Chapter 4:

A Relaxing break after the confusion

The Starless Eye of a Fake

 After Tetsuyama and I ran around like two freaks, we ended up in the shopping district, decided to just take a break and... oh, do I really, really have to explain this kind of thing? Oh whatever, let's get started...Bookmark here

“First of all, why do your hair change color, what’s up with your personality and...?”Bookmark here

...And Before I even begin, Tetsuyama began filling me with endless questions, I took a deep breath and said from the bottom of my heart:Bookmark here

“Take a break, do you want something? I will pay”Bookmark here

“I wanna a vanilla crepe”Bookmark here

“OK”Bookmark here

I went to the nearest crepe stand and I ordered two flavored with vanilla, I came back and give one to Tetsuyama, she ate like it was one of the seven wonders of the world, it must be really good, I took a really, really, deep breath and began with my weird hystory:Bookmark here

“I don’t know the details, but I haven’t had this personality split”Bookmark here

“Un?”Bookmark here

“My first memory is looking at her face, my ex girlfriend, Bunri Kyoku”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“She feared my power, so she decided to divide my soul into two, one part with my personality, but powerless, and another with the power, but out of my own control, the sadistic one”Bookmark here

“So that’s why you changed your personality when you have fighted against Sekai and me”Bookmark here

“Yes, my natural hair color is black, but with my power, it turned into white, then when I change personality…”Bookmark here

“You change your hair color, interesting!”Bookmark here

“But the side effect is… I don’t control or know what my other personality is doing”Bookmark here

“I am sorry”Bookmark here

“For what?”Bookmark here

“I have to tell you something… your ex girlfriend, Bunri Kyoku, she is my older sister ”Bookmark here

“I already expected something like that”Bookmark here

“How?”Bookmark here

“Well, you two are very similar in every aspect and, also, she said me that one day a sister of her will go attack me, then… it was like sum one plus one”Bookmark here

I ated the last piece of my crepe, she was just already finished eating, I took a handkerchief and went to clean a part of her face that was dirty from the coverage, she took off my hand of her face, she was red like a rose with that… she is so shy… but toy with her is too much even for me, what a cutie.Bookmark here

“Stop with that”Bookmark here

“with… with what?”Bookmark here

"You're purposely making me blush"Bookmark here

“Crap, how did you noticed?”Bookmark here

"You seem like the type who likes to do this kind of thing, the worst kind of person possible"Bookmark here

“Ah… sorry?”Bookmark here

“You really are the worst”Bookmark here

“Yutaka Sekai, what a fancy name, don’t you agree?”Bookmark here

“You two were friends?”Bookmark here

I got serious, the late afternoon wind was already starting to fly and the sunset was shining, every shop around us were going to close, so it was the perfect time to tell about Sekai.Bookmark here

“She was the one who rescued me in the day of the ‘accident’”Bookmark here

“With ‘accident’, you mean the day that my sister splitted you in two ”Bookmark here

“Yeah… Sekai’s ability is called ‘word meaning’ and her most infamous power is ‘the world of words’, with that power, she can write in every surface, even the air and if only if someone reads…”Bookmark here

"The meaning of the word becomes something real"Bookmark here

“And with the ‘the world of words’.;..”Bookmark here

“The word she writes once appears everywhere, making it impossible not to read”Bookmark here

“Yeah, you got the idea fast”Bookmark here

“Thanks”Bookmark here

“I want to… no, I have to know why Sekai decided to attack us in first place“Bookmark here

“Leave it to me”Bookmark here

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