Chapter 1:

The Day I Met God


The following is the screenplay for the SHAFT inspired picture drama series, ETERNAL.
For the full video version, featuring illustrations by Kenji Wakasa (Animation Director on Vinland Saga and Granblue Fantasy), please visit:
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DAY 01: 00Bookmark here

???: I’m God!Bookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

SilenceBookmark here

A man in black sitting on the bench at the parkBookmark here

In front of him, is a flat chested girl standing proudly before himBookmark here

“One day, I met a girl who called herself God.”Bookmark here

ChestBookmark here

“Perhaps the God of flat chests, because I saw nothing there.”Bookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

MC: God?Bookmark here

???: Like I said, I’m God! So move aside already, idiot!Bookmark here

MC: Uh...Bookmark here

???: Stupid!Bookmark here

“She just called me stupid.”Bookmark here

???: Idiot!Bookmark here

“And an idiot.”Bookmark here

MC: You called me an idiot already, you idiot!Bookmark here

???: If you’re not going to move, I’ll just have to force you off!Bookmark here

MC: Do you think you can!?Bookmark here

???: Sussmey Kick!Bookmark here

MC: Guwawaaaa!!Bookmark here

MC looks under ???’s hoodieBookmark here

Light beam in the wayBookmark here

“A single stray beam of light among the darkness!?”Bookmark here

MC: Light of Darkness!Bookmark here

MC fallsBookmark here

??? sits on the benchBookmark here

MC: Ugh… Damn it…Bookmark here

MC: No, I’m supposed to be the Light of Darkness… So if that light was my light…Bookmark here

MC: Is my existence worth nothing more than a girl’s pair of panties?Bookmark here

MC struggles to moveBookmark here

MC: No way. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…Bookmark here

???: You can’t stand because I’m not letting you.Bookmark here

MC: What?Bookmark here

???: Because I’m God.Bookmark here

MC: What a cruel God you are…Bookmark here

???: I’m not cruel at all. I’m very nice.Bookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

???: It’s true.Bookmark here

MC: There’s no such thing as a God that is nice.Bookmark here

???: What?Bookmark here

MC: Who do you think God is anyway? After all, in a world like this?Bookmark here

MC: Any God who allows this dump to exist is nothing but an evil.Bookmark here

MC: An evil I must defeat as The Light of Darkness! I am RaiDaaku!Bookmark here

SilenceBookmark here

??? ignoresBookmark here

???: Uwahh, the weather is so nice today!Bookmark here

MC: Don't make smalltalk while I’m doing my introduction!Bookmark here

Risu: But isn’t smalltalk default for introductions?Bookmark here

MC: You’re right!Bookmark here

Risu: Yay!Bookmark here

MC: But there’s something awfully wrong with this situation, isn’t there...!?Bookmark here

??? looks at MC with eyes of disgustBookmark here

MC: Eh!?Bookmark here

??? walks away silentlyBookmark here

MC: Hey, where do you think you’re going!? It’s rude to ignore people, you know!Bookmark here

Risu: I’m listening, Rai!Bookmark here

MC: Uwohh, Risu! I love Risu!Bookmark here

TransitionBookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

MC: So who was that again?Bookmark here

Risu: She said she was God.Bookmark here

MC: God, huh?Bookmark here

MC: Well, who needs someone like that when you’re around, eh, Risu?Bookmark here

Risu: Is it that time again?Bookmark here

MC: Yes, it is that time.Bookmark here

MC: It’s time to finally defeat Father Thompson, once and for all.Bookmark here

Father Thompson’s face across the parkBookmark here

MC walks with RisuBookmark here

MC: God, huh? Don’t screw with me!Bookmark here

MC: I know better than anyone that you’re a lying bastard!Bookmark here

MC: You, who took away all happiness from this world, have no right to exist.Bookmark here

