Chapter 3:

The Hero is Dead

Living as son of the demon lord.

“You’ve kept me waiting… you are lucky I am in good mood today”

I was really lucky. Even though my magic power is as high as my father, I not as strong as him and I don’t want to waste my energy fighting my father to save my own life.

“I am glad that demon lord-sama is in good mood”

When I look at him, I see two demoness’ standing behind his throne, each on his left and right side. These demons are his concubines, my step mothers. My real mother died the day after I was born and I never got the love of a mother growing up in this world. The one who gave me the feelings closest to that of a mother was lily. She was eight years old when I was born and after my mother died, all the work relating to my care was assigned to lily. That’s why I say that lily is easily the one who loves me most in this world as a mother, as a friend and also as a lover. Moreover, I feel pity for those two demoness’ because once they are unable to conceive my father’s child, they will be fed to Cerberus. I know that because it has happened many times already. He would marry some chicks who want the power of being demon lord’s wife and after a few months when he finds out that they are not getting pregnant he would feed them to Cerberus saying that they are useless. My father just can’t accept the fact that he has gone infertile after my birth. That is the reason I don’t have any siblings.

“I just received a very good news from Oaka, 3rd demon lord’s great plan has finally succeeded, the hero’s lineage has finally ceased to exist”

Hero, an entity whose sole existence is a threat to us demons. A hero specializes in anti-demon magic which means all the attack done on him by demons will have no effect but the drawback is that his attacks will only show affect on demons. When the world was in warring era from 1st demon lord to 3rd demon lord’s time, hero was recognized as the sole savior of world by humans. At that that time, the hero had no shortage of money and everyone respected him for saving the world from the threat of demons.

When it was the time of 3rd demon lord and was about to lose, he devised a plan to finish the hero once and for all. He pilled back his army from the human realm and faked his own death at the hands of hero, in of entire population of capital of the biggest country in human realm. He achieved success in this trick because no one knew that he specializes in a magic he created on his own. Cloning magic, he made a clone of himself and sent him to fight the hero in the capital. No citizen doubted his death, for he died at the hands of hero, not even hero doubted, for he was exhausted and the clone was made flawlessly. His plan was very simple. Fake your won death, cease the attacks on human realm, make the hero useless and it worked. After the threat of demons was no more people’s need for a hero reduced significantly because other than fighting demons hero was powerless. After about a century or so without a single incident of demon attacking, humans realized that the threat of demons have completely vanished, then the fall of hero began. The wealth of hero began to decrease significantly, the respect was near to zero, he turned from the world’s sole savior to useless fool. After the family of hero fell into poverty, he kept surviving on labor work. You could say that his genetic instinct for survival was pretty strong as hero’s genes kept on surviving for 800 years before it finally perished.

“And even though you are a demon without demon eyes, now that the hero is no more, I want you to handle the entire responsibility of conquering the human realm”

All the demons are born with different eye colors but after they have killed another demon or monster with high magic power, their eyes turn crimson red, that is what is called the demon eyes. It’s very normal for demon generals and the classes above them to have crimson eyes. The fact that I don’t have crimson eyes even after belonging to the highest demon class is something my father finds disgusting but it is very difficult for me, who is a former human from a peace loving country, to simply kill a being. Lily also don’t have crimson eyes, she is as pure as an angel even after being a demon, that is also one of the reason I love her. Crimson eyes are not important for survival so I never bothered to get them. It is said after you kill a demon or a high magic monster, the remnant of their magic energy scatters into the surroundings but if the demon who killed them is present there, the magic energy gets stored in the eyes of that demon, changing the color to crimson red.

“I want you to depart today in the evening”

Conquering the human world isn’t a problem in itself because most of the humans are weak without the support of a hero but its still troublesome.

“But father, my 16th birthday, I am finally becoming an adult demon tomorrow”

“That is also the reason I want you to depart today, it is a matter of great disgrace to keep an adult demon without demon eyes at the demon castle and worst of all would be for that adult demon to be my own son. Do you understand?”

