Chapter 2:

Miuimi's Feelings

Yandere Gf just won't Give Up !

It was after our day at school was over, while we were returning home, I was feeling a bit hungry but I didn’t want to eat alone so I made my boyfriend to accompany me. He was a bit reluctant at first but agreed to come with me.Bookmark here

I was sitting at ‘a certain burger place’ with my Tacchan sitting across the table. It’s a small square table, no more than 1 meter with only chairs facing each other. We are almost alone here with only a couple of customers in here who are sitting far from us, so I can’t talk freely to my boyfriend. Whenever my boyfriend, Takeo, looks at me with those big honey colored eyes, a feeling of ‘want to him mine’ swells up in my chest. Bookmark here

“Miumi-san, I will pay for us, so can you please go and order the food for us?”Bookmark here

My boyfriend acts normal infront of everyone but only I now this guy has close to no confidence in himself. If you want to know why I am still his girlfriend, it’s because he is cute. His face is too cute whenever he looks at me, I love looking at all his expressions but so far the only expressions he have shown me are of fear, tension and that poker face he always wears. Even though I love looking at him, I want to see more. I want to his confident face, I want to see determined face, I want to see his angry, I want to his face when he begs me to love him and I want to see that face when I accept all of him and show him how much I love him, just wonder about such things makes me impatient. when these thoughts took over my sense of reasoning, I confessed to him and forced him to date. If he make the faces I want to see, I force those faces out of him, was what was going through my mind. I still feel a little bad for forcing him but after he agreed to date me, I was overcome with feelings of joy so I forgot about feeling bad pretty quick.Bookmark here

“Why do I have to through the trouble of ordering food when I have got my boyfriend right here sitting with me”Bookmark here

I intentionally brought him at this place because I know all the attendees at order counter are cute girls . I am the only girl my boyfriend talks to. It is something I should be proud of but knowing that its only because he lacks the confidence to talk to any other girl makes me unable to be proud about it. The only reason he talks to me is because we have been friends before his inferiority complex developed , so he used to talking to me as a friend but I don’t think he sees me even as someone from opposite sex. I brought him here to build his confidence in talking to girls since the girl employees will naturally talk to him in a sweet voice maybe he will be able to talk to them more easily. Once he gets some confidence maybe his wimpy attitude towards his girlfriend will change too but if he too confident and cheats on me, I will have no other choice but to kill him and the other girl he cheated on me with and then kill myself. Oh dear Tacchan please don’t cheat on me, I don’t wanna kill you but now that you are my boyfriend already, I don’t even wanna live without you anymore too. Bookmark here

“But… Ah, okay, I will go and order”Bookmark here

After seeing the stern look in my eyes, he finally gets ready to stand and go to the counter to make order.Bookmark here

“Wait… Here, take this”Bookmark here

I extend my arm to hand him the money for my half.Bookmark here

“It’s fine, I will pay for the both of us”Bookmark here

“No. we just starting dating recently and I don’t want you to think that I am a bad girlfriend who uses his boyfriend for money”Bookmark here

That’s right. The boyfriend development plan I have for him is risky but no matter what, I don’t want him to hate me. Even if he someday builds up confidence, even if he someday becomes the man I want him to be, what is the meaning of it all if I am not there by his side, looking at every move he makes. I will follow the boyfriend development plan and avoid all the routes which can potentially ignite the feeling of hatred towards me. Even if I want to see all his faces, I am scared to even think about the face he will make looking at me with hate. I don’t want to see his face of hatred towards me. Bookmark here

“But…”Bookmark here

“Just take it already!!”Bookmark here

I take his and give him money forcefully. What was waiting for my actions was a reward, it was the look on his face. When I glance at him, I saw an expression of slight surprise. His eyes felt a little bigger and his eyebrows were slightly raised, no one other than me, who knows him from his childhood, would be able to spot a difference but I know what I saw was surprise in his eyes. Perhaps he was expecting me to use him for money or something but he was a little surprised. This face, this face is good, I like this face, I want to see more, I am obsessed with him. No Miumi control yourself, you are in public right now and you will scare away Tacchan if you get out of control right now. Bookmark here

“okay then, I will go and place our order”Bookmark here

“Good”Bookmark here

He goes to the counter and placed our order. He stuttered a little but it was fine then he comes back and sit on his chair while facing me with the same old poker face. The surprise he felt a while ago is nowhere to be seen on his face anymore. He has calmed down to his usual now. After a short while I heard a girls voice , calling our order number, looks like our food is ready. Tacchan is looking at me , expecting me to say something. Bookmark here

“What are you waiting for? Go and pick it up”Bookmark here

“Ah , nothing sorry”Bookmark here

After saying he goes to the counter to pick our food. He didn’t have to apologize for that , infact if there is something I want , it’s for him to look at me all the time with an affectionate face. It’s too much to ask for but someday I will make that happen too . Bookmark here

After that we ate our food and headed home. The sun was starting to go down though the sky was still bright. Looking at the empty streets ,a feeling to tease my boyfriend took control of my thoughts and without wasting this precious ‘alone time’ , I talking about the event that took place recently. Bookmark here

“So , how was it?”Bookmark here

“what?”Bookmark here

“At the burger place”Bookmark here

“Ah, the food was good. It was my first time eating there so I was concerned about the taste of food but in the end it turned out fine”Bookmark here

It’s funny how he thinks that I am talking about foo.Bookmark here

“I am talking about that girl on the counter. How was it, talking to a beautiful girl other than your girlfriend?”Bookmark here

“What are you talking about? I was just placing our order”Bookmark here

“But she was giving you smiles”Bookmark here

“She is an employee, she must treat all the customers like that”Bookmark here

“I go to that place all the time but I never saw her flirting that much to any customer before”Bookmark here

“She was flirting with me ???”Bookmark here

She was not flirting with him but it’s not bad to make him believe that. I want to him to think that I am not the only girl interested in him and once that is done , I want to place the idea that ‘even though other girls are interested in me , my girlfriend is the best of all’. So I had to convince him that she was flirting with him.Bookmark here

“Yes and now that you know she was flirting with you , don’t you dare go cheating on me with her”Bookmark here

“Cheat on you ??”Bookmark here

His voice is that of confusion but his face is all the same , the same poker mask .Bookmark here

“Yes, I am your girlfriend so if you go fooling around with some other girl it would mean you are cheating on me”Bookmark here

“Is that so”Bookmark here

“Listen to me you are not allowed to cheat on me ever because as your girlfriend, I am the one who likes you the most in the world !!”Bookmark here

“Okay , I would never cheat you”Bookmark here

“You better not”Bookmark here

Then he looks at me and whenever our eyes met, he would look away. His single gaze is enough to melt my heart and seeing his behaviour, I can tell he is about something strange or he might just be admiring my beauty, I know it’s too much to ask but I really want it to be the latter. ( Author note: It was the former)Bookmark here

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