MC: You meet your end today, Father Thompson. Bookmark here

Play structure in ruinsBookmark here

Sign - [No Adults Allowed Unless Accompanied By Children]Bookmark here

DAY 01: ABookmark here

View of the ChurchBookmark here

ToiletBookmark here

MC grinning as Risu stands outside of the stallBookmark here

Risu: Are you done yet, Rai?Bookmark here

MC: Why not take a look, Risu?Bookmark here

Risu: But that’s the boy’s toilet!Bookmark here

MC: You’re already this far in, aren’t you? You’re already in the Men’s Room.Bookmark here

Risu: ...Bookmark here

MC: Besides, this isn’t the first time you’ve seen my Darkness Rod. Come see the vile liquid we’re polluting the Church’s sewage system with.Bookmark here

Risu: Rai, you pervert!Bookmark here

MC: If you’re the one looking, you’re the pervert!Bookmark here

Risu: I’m definitely not going to be a pervert!Bookmark here

MC: Oh yeah?Bookmark here

Risu: Yeah!Bookmark here

SilenceBookmark here

MC: Risu...Bookmark here

Risu: ...?Bookmark here

MC: Risu...Bookmark here

Risu: ...?Bookmark here

MC: Risu!Bookmark here

MC bursts out of the stallBookmark here

MC: That’s my Risu! My pure-pure Magical Girl Risu!Bookmark here

Risu: Wah! Rai, you didn’t even wash your hands yet!Bookmark here

MC: I rather wash just wipe them on your magical, miracle, little skirt!Bookmark here

Risu: Hweh?Bookmark here

Risu: Rai, you pervert---------------------------!!Bookmark here

MC: Guohh---------------!!Bookmark here

Risu smacks MC with her magical girl stickBookmark here

MC falls to the groundBookmark here

MC: Not even a little?Bookmark here

Risu: Not even a little!Bookmark here

MC: Come on. We have to pander to the masses and show how gender neutral friendly our story is.Bookmark here

Risu: And who are the masses, huh?Bookmark here

MC: The masses we have to save from the clutches of that bastard, Thompson.Bookmark here

MC: Yes, I remember it all so clearly! 10 years ago, when Thompson first set foot into our peaceful little town.Bookmark here

MC: Legend has it he built the Church in a single night. He tricked the masses, also known as the Guided, into falling for his sick and twisted schemes.Bookmark here

MC: They all became followers of the Guiding Light! They all became his minions! Humanity now walks pitifully with blindfolds on, in this town at the end of the world!Bookmark here

Risu: Raison d'etre!Bookmark here

MC: My reason for being!Bookmark here

MC: I am RaiDaaku, the Light of Darkness! The hero bent on saving the world from the False Light and liberating society from his dastardly scheme!Bookmark here

Risu: Risu: Yay~!! Rai’s so cool!Bookmark here

MC: Thank you! Thank you!Bookmark here

Risu: And there’s even one of the masses listening to you right now! He looks awfully suspicious of you though...Bookmark here

MC: What was that?Bookmark here

Risu: The man using the standy toilet over there.Bookmark here

MC: There’s a man here!? And you didn’t tell me earlier!?Bookmark here

Man A: P- Pardon me, young Mario. I just really needed to go.Bookmark here

MC: That’s RaiDaaku: The Light of Darkness!Bookmark here

???: What’s that!? Mario’s here again!?Bookmark here

MC: That’s RaiDaa-Bookmark here

???: I don’t care if you’re rye bread!Bookmark here

MC: No, you see, “Rai” comes from “Raito,” as in “Light”-Bookmark here

Guard comes from under the stallBookmark here

MC: Gyaaah!!Bookmark here

Risu: Hawawawa! Rai!Bookmark here

MC stomps on his faceBookmark here

Guard A: Guwohhh!!Bookmark here

MC: Pervert!Bookmark here

MC climbs out from above the stallBookmark here

Guard A: Get back here, Mario! You little punk!Bookmark here

MC: DARKNESS DASH--------------------------!!Bookmark here

MC runsBookmark here

MC: We have to find Thompson and fast!Bookmark here

Risu: He could be anywhere! What if we mistake him for a sign!?Bookmark here

MC: Do you think I’m an idiot!? Just because I mistook him in the dark once-Bookmark here

