Chapter 1:

The Revenant Reborn


In the midst of the second corporate world war, I began to ponder my existence. As far as I’ve ever known for my entire life I’ve been nothing but a pawn born to fight and die for KRUGER firearms, or the KGF for short, they’re the leading corporation that dominates not only this war but a majority of the entire world. Governments and safe civilizations are a thing of the past. Now, the only semblance of government is the corporations that rule the world. I’ve been fighting for KGF ever since I was a little kid. No idea who my parents are, my platoon was the only family I had. Until 2 weeks ago, that is.Bookmark here

 Our section of the trenches was bombarded and attacked with a full-frontal assault, I was the last remaining member of my crew and all my friends were gone. But for some strange reason, the world gave me a sign to keep going. KGF dispatched a mercenary to assist this section of the trenches and he got here as they were about to take the trench and kill me. Apparently, he was a legendary mercenary simply known as “The Revenant”.Bookmark here

 I spent the last two weeks hunkered down in the trenches with him, fighting off waves of enemy corporation soldiers day by day, and in the nights we bonded. He treated me fairly and with respect unlike the other mercenaries or corporate suits I’ve met before. Almost as if he knew what I’d experienced and understood my past. Two days ago, right before a new platoon was supposed to arrive and relieve us of our guard duty of that trench section we were ambushed. We fought them off and luckily we managed to hold them off and force them to retreat but our victory came at a cost. Revenant had been shot several times and it was clear that he wasn’t going to make it. We waited for reinforcements but we both knew they wouldn’t arrive in time to help him. He pulled me down into the trench and spoke to me,Bookmark here

“We’ve been here for weeks now, you and I. I don’t have much longer so it’s time you learned the truth. I was just like you once, a corporate slave soldier fighting a war with no meaning, ready to die for a fight with no cause. But I escaped. One day a mercenary came and supported my platoon and when he was dying he transferred his fake ID and digital ownership of his equipment to me. " He was cut off by the blood he coughed up. He wiped his mouth and continued his explanation.Bookmark here

"You see, the Revenant isn’t one person. It’s a lineage people, some of them were even slave soldiers who broke free from the corporate shackles and then joined the fight to help and free those like them. When the current Revenant is near death, they pass on their identity and their dreams for the next revenant to carry on. " He paused once more as he winced in pain from his gunshot wound.Bookmark here

"The world doesn’t know who the revenant is, or that the revenant is actually a corporate soldier, or even that the revenant is more of a title passed down rather than a single person. I am the current revenant. My dreams when I was granted this gift were to move to Edgecliff city, become a humble merchant, save some money, do as much good as I can in the meantime, and get the hell away from the rest of the world. I wanted to get away from these disgusting corporations and just live in a place that's quiet where I can be truly free. I won’t get to fulfill this dream, but I did fulfill the dreams of my predecessor so now, I bestow the title of revenant on to you. All I ask is that you live on and try your hardest to fulfill my dream because I could not.” He finished his explanation of what the revenant was but I was still at a loss for words. Bookmark here

He began coughing up more blood as he used the arm-mounted computer he had and transferred everything to me. To the rest of the world, I was now a mercenary with the callsign “Revenant” and I was now free. I had access to the revenant’s airship, armory, bank account, database, everything. With his dying breath, the previous revenant took off his mask and handed it to me. He then took the Revenant dog tags off his neck and handed them to me. I reached out and picked it up from his hand and as I did, his arm went limp and he was no longer in this world. I let out a single tear. Something I had never done before. I learned to block out emotions at a young age as they had no place in the frontlines. I wiped the lonesome tear, put on his mask and dog tags, and began taking his gear.Bookmark here

By the time the next platoon arrived all they saw were the dead bodies of my old platoon, and a mercenary standing before them who was the sole survivor of the battle that had just ensued. They looked at me with fear, these were fresh troops who’d barely seen combat. KGF dispatched a bunch of privates to handle one of the deadliest sectors of the trenches. They were all going to die within a week. Bookmark here

