Chapter 1:

Prologue - In The Beginning...

Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green) *ON HOLD*

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I sat on Papa's lap as he told me the story of our world. It turns out that our world, instead of being one, it was many. Bookmark here

Our world was created with six realms. The oldest of the six realms was Phosphorus, Land of The Frozen Sea, the second was Silvia, Land of Immortal life, the third was Acardia, Land of Forbbiden Knowledge, the fourth was Tumdania, Land of the Wandering cities, the fifth was EllenHine, Land of The Sky, and the sixth was Vosforos, Land of The Forbidden light.Bookmark here

Each world was unique. The first realm Phosphorus held the secrets of history, everything that we've ever done, everything that we ever knew was recorded there. Including the knowledge that could give a man the power to change the world. To have that kind of power was more than what ordinary people like ourselves could handle, so it was hidden away by the ancients Gods.
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The second realm Silvia is said to have been the place where all life had begun. The birth of all things existing, humans, animals, even the very insects under our feet. it is strange to say that Silvia was the second land born out of the six, perhaps it was both the beginning, middle and the end.Bookmark here

Acardia, the third realm, was said to hold knowledge beyond the comprehension of man or beast. In Acardia things that didn't make sense would be brought into the light. Men and woman born in Arcadia are born much wiser than the rest of the population. We have the ability to see things for not what they are, but for what it truly is.Bookmark here

"The fact that I am telling you this very story, my daughter is firm proof of our ability."Bookmark here

"Papa... is what we have a curse or a gift?" she asked worriedly.Bookmark here

Her father tilted his head in thought,Bookmark here

"Well... that depends on how you use it dere," , he answered calmly.Bookmark here

The fourth realm Tumdania was known to have cities that wandered upon its own legs. The cities would tower over that land leaving behind their swollen steps, they were massive and held inside them, thousands upon thousands of people.Bookmark here

EllenHine, the land of The Sky was said to hold countless beauties, their infrastructures were made of gold and silver, their lands were filled with endless greens, that would grow instantly because of a strange power.Bookmark here

If I recall their power was called Emowa. Because of this strange energy, their technology was far greater than anything we had on the ground. They could develop things that could take them across long distances at incredible speeds. They never had to worry about the problems, that would cause us to go to ruin on the ground. Drought, floods, earthquakes, none of that would ever affect EllenHine. Bookmark here

In the time of the five Gods the sky was filled with many floating cities, but since then those cities have vanished from sight. Some of the elders said that it used to be a breathtaking view. Just witnessing the cities fly above us, like comets in the sky. It was believed that the residue energy from the cities helped us to avoid some of the disasters that would befall our vast lands, but now our skies are just barren and cold. Bookmark here

Now there is only a myth that a floating rock travels across the sky's of the six realms, some have tried to reach it hoping that up in the sky that small rock that they saw was no other than the legendary land of Ellenhine.Bookmark here

"and what about that one Papa? Vosf-"Bookmark here

"Vosforos... well... there isn't much to say about that place... it was just filled with complete darkness. You see, the ancient Gods didn't exactly know how Vosforos was born. Unlike the other five realms Phosphorus, Silvia, Acardia, Tumdania, and Ellehine, Vosforos was different. Like all realms, before the light is created there is darkness. The Gods believed that Vosforos was the darkness without form. When they arrived to create the first five realms, Vosforos was unintentionally given form as well.Bookmark here

At one point the Gods attempted to reason with it but unlike them, it wasn't something that could be reasoned with, and so they decided to seal away the cursed land.

For decades not a word had come from the cursed land, but the Gods didn't know that it was burning inside with rage and fury. For it was apart of the Gods creations, yet it was neglected and treated as some cursed mistake.Bookmark here

At one point the balance between the six realms had been broken. Vosforos had begun to consume the land of Silvia and because of this the entire realm... no all of the worlds would be on the brink of destruction. The Six Gods were enraged, why did Vosforos strike now? How did it break their seal?Bookmark here

With the help of the God of Phosphoros, the five Gods were able to discover that a strange evil was clinging onto the faith of these worlds long before they had arrived, in fact, it had been asleep in this realm for millenniums. Although the Gods understood this, they still didn't know how it had awakened. Not even in the presence of all six Gods did it open an eye.Bookmark here

Slowly it continued to grow stronger, and the land of Silvia began to lose its power. While the heroes focused on stopping this evil from growing, we knew almost nothing about this evil, for it was something that had been here before the dawn of time, and for us who had only been here for a couple of million years, it was a complete mystery.