MC mistakes a sign for ThompsonBookmark here

Risu: You can’t tell at all!Bookmark here

MC: It’s because I treat 2D beings with respect!Bookmark here

Risu: You’re supposed to be the Light of Darkness!Bookmark here

MC: I’m in the middle of my Darkness Dash!Bookmark here

MC runs to the elevatorBookmark here

Guards waitingBookmark here

Guard B: Please just calm down, young Mario!Bookmark here

Guard C: It’s dark and you might trip again!Bookmark here

MC: Like that’s enough to stop me!Bookmark here

Guard B: What!?Bookmark here

MC releases a toy from his sleeveBookmark here

MC: Activate! Z-Blade!Bookmark here

MC swings the bladeBookmark here

MC: Darkness Slice!Bookmark here

MC knocks over a guardBookmark here

Guard B: Guh!Bookmark here

Guard C: Young Mario, please!Bookmark here

MC jumps into elevatorBookmark here

Elevator door closesBookmark here

Elevator goes upBookmark here

MC: There is no way I can lose when I am with the night. Now, let us go to realm of the false heavens!Bookmark here

Risu crouched on the groundBookmark here

Risu: Wow, we actually made it this time.Bookmark here

MC: What are you talking about? We make it to the elevator all the time...Bookmark here

Risu: It’s been a whole week...Bookmark here

MC: Five days!Bookmark here

Risu: A full work week!Bookmark here

MC: That doesn’t apply when your profession is “hero of justice.”Bookmark here

SilenceBookmark here

MC: I... am a hero.Bookmark here

Risu: Yep. That’s what Rai is.Bookmark here

Elevator continues going upBookmark here

Risu: It sure is taking a while, huh?Bookmark here

MC: Well, the top is pretty far off...Bookmark here

Risu: We don’t even know if Thompson’s at the top.Bookmark here

MC: The Demon King is always at the top of the castle.Bookmark here

Risu: He’s not a Demon or a King though. This isn’t even a castle...Bookmark here

MC: Look, Risu. We’ve searched everywhere but the top. We’ve been searching a whole decade now. He has to be there. He just has to.Bookmark here

MC: 10 years… Enough time for a beautiful young girl to expire into an adult…Bookmark here

MC: Damn it all. Damn it all!Bookmark here

MC: It’s a good thing you’re never going to expire, Risu! After all, you’re…Bookmark here

DingBookmark here

MC: Huh?Bookmark here

Risu: Rai!Bookmark here

MC: This isn’t the top!Bookmark here

Crowd of guards standing in front of the doorBookmark here

Guard A: That’s enough for today, Mario.Bookmark here

Guard B: We had to put the whole system on stop just for you.Bookmark here

MC: Don’t screw with me!Bookmark here

Guard approaches MCBookmark here

Guard C: Come along now.Bookmark here

MC: Don’t touch me!Bookmark here

“This is bad. This is really bad. We’re in a pretty big pinch, aren’t we?”Bookmark here

“It looks like I’m going to have to use that.Bookmark here

Risu: That...!?Bookmark here

MC: That...!!Bookmark here

MC: Awaken! Darkness Vision!Bookmark here

MC pulls down his gogglesBookmark here

MC: It’s... getting harder to see…Bookmark here

Risu: Take them off, Rai. It’s too dark.Bookmark here

MC: Yes, I’m too dark!Bookmark here

Guard B: Well, if you're wearing all that black...Bookmark here


Guards pin down MCBookmark here

MC: Guh! Impossible!Bookmark here

Footsteps down the hallBookmark here

???: Nothing’s impossible when you’re with God, Mario. It’s too bad you’re not one of us.Bookmark here

