Chapter 2:


pretty Loli defender

Unmiko smacked the clock in her sleep when it went off. She yawned and stretched before sitting up in bed. She scooped the clock up in one hand as she rubbed her eyes wearily with the other. "Is is morning all ready?" She whined.
Suddenly, her odd encounter with the creature in the mirror came rushing back to her. "Gosh! That sure was an odd dream!" She exclaimed. Who would have thought that a mirror could come to life and put on a light show? Well, Miko was now pretty sure that it had been nothing more than a medication induced nightmare. She was in her bed, but had no memory of how she ended up back there so, logically, she had actually been there all along and had never left.
Miko reached over and picked her red glasses up off her nightstand. "Huh?" She muttered in confusion. The second she placed them on her face, her eyes were drawn to an out-of-place object next to the clock. She scooped it up. "Now where did this thing come from?"
It was a small compact mirror, like the one her stepsister Sakura carried in her purse with her lipstick. Only, this mirror was more chunky and rounded, not thin and flat like Sakura-San's. It was covered in purple glitter and had a smooth, opal half-moon, trimmed by braided golden trim, aliened toward the right of the compact. At the top, was a large, silky bow that was somehow attached to it. The clasp that held the mirror closed was shaped like a heart and had a pink jewel in it's middle.
It was very beautiful, but the young girl still didn't understand why she had it or where it had come from. The only reasonable explanation was that it belonged to someone else in her family.
Ishiki disliked carrying cosmetics in her purse, so it probably wasn't her's. Miko knew that it didn't belong to one of her stepsisters because it was way too flashy; they probably would call it gaudy. she couldn't think of anyone else who could have left it there and it was highly unlikely that she could have simply missed seeing it the day before
Was it possible...? Was last night not just a dream? Now that she thought about it, she wasn't entirely sure that it had just been a dream, but she couldn't remember anything after she had grabbed the light that had appeared in the mirror. Discovering a small, fancy mirror compact right after she had an supernatural experience with the antique mirror her father had brought back from an archaeological site sure seemed like an odd coincidence. But still, try as she might, she couldn't make herself recall if she had found the small mirror compact.
"Oh! Today's the first day of school!" She exclaimed suddenly, remembering what day it was. She jumped out of bed and fell flat on her behind on the floor. Her bed was too big and she had the unfortunate habit of totally missing the wooden steps next to it.
"Ouch!" She rubbed her behind before slipping the mirror into one of the Lacey pockets on the front of her long, white nightgown. She hopped up and skipped out of her room.
Her step-family had left last night to go on some sort of trip. She didn't know where they were going, and she wasn't interested. Her step-grandparents were very wealthy and constantly took trips to other countries. typically, they'd bring Ishiki-Sama and her children with them. Miko usually wasn't allowed to go. Ishiki's parents didn't really care for Unmiko and they also just weren't all that fond of children in general, not to mention the fact that Ishiki-Sama didn't really need someone else to take care of in addition to her own family.
The feeling was mutual. Miko wasn't particularly all that fond of her step-grandparents, either. Besides, she enjoyed being left alone to roam the mansion. Peace and quiet were more of her thing than adventure and people
There was no one to tell her to be quiet, so she bounced contentedly down the staircase and headed for the indoor greenhouse next to the kitchen. They grew herbs and small food plants. They had extensive gardens, of course, but having fresh stuff right next to the kitchen was more convenient for the chef.
Miko picked up the watering can and started making her rounds. Every morning, it was her job to deadhead and weed the flowers before giving them water. She also kept an eye on if the plants needed fertilizer or had bugs. She found it to be very relaxing, and Ishiki-Sama said that it was the only thing she could do right. Ishiki, her children, and all of the house staff were terrible at caring for plants, and Miko was the only one who didn't kill them.
Miko smiled as she watered each plant "Good morning, mint. You are looking a bit droopy, dill. Hmm....I think you need some fertilizer, lavender, because you are looking pretty darn sad and half dead!" She felt pretty silly talking to her plants, but it felt comforting to Miko and, at least, the herbs didn't tease her about her unimpressive looks or criticize her grades. She smiled as the sun rose and filtered in through the window. She liked how it warmed her and felt like a kiss when it touched her skin. She moved towards the large windows that made up the back two walls. Miko had recently planted some poppy flowers. She and the head chef had a deal; chef Emma would teach her to make pastries if she could grow the poppy seeds that the woman liked to top them with.The flowers were just about to bloom, and she was hopeful that she would be able to see their beautiful petals soon.
