Chapter 3:

Chapter 1 Mayu

Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green) *ON HOLD*

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“Common, common!” A girl grunted as she fixated through the dark, “Stupid boot, why won’t you fit on, hugh!”. The girl began to hop on one foot and finally, Her foot went into the boot, “Yes!” The girl threw her arms up into the air in celebration and began to spin around, but the one thing she didn't realise was that she was still standing on one foot. Losing her balance she landed right back on her behind, “Owww!” the girl got up and rubbed her back side, “That better not bruise.” She grumbled to herself. Back up on her feet she rushed out the door. Bookmark here

"Hey Mom!, I'm heading out! See you later, okay!" the girl yelled out as she rushed down the stairs wishing to get out before...Bookmark here

"Hey, hey, just wait a minute there kiddo, you didn't happen to forget old man Ben's trousers did you?" the girl’s mom called out.Bookmark here

"But!",Bookmark here

"No excuses Mayu, the old man' been asking for them since noon yesterday, and you promised you'd take care of it for him" she shot back.Bookmark here

"But ma I gotta go," pleaded Mayu, throwing in her famous pouty face. That was her mom’s weakness. After a ton of pleading and pouting her ma finally gave in.Bookmark here

" Fine! Just take em with you okay, and bring something back for me, you know how I love your presents!" Elisa ordered while playfully winking.Bookmark here

" Ya, sure thing mom, bye, love you."Bookmark here

Mayu quickly grabbed her bag which, she packed the night before, and stuffed the trousers in as quickly as she could. When she finally got them into the bag she zipped it shut and launched out the door, happy to finally be on her way.Bookmark here

She ran through Bells Berry Village, hurrying through the village streets. Mayu caught sight of the old Tailor shop.Bookmark here

"I've got to hurry, or I'll be late for sure!” she told herself. It was already evening and May didn't want to waste time for she had somewhere to be, and she wouldn’t miss it for the world.Bookmark here

"Old Man Ben!" Mayu called out breathless, holding up his newly stitched trousers. As Mayu entered the old Tailor shop, she sat down and scanned the room for old man Ben.Bookmark here

"Sorry Mayu, he's not in right now", The girl behind the desk answered.Bookmark here

" Well, Lily, do you know when he'll be back?", huffed Mayu,Bookmark here

Lily, the girl behind the desk, replied "He should be back later this evening,"Bookmark here

Mayu sighed, Bookmark here

"That's a bummer, I brought his trousers for him," Mayu held up the trousers in front of Lily's face to show her.Bookmark here

Lily took from her and made a face of slight disgust at her grandfather's trousers. Bookmark here

"Why is grandfather making my best friend fix his trousers!" Lily thought out loud and looked up at Mayu’s face, a smile that shined as bright as the sun stuck to her face, Bookmark here

"Oh Mayu, that's so like you. You'll help anybody as long as it's right and when they do wrong you pull them back on the right path whether they like it, or not! It all started with that stupid story!" Lily said blowing the hair that had fallen down on her face. Mayu tilted her head to left. Bookmark here

Mayu didn't understand what Lily was talking about. "Lily." Mayu sighed, Bookmark here

“I was really hoping that you and I could get to listen to old Ben's story. That probably would have been the best part of the day," Mayu has always loved Old Man Ben’s stories. Bookmark here

"Well, maybe next time, we can-Mayu we’re both fourteen and you still believe in that silly old story?" Lily interrupted in disbeliefBookmark here

" Well, Of course, I do," Mayu answered throwing her hands on her hips in annoyance.Bookmark here

"Listen, Mayu, the stories my grandpa told back then when we were little, we're just, old, forgotten, myths, and legends, It's time to grow up" Lilly explained clearly annoyed.Bookmark here

"They aren't even true Mayu! Stop acting like such a kid!" Lilly shouted.Bookmark here

Mayu stepped back startled and hurt. She accidently bumped into the table behind her and stumbled, Bookmark here

"Well, I believe them," Mayu squeaked. Mayu was now on the verge of tears, Bookmark here

"how are they supposed to be real if you don't believe they're true!"Bookmark here

"Mayu, later, okay, we'll talk about it another time, all right.", sighed Lily.Bookmark here

"Fine! Mayu turned towards the door and started to walk, Bookmark here

"Wait, Mayu," Lilly called out, Mayu turned around with tear-filled eyes and trembling lips, Bookmark here

"Look Mayu I'm sorry for yelling at you okay, I just wanted you to grow up a little," Lilly explained. Bookmark here

"But I am growing up, I'm fourteen aren't I?" Mayu said with a choked up voice, Bookmark here

"Yeah, but you have to stop clinging to those stories, your fourteen now, I Think it's time to grow up a little." Lilly told Mayu, Bookmark here