"Although there was one thing that was very clear about this creature, it didn't care about anything, it only desired destruction... no, it was lustful for it. It smirked at our backs and kicked the dust in our faces as we cowered in fear of its power. This creature was darkness full of sorrow and hate, and its power was so evil and sinister that the things it did, the things it changed affected the theory of everything."Bookmark here

"Did we lose Papa?" I asked.Bookmark here

"No... we weren't quite helpless, we had the heroes!" he answered.Bookmark here

"The heroes?" I asked confused.Bookmark here

"You've called out their names a couple of times now Papa... who are they?" I asked with curiosity.Bookmark here

Papa looked up as if he was thinking about the right answer to my question."Well I'm not quite sure," he answered bluntly.

"Nobody knows how they looked exactly, but it was said that the heroes wore plates of Gold that was crafted from the golden flames of the sun!" he answered with much enthusiasm.

His happy expression allowed me to pretty much see what he was saying. I giggled, wholly knowing that most of it was probably made up.Bookmark here

"The First Hero was the first and oldest of the heroes, Legend says that he had been there since the dawn of the earth. Created everything one thought at a time. Bookmark here

The Second Hero was said to hold limitless power and beauty. She created life as we know it. The plants, the trees, the animals were all given limitless life. Her power was so great that people from around the globe came thousands of miles to witness the power of her holy land. It was said that their life would become immortal and forever fruitful.

The Third Hero was wise and held limitless knowledge. The way we live today is all a result of his efforts, but the knowledge that had the power to change the world as we know it was forever hidden.Bookmark here

The Fourth Hero Gave life to things of rubble and emptiness, the lands he walked came to life, and walked on their own, talked on their own, they were their very own species, but one thing they were never allowed to do was hurt us.Bookmark here

Last but not least the fifth hero gave our empty sky's life, she filled it with many creations and beauty. The hero dwelled in the sky, creating lands of floating infrastructures, she created an energy called Emowa.

Emowa was a powerful energy, that sprung from the very core of Ellenhine.
It was living yet at the same time not living, it represented both life and death. Emowa was not a being of the earth, which could die, but a being of the heavens and because of that it's power was infinite. Bookmark here

Humans born Ellenhine were gifted with the power of Emowa, only they were capable of using it. Because they were gifted with such great power they were given the role of Protectors by the Goddess of Ellenhine. The Protectors would protect those on the land, they would live in the floating lands of Ellenhine and protect our entire realm.Bookmark here

Now those people have vanished from our known existence, living as a legend in our memories.As time passed his story came to life and the room became filled with skies of gold, shimmering meadows sprung from every corner of the room, filling it with beauty and radiant light.The story continued, to bewilder me with more questions than I've ever had in my life. I took a deep breath, attempting to process what Papa was saying. Bookmark here

I wished Papa would've slowed down, at least a little bit, but he didn't stop. He spoke as if he wanted to tell me something I should never forget. Papa began to open his mouth again but he hesitated, Bookmark here

"What is it, Papa?" I asked worriedly. Bookmark here

He looked at me with sadness as he stuttered in an effort to form words. Before I could ask another question he turned away, letting out a long sigh of exhaustion. He regained his composure and faced with me an earnest face.Bookmark here

"Nothing child, just listen," he answered. I stopped asking questions for I realised that what Papa was about to say would be very important. Bookmark here

"The Five Heroes were honoured as the five Gods. Since they were our protectors and creators, they took on the responsibility of protecting the five realms, Phosphorus, Silvia, Acardia, Tumdania, and Ellehine."Bookmark here

As our people began to notice the presence of the Five Heroes, we wanted something, a name, to acknowledge them by. So we decided to name them by the realms that each of them created.Bookmark here

The God of Phosphorus, the Goddess of Silvia, the God of Acardia, The God of Tumdania, and The Goddess of Ellenhine, those were the known names of the Five Heroes.Bookmark here

