the buildin began to fill up with fire that only burns beings with soul, but I think Sekai doen’t know tha little detail.Bookmark here

“Hahahahahahahah”Bookmark here

“Stop it, do you want to destroy and kill everyone here?”Bookmark here

“Dunno, maybe… since everyone is sleeping, the death of them will be painless”Bookmark here

“Ok, Ok, I get it, I am going to let you all escape, but please, stop this!”Bookmark here

“Do you promise?”Bookmark here

“Yes”Bookmark here

Sekai undoes her power and everything was done with it, then the stone dissapeared as Tetsuyama sword as well, I retracted the flames and made them disappear in plain air, but before that…Bookmark here

“Come to me… Morpheus”Bookmark here

“Um?! Ah...”Bookmark here

I put Sekai to sleep so she couldn't attack us while we escape. I grabbed Tetsuyama’s soft hand and runned with her far way from school, but…Bookmark here

“Let me undo something before”Bookmark here

When we left school, I took off my fedora to make room for that pest…Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“You hair, it’s now black… what just happened?”Bookmark here

“Calm down that the story is long”Bookmark here

Yandere Lover
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