MC: You…!!Bookmark here

MC: It’s you again, isn’t it!? I knew you were behind this!Bookmark here

Breasts come into viewBookmark here

MC: Zero-ko...Bookmark here

Zero: That’s Sister Teressa Wong!Bookmark here

Zero stompsBookmark here

Breasts shakeBookmark here

MC: ZERO-KO, YOU-Bookmark here

Zero: AHHH------------------------!!Bookmark here

MC: ...!?Bookmark here

Guards: ...!?Bookmark here

Zero: AHHHHH-------------------------!! AHHHHH--------------------------!!Bookmark here

Zero: AHHHHH------------------------------------------------------------------!!Bookmark here

Zero: AHH----!! AHH----!! AHH----!! AH----!!Bookmark here

SilenceBookmark here

Guards are just as confused as MCBookmark here

Zero: That’s how you sound like, Mario! Bookmark here

MC: ...?Bookmark here

Zero: Like a screaming madman! I did an impersonation of you so you can see how you look like!Bookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

MC: Huh?Bookmark here

Zero: Of course, you’re not nearly as beautiful as me! Me! Sister Teressa Wong!Bookmark here

Zero: Oh, silly me. Your goggles are on in the dark again, so maybe you couldn’t get a good view.Bookmark here

Zero pulls MC’s goggles Bookmark here

Zero: Should I do it again?Bookmark here

MC: Please don’t.Bookmark here

Zero: Because you’re so embarrassed of yourself! I get you!Bookmark here

Zero: OHH HOHOHOHOHOHO!Bookmark here

Zero: OHH HOHOHOHOHOHO!Bookmark here

Zero: Come on, boys! Laugh with me!Bookmark here

Guards look at each otherBookmark here

Guards: ...Bookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

Guards: Hahahaha… Ha… Ha…Bookmark here

Zero: OHH HOHOHOHOHOHO!Bookmark here

Zero: Of course, we’re not laughing at you, Mario. We’re laughing with you!Bookmark here

MC: Do you even know what that means?Bookmark here

Zero: That’s a given, isn’t it? But maybe you don’t know what it means, since you don’t have any friends.Bookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

Guard A: Oh my, is that true?Bookmark here

Guard B: If you’d like, I’ll be your friend.Bookmark here

MC: No thanks.Bookmark here

Zero: Don’t bother. A nutjob like him can’t possibly understand the meaning of friendship until he gets his head fixed up.Bookmark here

Zero: You know, at the Correction Facility.Bookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

MC: The Facility, huh? So that’s how far you’ve sunk, Zero-ko?Bookmark here

Zero: That’s Sister Teressa Wong!Bookmark here

MC: Zero-ko...Bookmark here

Zero: Why you...!! I said that’s-Bookmark here

MC: I’m not going to forget those days, Zero-ko. Those days where you were a partner of the Dark and we fought together for what was right.Bookmark here

MC: Even if you’re nothing but a shadow of the past today, I still dream of a future.Bookmark here

MC: Of a future, where one day, you’ll realize you’re mistaken! That shock will be so great, your melons will plop straight to the ground!Bookmark here

MC: LIKE PLOP----------------------------!!Bookmark here

Zero: How dare you!Bookmark here

Zero kicks MC in the faceBookmark here

MC: Guh!!Bookmark here

MC plops to the groundBookmark here

Guard A: Oh my!Bookmark here

Zero: Hmph!Bookmark here

Zero: I can’t believe you. Like heck I would waste good melons like that!Bookmark here

“Oh. She doesn’t even get it...”Bookmark here

Zero turns to a guardBookmark here

Zero: Can you believe that? Melons can be pretty expensive these days.Bookmark here

Guard B: Especially the seedless kind...Bookmark here

Zero: Perhaps it’s a test by God.Bookmark here

Zero smiles, looking upBookmark here

Zero: Oh, God, that big lug! He can be so hard on us sometimes, but that’s why we love him!Bookmark here