"So did the Gods have their own names, Papa?" I asked curiously. Bookmark here

I watched as his face suddenly lit up,Bookmark here

"of course! Unmistakably the Gods had their own name, but they were so ancient to us that the meaning of their names was something that we would never understand, and that kind of knowledge was only known by the ancient elders, it is sad to say that no one has seen one of them in over ten decades," , he explained.Bookmark here

"So Papa, what were these Gods, and where did they come from?" , she questioned."Hmm... well you see dere, that same question provoked the minds of men, for many ages. For a long time, we have sought the truth behind the guardians, but all who have ever sought these answers have failed. This question was so complex that they began to make up stories to try and make up for their lack of knowledge." , he confessed.Bookmark here

"So did we never find the answer, Papa?" , I asked.Bookmark here

Without warning, Papa lifted me up off of his knees and up in the air, surprise overwhelmed me as he sat me down onto the floor, and turned to face me with a stern face. Bookmark here

"Some believed the heroes were giants..." , he fumed.Bookmark here

I did not expect Papa to be so full of energy. He began to stomp around and act out a scene of pure foolishness.Bookmark here

"It must make sense!", one man said, "Only giants could do such things!"Bookmark here

"No!" Another man yelled, Bookmark here

"These are no Giants! These are Gods! They came from heaven above to watch and guide us, and if we fight against them, they will destroy us!" , he boasted.Bookmark here

I tilted my head slightly to the left and began to pout, Bookmark here

"The gods wouldn't destroy them... how foolish," , I declared. Papa laughed and put his hand on my head acknowledging my sense of thought. Bookmark here

I smiled and jumped back on top of Papa's lap as he sat down, and continued his story.Bookmark here

"Clearly this had to be what they were, for the creatures did not belong here with us." This is what the people thought, but I'm confident they were wrong, well, wrong about some things. Others believed that they had no will of their own, that they were puppets, created along with our many worlds.Bookmark here

"There are so many stories that we no longer no the truth!" , he laughed.

Papa said that for some reason the heroes stayed hidden from us. They would hide and only help us in our times of need. Although they were unseen, their presence saturated the realms, making it prosper entirely of endless greens, vibrant colours, and clear blue waters. Their light brought strength and health to all the people of the land. Bookmark here

"Although there were a lot of good things happening at those times, everything still wasn't perfect. There was one place the heroes warned the people of the realms not to step foot in... and that pla-" Bookmark here

"was that place... Vosforos Papa?" I interrupted.Bookmark here

Papa looked at me with a raised brow. Admittedly, I looked away knowing what I had just done, but how could I not know, Papa said it like four times. Bookmark here

Papa sighed, "Kids these days... to smart for then own good." , he muttered. Bookmark here

"Yes... In that place, there was only darkness and death. No living life could ever be born within Vosforos, our people tried time and time again to purify the land, but nothing they did worked. The moment our people planted or brought animals into the area, they would soon wither and die, It was as if a deathly miasma plunged over their lives the moment something would try to coexist with it. Not even our own would last very long its presence. Whenever our people visited the cursed land, some would come out sickly, and only a few of them would survive its deathly grip. Vosforos was truly a cursed mistake that was born upon this realm. Bookmark here

It came to a point when had to plead to the Gods to do something about this cursed land and with no doubt, they answered our call. Bookmark here

For decades the dark miasma had not bothered our people. The Gods said that in the end if we did not disturb its slumber we could live in everlasting harmony, but no matter what the heroes did there light could not purify this evil, so instead, they watched over us protecting everything that we held dear." Bookmark here

I looked up at Papa, and tilted my head to the side,

"Papa, Why did they do it? Why did they sacrifice so much, for us?" I asked,

"About that, I'm not quite sure, but we shouldn't question the resolve of the Gods, for all, we know they probably felt a sense of duty to protect what they had created," he explained.Bookmark here

"Like how you protect me?" , I asked.Bookmark here

"Yes... Like how I protect you." , he laughed.Bookmark here

Before I realized it ripples of laughter began to flood through the room, filling everything with joy. Bookmark here

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