And now here we are. I am now the revenant. I’m currently on his-, I mean my airship taking in all that’s happened these last two weeks. I still can’t fathom that I’m finally free. For a moment my thoughts were filled with panic and fear at the thought of the previous revenant dying and bestowing me this title only for me to have no purpose now that I’m a free man but then I remembered, I do have a purpose. I've got to fulfill the dreams of the previous Revenant. I have to start by doing research on how to become a merchant in Edgecliff city. Bookmark here

It's called that because the damage around the city caused the ground to erode and collapse and now the city lies at the edge of a man-made cliff. it's the largest remaining city that's somewhat safe. I never had a chance to have dreams of my own, but I understood how important dreams were to others. So I knew that I’d have no problem with making his dreams, my purpose in life. I set the ship's coordinates for Edgecliff city and began figuring out how to use a computer to find out how to become a merchant. My journey has only just begun.Bookmark here

I arrived at the outskirts of the city and by that time I had just barely managed to learn how to use the computer. I had no clue what to do or where to go next. Then I figured that the previous revenant probably had an established life, with contacts and allies that I could now go to. Although that could lead them to realize I’m not the same person. I checked the phone left by the previous revenant and surprisingly I only found one contact. His name was Paxton. I messaged them simply saying “Need to meet ASAP”. Bookmark here

At first, I was worried about the message. Who was this person? What if I wasn't supposed to contact this person? Doubt wouldn’t get me anywhere so I blocked out the worry that had arisen. I didn’t think my emotional suppression skills would come in handy after being freed but here we are. After a short wait, Paxton responded to my message. Bookmark here

“Meet at my place, park your ship at the usual parking lot. Make sure you’re not being followed. You know the drill. Here are the coordinates since you probably forgot them again.” He then sent the coordinates afterward. Bookmark here

If he didn’t send the coordinates I don’t know how I’d figure out where to go. I punched the coordinates into my ship and began heading there. Everything was going well and I figured out more about the computer but suddenly my ship came to a halt.Bookmark here

I had no clue what happened when all of a sudden, a voice spoke out from a loudspeaker.Bookmark here

 “This is the local KGF patrol, we have stopped you to conduct a randomized search. Please open the cargo bay of your ship and have your ID ready for scanning.”Bookmark here

 I pulled out my ID and opened my ship's cargo bay. I was worried for a minute that they’d see right through me and the facade that I was the revenant would fall apart instantly but then I came up with a plan. If the previous revenant was a mercenary that was often used by KGF then once I flash my ID they should know who I am and hopefully, they’ll back off. If they don’t then I’m out of ideas. Two KGF soldiers came out of their airship and flew into mine with their personal hover-kits. They stepped into my ship and simply reached out sayingBookmark here

 “Hand over your ID and let’s make this quick.” I pulled out my ID card and instead of handing it to them I simply showed it to them. Bookmark here

“You should know who I am, and if you don’t then now you do. I suggest you make sure I don’t get flagged for randomized searches anymore considering how much I’ve contributed to KGF’s cause.” I tried to sound as sly and intimidating as I could. Bookmark here

They looked closely at my ID then the two soldiers looked at each other with confusion then one of them began searching the name Revenant on his tablet. He tapped his comrade on the shoulder and showed him the search results on his tablet. I hadn’t really checked the previous records or achievements of the former revenants considering I only just learned how to use a computer but after the looks on their faces, I had to check it out. Bookmark here

“We’re sorry for bothering you sir, we’ll make sure other patrols know that you shouldn’t get searched. Have a nice day.” they then hurried off out of the cargo bay and back into their ship. They disabled the ship inhibitor that held my ship in place and left as fast as they could.Bookmark here

I made it to Paxton’s place and parked in the secluded airship parking lot that he told me to go to but when I reached the ground I had no clue where I was going. After some time of searching for his place, he sent me a message.Bookmark here

 “It shouldn’t take you this long to get here. Is this the same revenant or are you new?” I looked at his message with both confusion and relief. I was confused that he could tell I wasn’t the same revenant but I was also relieved that there was someone else who knew the secret of my identity and I didn’t have to keep up an act around them. I replied, Bookmark here

“Yeah I am, I don’t know where your place is.” He responded pretty quickly, Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you out and come to you.” Within a few minutes a scrawny, scruffy man appeared before me. Bookmark here

He had a big head of curly hair and he wore glasses that were held together by tape and sheer willpower.Bookmark here