"but I don't want to!" Mayu complained. Lilly walked up to Mayu and grabbed onto your hands and pulled her into a big hug, Bookmark here

"You're going to have to someday." Mayu broke the hug and looked down and rubbed her eyes, when Mayu looked back up at Lilly she smiled and hugged her again. Bookmark here

“Yeah, I know.” Mayu pouted. Bookmark here

Mayu prepared to leave the Old Tailor shop, Bookmark here

"Going on another treasure hunt?" asked Lilly, Bookmark here

"Yep! Do you wanna come?" Mayu asked, Bookmark here

"Sorry Mayu, can't, not today." Bookmark here

"Okay Lily, bye!" Mayu left with a quickened pace, Lilly suddenly began to count, Bookmark here

"One, Two, Three!" Bursting back through the door came Mayu once more, Bookmark here

"Are you sure you don't wanna come? It'll be fun!", asked Mayu, Bookmark here

"Yes, Mayu I'm sure.", Lily said blowing downBookmark here

“Well, it's your loss, Lily, see you later" Mayu excitedly rushed out off the doors, Bookmark here

"Why does Lily have to be so busy bossy all the time?" Mayu said as she ran off and continued on her way.Bookmark here

Lilly smirked with a laugh and a sigh, Bookmark here

"When will she grow up? When will she change?" Lilly asked herself in disappointment. Bookmark here

Lilly decided to take a break and took a seat on one of the chairs nearby the table. She looked down at the wooden desk that lay beside her. On it was a carving that lay unscratched and unbothered. The picture that was carved on it was so messy that it seemed as if it was done by a child. The picture had one scribbly drawing, on it, two girls stood together holding hands, Lilly reached out her hand and smiled lightly as she scanned her hand over the picture. Bookmark here

Tears began to slip down Lilly's face, most would expect them to be tears of sadness but they were nonetheless tears of joy. "Oh May" Lilly said as she smiled those words with love, she took the picture off of the old table and pulled it towards her chest. As of this moment nothing could tear Lilly away from the thing she loved most, but then suddenly a cold wind blew through the air, Lilly jumped up off of her seat and turned to the direction of the wind. Bookmark here

It howled with rage as tables and chairs flew across the room, splitting into hundreds of pieces. Before Lilly could react the picture that she treasured flew out of her hands, Bookmark here

"Stop!" Lilly yelled in agony, Bookmark here

"Please not that!" Lilly begged as tears began to stream down her face. Bookmark here

The strong winds began to cool down, but it wasn't over, shadows of black began to fill the room leaving everything in the darkness. For a moment it was all black, and Lilly couldn't see a thing. Not a sound was made that could be heard, Lilly believed it all to be over, but then suddenly a purple flame lit in the middle of the room. Bookmark here

It was still dark but Lilly could see a little better. Lilly looked around the room trying to make sense of where everything was, she could see the broken chairs and tables that lay just before the black walls. Lilly's eyes came back to the middle of the room where the purple flame hovered, and underneath it lay Lilly deepest treasure. Bookmark here

"Please don't destroy it, I won't disobey again, I promise!, I'll do anything, anything!" Lilly begged out for mercy and dropped to her knees. Bookmark here

Before Lilly knew what was going on she was pinned to the wall by the dark shadows. Lilly attempted to struggle against them but as soon as she did, they squeezed harder. Lilly gave up. Bookmark here

"Why are you doing this? Who are you?" Lilly asked into the darkness but not an answer came. Bookmark here

The purple flame floated in front of her eyes and began to change into something new. It began to melt, and stretch into what seemed like a golden flask, inside it was the dark purple fire that threatened Lilly's demise. The Flask rose towards Lilly's forehead and pointed its sharp edge, Bookmark here

"Please stop! You can't do this Please!" Screams of terror began to echo throughout the small building, the sharp edge of the flask lit, the purple fire that was inside the flask burned onto the small blade on the outside. Bookmark here

The Flask moved towards Lilly's forehead and began to cut, but for some reason, it didn't cut in, it cut out, and so the flask began to write. Blood dripped down Lilly's face as she screamed in terror, the flask had only written for ten seconds and in a quick return it pulled away from Lilly's head. Bookmark here

The shadows that held Lilly to the wall finally let go of her, letting Lilly drop to the ground. Again Lilly fell to her knees full of emptiness and sorrow, but something was different. Lilly did not seem to want to cry or scream, in fact not a sound was made. Bookmark here

Slowly Lilly got up and walked towards the floating Flask, she reached out her hand and placed it on the object, the words on her forehead began to glow a dark purple as a dark smile grew across her lips.Bookmark here

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