All: Amen!Bookmark here

Zero: Whoo!Bookmark here

Zero gives a guard a fist bumpBookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

MC: Your inner child is crying...Bookmark here

Zero: Your inner child doesn’t exist! Because you’re still a child! Am I right guys? Tell me I'm right.Bookmark here

Guard C: Sounds pretty right to me.Bookmark here

MC crawls back to the elevatorBookmark here

Zero: And where do you think you’re going?Bookmark here

MC: I have more important things to deal with. For example, defeating Thompson.Bookmark here

Risu: The elevator won’t budge, Rai.Bookmark here

MC: Well, shit. We’ll just have to make it budge then.Bookmark here

MC kicks the elevatorBookmark here

MC: Come on. Move, you piece of junk... We have to defeat Thompson...Bookmark here

Zero: That’s Father Thompson to you, scum!Bookmark here

MC: That man’s cum played no role to my birth.Bookmark here

Zero: Don’t use that kind of language on these holy grounds!Bookmark here

MC: Tch.Bookmark here

MC: I can use whatever language I damn well please. Especially if it’s him.Bookmark here

MC: That bastard. I swear I’ll avenge the former you.Bookmark here

Zero: You... You...Bookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

MC kicks the elevatorBookmark here

Zero: You don’t understand a thing, Mario!Bookmark here

MC: Oh, boy, here we go...Bookmark here

Zero: Father gives us hope for living in this crappy world of ours! He’s a miracle worker! A messenger from God!Bookmark here

Zero: A hero, I tell you! A hero!!Bookmark here

Zero: He helps the poor! He helps the rich!Bookmark here

Zero: He helps boys and girls and the elderly with a smile on his face!Bookmark here

Zero: He doesn’t discriminate against anybody! He makes us happy, I tell you! Happy!Bookmark here

Zero: Tell me, Mario! When was the last time you were happy!?Bookmark here

MC: Well, if you want me to answer honestly, just last night, while I was watching Magical Gi-Bookmark here

Zero: I’ll answer that for you! Never!Bookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

MC: What are you getting so upset about? You were laughing just a minute ago.Bookmark here

Zero: Because you went and insulted Father!Bookmark here

MC: Hey, Risu…Bookmark here

Zero: Will you stop talking to your imaginary friend already, you sicko!?Bookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

MC standing alone in the elevatorBookmark here

SilenceBookmark here

Guard C: So that's why he always mumbles to himself?Bookmark here

Guard D: I always assumed he was on the phone.Bookmark here

Zero: Please. He doesn’t have any real friends, like I said!Bookmark here

Zero: And of course, he couldn’t have been talking to God! Poor boy doesn’t even believe.Bookmark here

Zero stares at MCBookmark here

MC: She’s not imaginary. She lives in my heart.Bookmark here

Zero: Just outgrow that stupid cartoon already. You’re creeping people out!Bookmark here

MC: Risu, don’t listen to Zero-ko.Bookmark here

Zero: Where’s Ritsu? I don’t see her!Bookmark here

Zero looks aroundBookmark here

Zero: Oh where, oh where, could that darn magic girl be?Bookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

MC: Magical. She’s right here.Bookmark here

Zero: Where?Bookmark here

MC: Old age getting to you already?Bookmark here

Zero: I am not old!Bookmark here

MC: Oh, yeah? How old are you now anyway?Bookmark here

Zero: I’m 19, if you really must know!Bookmark here

MC: Uwahh... Way past your expiration date.Bookmark here

Zero: Humans don’t have expiration dates, Mario!Bookmark here

Zero: We are not melons!Bookmark here

MC: Well, your melons are long past.Bookmark here

Zero: I don’t have any melons because they’re so expensive!Bookmark here

MC: I saw a nice pair just earlier today.Bookmark here

Zero: Look, if you talk about melons, you should be making some friends! Like, I don’t know, how about us?Bookmark here