 “Nice to meet ya, I’m Paxton. I’m assuming you contacted me because I’m the only contact on your phone right?” He asked.Bookmark here

 “Yeah, that’s exactly why. How did you get my location? And how do you know I’m not the same revenant?” I had so many questions to ask him. Bookmark here

“Don't worry, I’ll explain everything when we get back to my place, it isn’t safe out here in the open. Just because it's the outskirts of the city doesn’t make it any less dangerous than the city itself.” He led me back to his old raggedy house and let me inside. Bookmark here

He led me down to his basement and opened a very secure-looking vault door. He led me through the door and into his operation center. Bookmark here

“This is where I spend most of my time. Down here I’ve got tons of food, guns, computers. I’ve got everything I need to survive and thrive.” He said. Bookmark here

We both sat down on the couch away from his computer set up and he began explaining everything to me.Bookmark here

“You see, I’m a friend of the first revenant. In fact, the revenant was not a slave soldier that the myths claim him to be. Instead, he and I were higher-ups in an old corporation that at the time, was pretty damn big. Then the first corporate wars happened and office workers were being drafted to fight for our company because the slave soldier act hadn’t been put into effect at that time. We both fought and survived but we were let go from the company after they couldn’t handle the losses they suffered due to the war. Eventually, the company was absorbed by KRUGER and all our hard work for a not-too-terrible company was gone and stolen by KRUGER. I went on to become a hacker. I mess around with companies who try to get too much power and I even helped the first revenant get his gear and set up his equipment. When the first revenant explained his idea for passing the torch to different generations of revenants I was against it but after he died and I met the next revenant I regained hope that his plan for several generations of revenants could work. And now here we are. This world is still brutal but the previous generations of revenants, most of whom were slave soldiers, have accomplished great things. And the one who passed the torch to you had the most ambitious plans to date. We were planning to take down KRUGER. They’re too big and they need to know their place. No one should have that much power.” I was overwhelmed when he said that. I didn’t care about KRUGER in any way but how was I going to take down the biggest corporation in the world when all I’ve known is war?Bookmark here

“I’m all for justice and taking down KGF but how the hell am I supposed to do that?” I asked him.Bookmark here

 I’m a competent soldier but besides that, I don’t know how to do anything else. Bookmark here

“Look, I know you’re inexperienced but don’t let that stop you. You’ve got the intel, equipment, and guidance left behind by generations of revenants. As I said, many of them were slave soldiers just like you. They figured out how to get used to things so I’m sure you can do it too. Besides, you’re not alone. You’ve got me to help you get prepped.” He said, trying to motivate me. Bookmark here

He’s been with several generations of revenants so he knows how hard it must be to adapt to a whole new life.Bookmark here

 “Alright I’m in, but I’ve got one more question for you,” I said to Paxton, Bookmark here

“Why do you help us? By us, I mean slave soldiers. This world is filled with nothing but people who fend for themselves and no one else, so why did you and the first revenant start this initiative?” I was curious as to why this random guy had the drive to do so much to try and change this broken world of ours.Bookmark here

 “The first revenant and I were in the trenches, so we know how messed up war can be. Then KGF took our jobs and the data we worked hard on. So even though the main intention behind the creation of the revenant was to liberate and help slave soldiers be free and to just do general good things in this broken world, of course, there’s something in it for me. We get to take down KRUGER and I get my revenge for what they stole from me.” He explained. Bookmark here

“What did they steal from you?” I asked, Bookmark here

“Nowadays that’s a pretty common job considering there’s a huge market for black market stuff like guns and ammo. In fact, the biggest black-market platform was something I created at my old job. It’s called DOSNET. I don’t know why I named it that, it just sounded cool to me at the time so don’t judge. But when KRUGER took over they stole it and released it and now they make a ton of profit from my creation from every transaction. But of course, I didn’t hand over the source code without leaving a back door. They stole my creation and now, together you and I will use that creation to begin their downfall. You In?” he asked, Bookmark here

"Of course I'm in," I said, now that he explained everything I began to understand his motive and the title of revenant that I was given felt like it had more meaning or rather, more purpose. for the first time, I felt excitement but more importantly, it was the first time I ever felt hope.Bookmark here


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