Chapter 3:

Game of Tag

Moon-san secret! Shhhhhhhhhhh.......................

Authors Note: I would like to make this book a little bit better so I thought of adding side commentary.I would like you to know that brackets stating and closing with "{ }" would be side comments and "[ ]" would be narrations from now on.....

I will continue to use romanji.Romanji words will be in italics. >_<

Nara- It's just like "chan" but it's way cuter.
Nani - What?
Omoshiroi- Interesting
Arigato-Thank you


Yuriko starts grinning. Heh~
Does he really have that much confidence?
Well, its the beginning.
Shall we play the GAME OF TAG..............Takayuki Sadao?

(Takayuki Sadao)

Ah, this girl is kinda intriguing, ah she could be the one maybe....Let me check her out?
Gosh WTF she isn't also the one..(sob sob sob) err...... If I ain't wrong is she Yuriko?What is she doing ....Ehhhhhhh.Ummm........The person sitting next to Yuriko is the current 4th most leading stock investing companies CEO...!?What businesses would he have with her should I eavesdrop?Nah! Who the heck would like to get involved with her.I just wanted to ignore her but something struck me that word was "engagement".What is she already engaged more to "CEO'S SON!?" as I thought I shouldn't underestimate Yuriko.Another moment was a slap of word coming from her "I am not interested in these shitty things" HAHA these words I don't know why but it suits her mouth very well.I got distracted and again started to search for Moon.Moon moon moon where are you. I finally defeated lying in a corner sulking by myself.MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!Where are you....? Sob have even come.......(sob sob sob)

(Yuriko Miyuki)
HEH~ grin grin grin grin

{che Miyuki you shouldn't grin all by yourself grinning all by herself Booooooooooo}

Waaaaaaaaaaaaahh! HAHAHA. Does he really thinks that Moon could be this shy wahhhhhhhh hahaha..............

Butler: Miss Miyuki, Its time for your appointment with Mr. Kiyoshi Inshin
Miyuki: Hmm....cancel the appointment.
Bulter: But.....Miss Miyuki.He is a very important client.
Miyuki: I will talk to him.


Miyuki: Hello Inshin.
Inshin: Oh~ Miyuki-nara Nani?
Miyuki: Inshin, I need a to cancel out the meeting.
Inshin: Heh! Did you find something omoshiroi to play?
Miyuki: You know me well enough so don't ask anymore..K?
Inshin: It's been awhile since you took interest in someone.
Miyuki: Umm...Now I think about it that plaything sure for love to get on my nerve.
Inshin: Uh-uh Someone can get on the nerve Miyuki-nara.That's rare! Its been a while since you tone has such a playfulness in it....
Miyuki: So you already know the reason so I hanging up.
Inshin: Wait about the project what should I do?
Miyuki: Same as always.
Inshin: K.....Done!
Miyuki: Arigato, Sayonara!
Inshin: Sayonara!

[Hangs Up]

(Yuriko Miyuki)

Ha! That Inshin bastard knows me more than anybody.Well, let me get enjoy the play for the time being.


How can that fatso be Moon san...Hahaha.Maybe I should record a video.haha Man, my stomach is aching.Che, he gave up on finding Moon and is sulking at a corner but it sure was fun to see him and ask and beg and flirt with each and every girl he sees. That scene was amazing when he started to flirt with that fatso and she started to chase him.He really is fun to toy with maybe I should do that to him more often.h=He really does play a cool image at school though....HMPH doesn't matter!HEHE

{WHAT THE HECK IS SHE LAUGHING THIS MUCH FOR?My dear Sadao is in trouble and she is laughing!WAAAH sob sob sob (glares) Huh? Did somebody glare at me?Oh 'Miyuki are you doing well?' sob sob sob how the heck can she threaten the author Wahh sob}

Maybe I should put salt in his wounds

[Miyuki walked towards the direction of Sadao]

"Oiiiiiii Is somebody sulking out here?"Takayuki turned his face.Ba~Kuyn.Whaaa what is this or just my heart squeezed?He looked so cute with that sulking face of his or maybe I like sulking face coz I am a sadist....

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