Zero: We’re open for you! Don’t those cartoons of yours always talk about how great friendship is?Bookmark here

MC: Those friends aren’t Guided filth like you are.Bookmark here

Zero: If Risu was real, she wouldn’t like this.Bookmark here

MC: Risu says it’s fine. Right, Risu?Bookmark here

MC glances at RisuBookmark here

Zero: Get your head out of the clouds.Bookmark here

MC: I’d like to see you do it first.Bookmark here

Zero: My head was never in the clouds. Not since I left you.Bookmark here

Zero: Not since I found out what real happiness is like! Real happiness here at the Church! Bookmark here

Zero: People who love me for who I am! I just want to share that happiness with you! The scum of the town!Bookmark here

MC: If they loved me for being a Guided, I would no longer be me.Bookmark here

Zero: It’s called growing up, Mario! Nobody likes seeing the man you are today!Bookmark here

Zero: I bet you don’t even like it yourself! All you do is negative things! You haven’t accomplished anything since you got out of school.Bookmark here

Zero: In fact, you haven’t accomplished anything in your entire life! And it’s all because of that sick cartoon!Bookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

Zero: Just looking at you hurts me... We want to help you.Bookmark here

Zero: Please, Mario. Won’t you stop this nonsense? At least for the night. I’m tired.Bookmark here

Zero: You got me out of bed, you know. I have work tomorrow!Bookmark here

Zero: Well, I guess that’s something someone like you wouldn’t understand.Bookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

StaticBookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

MC: This goddamn elevator...Bookmark here

All stare at MCBookmark here

MC: Shit…Bookmark here

MC: Shit…Bookmark here

MC: Shit...!!Bookmark here

StaticBookmark here

“All I wanted to do was save the world.”Bookmark here

“A world that has already ended.”Bookmark here

“A world that Father Thompson already saved.”Bookmark here

Risu: The bad guy is you, Rai.Bookmark here

“It’s a conspiracy.”Bookmark here

Risu: A conspiracy by the Church?Bookmark here

“Yeah.”Bookmark here

Risu: They’re attacking you at the heart. What a cheap trick.Bookmark here

“Too cheap. But I’ve got to hand it to them.”Bookmark here

Risu: Congratulate them?Bookmark here

MC: Because I’ve already lost. That’s why...Bookmark here

StaticBookmark here

MC: Congratulations.Bookmark here

Zero: Congratulations?Bookmark here

MC: Yes. Congratulations.Bookmark here

StaticBookmark here

MC: Congratulations!Bookmark here

Zero: ...!?Bookmark here

MC: Congratulations, congratulations, congratu-fucking-lations!Bookmark here

MC steps upBookmark here

MC: You’ve stopped me for the night. You’ve ruined my mood, Zero-ko. You stopped the so-called “evil.”Bookmark here

MC: But remember. It’s the “Light” of Darkness. I’m the good guy here. Not that you’d believe me.Bookmark here

MC: But, let’s fall for the conspiracy for now!Bookmark here

MC: Let’s fall for it. Let’s all fall for it! Thanks a bunch, Zero-ko! Thanks a bunch! Bookmark here

MC: You saved me! You saved everyone! An applause for you, my friend!Bookmark here

MC starts clappingBookmark here

MC: Come on, you big lugs! Let’s applaud for Zero-ko! Whoops! I mean that’s Sister Teressa Wong!Bookmark here

MC: My mistake! What’s wrong, guys? Let’s applaud!Bookmark here

MC: We should all applaud for the good Sister Teressa Wong, who has saved the night effortlessly! What a great woman she is!Bookmark here

MC: The world loves her! No doubt!Bookmark here

MC: Too cool! Amazing…Bookmark here

MC: Wow... Wow…Bookmark here

MC: That’s Sister Teressa Wong for you… A real hero…Bookmark here

MC: Helping people... out…Bookmark here

SilenceBookmark here

Zero: Mario-Bookmark here


MC charges at Zero-ko with his fistBookmark here

Zero tosses MC across the airBookmark here

MC: UGYAHH!!Bookmark here

MC fallsBookmark here

Zero: I knew you weren’t being serious! Geez, Mario! You really need to work on your sarcasm!Bookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

