Chapter 2:



It had been harder for Wilder to recover from than he had thought. The first thing he felt as soon as he opened his eyes was the pain in the back of his head. In fact, even the pain of the wound on his neck was less now.Bookmark here

After blinking a few times, he looked for his glasses with his blurry eyes. Even though his glasses were broken, at least he could see better, because he had no idea where he was right now.Bookmark here

“It’s on the table.”Bookmark here

Wilder was startled by the sound from the doorway. Turning his head towards the door, he saw a silhouette leaning against the edge of the door. He couldn’t clearly see who the silhouette was, but he recognized the voice, the voice of the person who had saved his life and had also knocked him unconscious.Bookmark here

Without saying a word, he reached his hand on the table and took his glasses. Contrary to what he had expected, his glasses were brand new as before, probably repaired while he was sleeping. In addition, his bloody and dirty clothes were changed with gray sweatpants and a hoodie of the same color. For someone who was forcibly detained, he had been treated quite well. Bookmark here

“Where am I?”Bookmark here

Wilder wore his glasses and looked around. He was in a room with cream-colored walls. The room had only a bed, a brown table, and a door leading to the toilet. The entrance door to the room was a glass and sliding door. Through the door, the corridor was clearly visible. Since there were no windows in the room, it was this glass door that served as a window.Bookmark here

“In a hidden place. Now that you're awake, we can start talking to you."Bookmark here

The person still standing by the door brought the bracelet on his wrist close to his mouth.Bookmark here

“Vee, he woke up.”Bookmark here

In the face of this tense atmosphere, Wilder was filled with a little bit of fear. He tried not to show this, but he wasn't sure how successful he was at it. After all, it wasn't likely that he was suddenly knocked unconscious by someone he didn't know and then brought to a place he never knew existed. Still, he thought he had handled it quite well. If it had been someone else in his place, maybe he would have made a mess.Bookmark here

“It would have been nice if you let me know before you knock me out.”Bookmark here

"Would you like me to say, 'I'm going to knock you out so you better pass out properly'?"Bookmark here

“That wasn’t what I meant.”Bookmark here

Wilder pouted. He made it clear immediately that he wasn't good at talking to people.Bookmark here

“You could have at least warned me to be prepared for pain.”Bookmark here

Wilder looked intently into the face of the person with whom he had spoken for the first time after waking up. This time he wasn't wearing a mask so he could see his face clearly. His black hair, which was messy before, is now a little smoother. His black eyes, the same color as his hair, were staring at him, narrow and serious. Instead of his spy clothes, he is now wearing a navy blue T-shirt and black tight pants. These outfits revealed his slightly muscular and slender body.Bookmark here

"I'll do like that next time."Bookmark here

A few minutes later the woman called Vee arrived and greeted Wilder with a broad smile.Bookmark here

“You are awake. Wonderful. We were just planning what we were going to talk about with you.”Bookmark here

“We?”Bookmark here

“You know, the management team or something.”Bookmark here

The red-haired woman approached directly and sat on the edge of the bed. The black-haired boy followed, but he preferred to stand.Bookmark here

Vee looked into Wilder's eyes, trying to be as sincere as she could. From that glance, Wilder understood that Vee would try to extract every bit of information from him.Bookmark here

“Now, can you tell us exactly what happened?”Bookmark here

Indeed, it was exactly as Wilder had imagined.Bookmark here

Wilder sighed deeply. He knew very well that there was no escape from it, so there was no point in resisting.Bookmark here

“Before I was about to pick up my sister from school, I was killing time under the fountain. Then I suddenly realized that everyone around me had disappeared and explosions sounded. When I was on the main road to avoid the explosions, I met a man there. He had the same mask on his face as the one on his face.”Bookmark here

He gestured to the black-haired boy with his left hand.Bookmark here

“I thought he was an enemy, but he approached me quite normally and asked me what I was doing here. I told him I didn't know. There seemed to be a problem, as if he was running from someone. He took me with him and we moved together for a while. Until he was shot in the stomach.”Bookmark here

It was surprisingly hard for him to say the last sentence.Bookmark here

“He did something to the back of my neck while I was in shock of his being shot. I didn't understand what he was doing, but I was so hurt. After that, he told me to run, and I started running in the opposite direction of the explosions. You probably know the rest."Bookmark here

Vee nodded to show that she understood the situation.Bookmark here

"You said Sev injected the microchip around Wilder's neck, right, Bell?"Bookmark here