“Yes father”

“It will be easy to conquer the human world since the hero is no more but for Kur’s sake as you will be entrusted with the demon realm and be named the next demon lord, I will allow you to take any one of the demon from the demon castle”

Kur is the first dragon and she has existed since the beginning of time in this world. She is an eternal ally of demon lord. She is worshipped as a god among dragons . The two dragons carved on the gates of throne are her sons, who are said to protect the demon realm from the heavens and hell. She gave her left horn to the 1st demon lord to show her allegiance and in return the 1st demon lord gave her his ring of resurrection and that completed the pact of allegiance, later the 1st demon lord, with his 16 high demon generals, carved her horn into the throne room. Everything in the throne room from floor to ceiling and from pillars to the throne itself is carved out of a single horn. One can not even begin to fathom the size of Kur. She is an existence above the demon lord but she don’t want to rule the demon realm or intervene in the matters of demons and humans, so she formed a pact with the 1st demon lord before he waged war on to the human realm. The pact that was formed went like this ‘ Kur and demon lord are friends , so we shall neither fight each other nor disturb each other with our personal matters’. Since war against humans is a personal matter of demon lord, even if demon lord needs Kur’s strength, he would be breaking the pact by simply asking for help.

“Does that include the high demon generals too?”

“Yes, it would be foolish to choose someone of lower class than them”

It would be but for someone who is weak, since I am strong, I don’t really need a body guard for me. What I need is someone who can take care of me during the journey, so that I won’t need to do chores.

“Even so, if I can choose anyone from the castle, I would like to choose maid lily”

“I sometime can’t guess whether you do such infuriating things intentionally to piss me off or are you just that incompetent but still I, as demon lord cannot go back on my word…. Ahhhh ”

He takes a deep sigh and continues.

“Asmodeus call the demon general maid Lily”

Yes, Yes, Yes, I can take her with me, I can spend more time with her finally. Lily is a demon general who works at demon castle as a maid. Even though she is a demon general she is not in the army reason being she is a demoness. Most of the demoness’ are sent to work as a maid in the castle of territory ruler. Those who don’t wanna work as maid, work at the military camp as healers with healing magic. Female demons specializes in healing magic in addition to attack magic, so if I get injured on the journey or accidently ate some poisonous fruit, Lily will use healing magic to heal me. Isn’t that great.


Asmodeus excuses himself and brings Lily, who was waiting for me outside the throne, to my father. She prostrates herself infront of demon lord about 1 meter behind me.

“Lily, I want you to become personal servant of my son and follow him wherever he goes”

“Yes, I will be honored”

I could feel Lily’s voice shaking either from nervousness or from fear but there was nothing I could do.

“You can perform the ceremony any time you prefer after leaving the throne room”


If my ears serve me right, My father just ordered me to perform the master servant ceremony with Lily. It means that she will have to completely surrender to me. She can’t deny any of my order after the ceremony is done or else she will experience pain shocks all over her body. It means I can order her to do anything, I can do anything with her but ofcourse I don’t want to force myself onto her so I will refrain those kind of thoughts from my mind.

“Since I have nothing else to say to you, Both of you can leave”

“Yes father”

“Get out of the castle before night falls, I don’t want you to turn into a useless demon without demon eyes while you are in the castle where demon lords of all generation has resided”

“Then please excuse us”

“Please excuse us”

After saying that Lily and I left the throne room. Just as I closed the gate of throne room and turned to look at Lily, she was looking at me with an impatient look.

“Umm… Argius-sama”

“Yes, what is it?”

“I am sorry to be rude but the ceremony, when are we going to do it?”

She must have been anxious, knowing that she has to submit her body and soul to me just because demon lord told her to.

“About that, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to , I won’t get mad at you for not doing the ceremony”

“No, Argius-sama, you misunderstood me, I asked because I want to do it as soon as possible”

“I thought you’d be upset about submitting your entirety to me”

“I could never, when demon lord-sama asked me to be Argius-sama’s personal servant, I was overcome with so much pleasure that my voice begun to shake, now I have the permission of demon lord-sama, I want to submit myself to as soon as possible, I couldn’t control my joy and my voice started shaking. It is my one and only most humble request to Argius-sama, Please accept me as your personal servant”

Unbelievable. I never thought Lily had that much devotion to me. I have done nothing to deserve a demon like her but I see no problem in making her mine since she so much wants it.

“Lily, I will accept you as my personal servant”

Since I was the one who asked for you in the first place.

“Let’s go back to my room and perform the ceremony”

“Yes Argius-sama”