MC: Didn’t you need to go to bed...?Bookmark here

Zero: I can’t go to bed until I write a report now! Thanks to you!Bookmark here

Zero: You cause me trouble, you cause the Sisters at work tomorrow trouble… You just cause trouble all around, don’t you?Bookmark here

Zero: First things first, let’s confiscate this toy.Bookmark here

MC: Don’t tell me you don’t remember the Z-Blade...Bookmark here

Zero: The Z-what now?Bookmark here

The weapon that harbors in the darkness where the light can never reach. The hidden blade. Within the blackest of blacks-Bookmark here

Zero looks at the Z-BladeBookmark here

“Made in China”Bookmark here

Zero: It’s a toy, Mario.Bookmark here

MC: A relic of the old world-Bookmark here

Zero: The old world!? See, this belongs in the trash! I’m going to have to throw this out so we never have to see it again!Bookmark here

MC: How dare you!Bookmark here

Zero: It’s for your own good, Mario! You should thank me!Bookmark here

Zero: Thank me, Mario! Thank me! Thank me for saving you from another one of your stupid acts! Thank me!Bookmark here

MC: ...Bookmark here

Zero glares at MCBookmark here

MC: Thanks, Sister Teressa Wong.Bookmark here

Zero: And I sure hope that isn’t sarcasm!Bookmark here

MC walks awayBookmark here

Zero: And where do you think you’re going!?Bookmark here

MC: Haven’t you dragged this out long enough?Bookmark here

Zero: It’s never going to end until we fix that head of yours at the Facility!Bookmark here

MC: Right. Well, I’m afraid I just can’t go and agree with that.Bookmark here

MC: Zero-ko.Bookmark here

MC nears ZeroBookmark here

MC knocks over Zero’s glassesBookmark here

Zero: What the heck!? My glasses!Bookmark here

Guard A: Sister Teressa Wong!Bookmark here

Zero: My glasses! Where are my glasses!?Bookmark here

MC dashes past ZeroBookmark here

MC: Darkness Dash--------------!!Bookmark here

Zero: After him!Bookmark here

Guard B: Where did he go!?Bookmark here

Zero: I bet he went left! Or right!Bookmark here

Guard C: Down the stairs perhaps!Bookmark here

Zero: Get him!Bookmark here

MC: THOMPSON------------------------------!!Bookmark here

ETERNAL title sequence as MC dashes out of the ChurchBookmark here

OutsideBookmark here

MC walks outBookmark here

[We can be your friends]Bookmark here

MC: That’s how you changed the whole town, isn’t it, Thompson?Bookmark here

MC: Artificial words and kindness. Fooling people with what can be taken as a genuine smile.Bookmark here

MC: You know your shit. I’ll give you that.Bookmark here

MC walksBookmark here

MC: But I will never fall for your schemes.Bookmark here

Risu in noiseBookmark here

MC grabs Risu’s handBookmark here

Risu starts to recoverBookmark here

MC: I need friends, is it? Friends…Bookmark here

MC: Friends...Bookmark here

Flash of the girl from the parkBookmark here

MC: If people can’t see you, that actually is a problem, isn’t it?Bookmark here

MC: After all, Risu. You’re a being of the heart. Ordinary people can’t comprehend that.Bookmark here

MC: Perhaps it’s time to spread out a bit. Bookmark here

MC: If we put together a magical girl unit and use the power of friendship, perhaps things will work out for the better?Bookmark here

MC grinsBookmark here

MC: Maybe you were onto something back there… Zero-ko.Bookmark here

MC: We might just need them.Bookmark here

MC: Some new magical girls.
Bookmark here

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Golden Boy
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