The black-haired boy, also known as Bell, simply nodded.Bookmark here

“Microchip? So I have a microchip on the back of my neck?”Bookmark here

Wilder was more interested in the fact that he was injected with a microchip on the back of his neck than the fact that they knew his name.Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

Vee moved a little closer to Wilder in her seat.Bookmark here

“Sev is one of our best spies, I mean, he was. We sent him to another country on a secret mission. It looks like spies from that country were after him. The microchip on your neck contains very important information. Normally removing those microchips is extremely easy and painless, but because Sev injected the microchip on you in a hurry, the microchip got stuck in your nerves. That's why you felt more pain than you should have. We dressed your neck while you were sleeping. It should hurt less now.”Bookmark here

Vee paused for a moment. She seemed to be trying to collect what she was going to say.Bookmark here

“But you should know that we have to get that microchip out of there. The information inside the microchip is at a level that may save the whole country. Sev sacrificed himself to get that microchip for us.”Bookmark here

‘And to protect me.’Bookmark here

Wilder thought with sadness.Bookmark here

“Which means you must stay with us for a while.”Bookmark here

Vee finally spilled the beans.Bookmark here

Wilder said nothing for half a second. He needed to digest what Vee had just said a little bit. Only a few hours ago he had complained about the monotony of his life, but now he found himself in a completely different place. Moreover, he carried inside his body an information that could save the country. That's why everyone here had to take extra care of him. He had risen from the lowest to the highest in social status, and for some reason he liked it. Of course, he chose not to show it to Vee and Bell.Bookmark here

“How long do I have to stay?”Bookmark here

“We're looking for a way to remove the microchip without harming you. It will probably take 2 weeks.”Bookmark here

2 weeks?Bookmark here

“What about my sister? What am I going to say to her?"Bookmark here

"Don't worry about it." Bell intervene in. “We talked to her while you were sleeping.”Bookmark here

Wilder frowned in surprise. They had actually taken care of everything before he woke up. So they hadn't thought of getting Wilder's consent to stay from the very beginning.Bookmark here

"What did you say to her?"Bookmark here

“That you had an accident and are now in the hospital.”Bookmark here

“Not a very good lie to detain someone in a hidden place.”Bookmark here

“It worked though.”Bookmark here

“Yes, because Talia never comes to visit me.”Bookmark here

His sister, Talia, had inherited the family's cold-blooded genes. She wouldn't even bother to visit Wilder if they had told her that her brother was doing well. Having such a personality had, in a way, saved both Wilder and the others from a great deal of trouble.Bookmark here

"Don't worry, nothing will happen to you or your family." Vee placed a huge smile on her face, and confronted him. Then she got out of bed and headed for the door.Bookmark here

“Anyway, now that we've got everything sorted out, let's leave you alone for a bit. You can call us whenever you want."Bookmark here

Just as Vee was walking out the door, Wilder asked, "Can you say the name of this place, at least?" and stopped her. He already knew that he wouldn't be able to find out his own location, but if he had at least learned the name of this place, he might feel a little safer. He also wanted to know exactly what purpose this place served.Bookmark here

“We call ourselves 'BEES'. We are a secret organization that does the dirty work of the government.”Bookmark here

Compared to the purpose they served, the name was similar to the name of a kindergarten.Bookmark here

"Why 'BEES'?"Bookmark here

“Because our mask looks like a bee face.”Bookmark here

Wilder recalled the V-shaped mask that was on Bell's face at that time. There were two big circles on the eye parts of the mask. It was true that these circles resembled the eyes of an insect, but that insect was definitely not a bee.Bookmark here

“Actually, it doesn’t look like a bee-”Bookmark here

Unexpectedly, Bell rushed towards him and covered his mouth with his own hand. Because Bell did so, the rest of the sentence was muffled and nothing was understood. Bell hurriedly intervened in the conversation as Vee looked at the two of them as if she didn't understand anything.Bookmark here

“You must be hungry, right? I'll take you to the cafeteria before I leave you on your own."Bookmark here

Hearing this, Vee forgot what Wilder was just about to say and nodded approvingly to Bell.Bookmark here

“Oh, my bad. I didn’t think you might be hungry."Bookmark here

Wilder had a hard time understanding what was going on, but only then he realized after they had talked about the food that he was indeed hungry. So after Bell removed his hand from his mouth, he too nodded slightly.Bookmark here

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