Chapter 0:


The Prince Is A Yandere

Cold blooded, snobby, intimidating prince. He'd never find a girl to marry!Bookmark here

That's why instead of shooting my shot in the royal ball, I'm outside listening to the chirping birds. It's far more relaxing than trying to grab the attention of the prince. If I were to have a conversation with someone like him my head would be on the chopping block.Bookmark here

The cold breeze ran against my skin giving me a slight shiver. It was at that moment my nose caught onto the scent of cologne. Male cologne.Bookmark here

Could it be... A nice man who enjoys the peace and harmony of nature like I do? My own little fantasies made me smile goofily.Bookmark here

Seemingly disregarding my presence, the man walked straight ahead with his arms back. Dressed in clothes that screamed royalty, hair dark like the night that greeted us at this very moment. Then he turned around.Bookmark here

"P-prince Rowan Quentin?!" I jolted up and took a few steps back. His fierce blue eyes pierced through me like a bullet.Bookmark here

"Riselle Astor of house Dahlia." A sinister smile crept up on his face. "We finally meet."Bookmark here

"Huh??" He knows my name? And my house?? What does he mean by 'finally meet'?! "Err uhh if I'm disturbing your alone time I'll take my leave-" I said, trying to get myself out of the situation as quick as possible.Bookmark here

I don't even have a final will prepared if I'm about to die!Bookmark here

"I heard you were fond of nature, and had a talent for music." Prince Rowan continued, ignoring what I last said.Bookmark here

"Not really." As much as I wanted to jump off a cliff right now and kill myself before he kills me, I have to keep my composure. I might still make it out alive!Bookmark here

"Is that so? The stories I've heard about you made me rather hmmm. Curious, perhaps?"Bookmark here

"Wait, first of all, why are you hearing stories of me?! I'm lame." After muttering the last part in a small voice, I'm assuming he heard it as his expression shifted into a small frown and he began walking towards me.Bookmark here

Shit shit shit shit shitBookmark here

"Most ladies from noble houses spend their lives going after me. And you on the other hand, express much disinterest."Bookmark here

"Because unlike them, I don't care about marrying a prince." I responded firmly. And you're terrifying! Those nobles are only in it for the power.Bookmark here

His gaze was petrifying, our closing distance wasn't making it any better. But when it comes to my decisions, I stand my ground. In more realistic terms, I'm very stubborn.Bookmark here

"Really?" He smirked.Bookmark here

"Yes, really." I turned my back and walked away from Prince black haired creepy dude who knows lame shit about me. And prayed he wouldn't order me a death sentence or an assassination.Bookmark here

Days later, my prayers have been answered. I wasn't given any cruel form of death, but I was given something much, much worst.Bookmark here

"Riselle Astor of house Dahlia. She is to be brought to me immediately, if any complications arise, blood will be shed."Bookmark here

The word spread like wildfire.Bookmark here

Golden Boy
Takahashi  Eien
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