She peered into the planter box. One of the flowers looked about ready, but it was still unopened. "Come on, flower! You can do it! Please hurry up, 'cause I'm sick of waiting for you!" She lifted the watering can. Maybe some water would help give the flower a nudge.
As she sprinkled the flower, it began to shake and tremble. Miko stopped the flow of water. 'Okay, that's odd.' She thought. The flower kept moving and actually began to shake more violently. Were there bugs in her poppy plants?
Suddenly, in a burst of shimmering light, the flower burst open! the flower petals slowly and gracefully settled into place. Miko gasped as she looked at the flower. She couldn't believe her eyes; nestled at the heart of the red flower, curled into a ball, was a small, winged girl, sleeping peacefully. She gasped in shock. What kind of little creature was this? She studied the tiny girl. She had pale skin, and long, pale green hair that reached past her knees. She was wearing a gown with a long, wrap-around skirt that revealed most of the front of her legs. The gown looked like it was made of small, pale pink flower petals that where as small as the head of a pin. The dress had detached pink sleeves, trimmed with white ruffles at the wrist and a white bow at the top. The bodice of the dress was laced with golden ribbons over a white inlaid panel down the center of the top. she was barefoot and and had several golden bracelets piled on her ankles, and a cape of shear, gauzy pink material was draped over her shoulders. It was like a miniature princess from a fairy tale!
Miko noted that the creature's tiny ears were pointed, and a pair of shimmering, rainbow colored wings were folded over her back. Was this a fairy? Miko felt excited and giddy at the thought of a fairy living in one of her flowers. Suddenly, her face tickled by Miko's breath, the creature stirred!
It gave a sweet little yawn as it stretched its arms. "Oh, my! What a nap I've had! Now, where am I? Oh, hello, there!" She said cheerfully as she suddenly noticed Miko staring down at her. "H-h-hello!" Miko replied, blushing shyly and giving a little wave. The creature stood up. "Wowza! That was actually a much nicer awakening place than that last one!" She suddenly jumped into the air, her wings uncurling and beating at the air like those of a hummingbird. She quickly soared around the room, observing her surroundings. " You have a very nice place here, master! It's very pretty, and the plants are so well cared for! They are very happy; they told me that you never let them go hungry or thirsty and that you always talk with them while you feed them!" Miko's heart thudded wildly in her chest as she stared at this unknown being in front of her.
"Excuse me, miss, but what are you?" She asked, reaching out her hand. The creature dipped into a dive and landed, feet first, on Miko's outstretched palm. "Ar-are you a fairy?" She stuttered excitedly. "Um, hello! I happen to be a pixie, thank you very much!" The small girl said indignantly, wrinkling her nose."Fairy's are so COMMON and they are not very powerful, or very beautiful, either!" Miko turned red, on the verge of tears. "I-I-I'm sorry! I didn't know." "It's all good, master. You've never seen a magical being before, so you can't really help it." The pixie plopped down on the edge of Miko's palm. "I'm Lii the guardian pixie of the glass, by the way" she added. "P-pleased to meet you, Lii-San. I'm Unmiko-Chan." Miko dipped into a little bow.
"Unmiko. That's a pretty name. So, let's get down to business." "What business? And why were you in my flowers?" Asked Miko in confusion.
"Well, you made a contract with the mirror of souls last night, didn't you?" "Contract? What contract?" Was that what had happened when Miko had touched the light? Was that what the thing in the mirror meant by telling her that she had to make a deal? Lii sighed in exasperation. "Great! We have another one who doesn't remember that she made a contact. Fantastic! I supposed you don't remember getting the Heart-mirror, do you? Or the instructions that Gara-Sama gave to you after you accepted his contract offer?" Miko stared back blankly. What on earth was going on? Was Gara the name of the thing in the mirror?
Lii-San sighed. "okay, I guess we'll have to start out with the basics."
"Hello, I'm your soul guardian and your guide, silly! I'm here to help you use your powers and do battle! Remember, like Gara-Suma said when you contracted with him? You are now my master?" Miko stared back with her mouth open. Powers? Fight? HER? Either she had taken too much sleeping medication last night, or something very crazy was going on, because this pixie surely had the wrong person if she needed a hero! Lii-San sighed.
"Yep. You have a long way to go and a lot to learn, kid!" Learn....?
Suddenly, Miko snatched her hand back and left Lii sitting on empty air as she turned and ran for the door. She dropped her watering can and slipped in the water. Quickly jumping back to her feet, Miko took off running. "I have school today, and I'm going to be late!"

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