Chapter 1:

The beginning of living hell

Bolk X: The world fell apart, so we were forced to become soldiers

They rushed through the front gate, and finally inside, it was clear it was a military fortress. The walls protected an enormous two story building, which was the only possible sight as the exterior lights were all off. The van maneuvered in reverse and it parked facing the front gate again, with the building entrance at its back.Bookmark here

“Everyone out! Come on!” Screamed the copilot.Bookmark here

He got off the van along with the rest. The cold night wind was even rougher now.Bookmark here

“Form a line!” The soldier screamed, and everyone followed. “As I count you, move forward”. The line started to move.Bookmark here

“One, two, three, four, five, six… Alright, walk!” said after touching everyone´s head as he went by them…Bookmark here

They went through a front door, where a tall man in military clothing awaited. He dressed with the typical combat uniform, composed by camouflaged shirt and pants and black boots, but also a plate cap, typical for every evening dress at the army.Bookmark here

“They are the last ones. We´ll return to support the groups at Estiria” Announced the former copilot.Bookmark here

“Fine. Thanks for your help. Captain Steiner, Captain Hofer… take care of yourself, please” The tall soldier said while standing firmly.Bookmark here

“You too… General” He replied with a worried tone, but trusting his colleague.Bookmark here

Nobody spoke because of fear, but everyone wondered the same: if that was the actual General. And it made sense. Despite being tall and athletic, his face revealed he was actually very young, and his expression looked serious but neither rigid nor firm. They even doubted if it was a joke from another young boy.Bookmark here

Once in the vehicle, the van rushed through the gate again, at very high speed, aiming to assist all those emergency calls.Bookmark here

“Well, over here” The supposed General said while walking to his right. Despite being astonished, everyone followed him.Bookmark here

They marched quickly through the corridor, steering right and finally going up some stairs. Turned right towards what it looked like an endless corridor, followed him quietly until halfway of it, and finally arrived. All of that while avoiding rushing crew and civilians everywhere.Bookmark here

“Go inside, please”Bookmark here

The first five got inside quietly, and then, he followed.Bookmark here

“Oh…”Bookmark here

When he reached the door, he ended up astonished. It was a very tiny showroom with wooden chairs. Inside, besides his five travel partners, there were a few other people. Bookmark here

Five more, to be precise. Among them, a dark brown haired guy sitting while holding his hands, whose look reflected that everyone felt the same pain. At his side, another guy, with albino appearance and a striking gray hair, nervous and secluded. Again at his left, a blonde girl with brown eyes who tried to close her eyes trying to avoid exploding.Bookmark here

“…no…” He heardBookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

He turned his sight even more to the right and found a heartbreaking image. Another girl, also blonde haired, cried inconsolably while covering her face with her hands. By her side, a reddish brown haired guy tried to comfort her by caressing her back.Bookmark here

“It´s okay… don´t cry…” – he tried in vain.Bookmark here

“Why?... Mummy… mummy, please…” she lamented deeply sad.Bookmark here

He got very impacted by that scene, and starting to feel THAT pain again in his chest.Bookmark here

“Hey…”Bookmark here

He turned right and saw the supposed general, who kindly indicated him to enter the room. He was being treated far better than he expected to. He finally entered, taking the only available chair, located almost in the center between the brown haired guy and another guy who also traveled on the plane and spoke some Asiatic language he couldn´t decipher, also struck by fear.Bookmark here

The man on the military hat closed the door and the heavy noise from the background stopped. He walked towards the center of the room, in front of a white board.Bookmark here

“Great, we are all already here. It looks like you are the last ones to arrive. I´m sorry, your three groups arrived at the same time, and we are low on personnel” Said with deep sorrow.Bookmark here

Nobody answered. Nobody cried, nobody spoke, and nobody moved… just deep silence in the room.Bookmark here

“Anyways, let me introduce myself. I´m the provisional Major General, Marcus Holgate. At this moment, we are investigating the situation, but we have no certain data of what is going on. We are experiencing an unprecedented catastrophe in the history of mankind.Bookmark here

The young people were already drawing their conclusions. They had already seen what was going on: people that started to transform into ugly two-meter tall monsters with extremely thick muscles, started to devour other people, while many others died during their transformation.Bookmark here

And they also remembered the panic they felt while watching that in first person.Bookmark here

“Hey, mister General, I have… a question” a Portuguese boy who was on that plane spoke shyly.Bookmark here

“Where are we?”Bookmark here

Some seconds of silence were made, and then Holgate replied.Bookmark here

“Right now, we are at the Military Fort Albatros, run by the Global Operation Command…”Bookmark here

Silence was made again, until the interesting part came.Bookmark here

“… in the province of Carintia, southern Austria”Bookmark here

Everyone panicked. Some of them more, some of them less.Bookmark here

“C-Carintia…” murmured the crying girl, astonished.Bookmark here

“…southern…” followed the boy who tried to comfort her.Bookmark here

…“Austria” He finished, confused.Bookmark here

He remembered his flight, but it was still crazy to be so far away. That was very far from home. And he was alone.Bookmark here

“I´ll be direct with you. I understand that you are confused and scared, but we need to be clear. The world is facing a critical emergency. A catastrophic event for mankind. Contact with the outside is limited and we don´t exactly know how serious this is, but it seems to be at worldwide scale.” Holgate followed.Bookmark here

Their terror grew every second he spoke. At the same time, their hopes vanished.Bookmark here

“That´s why, using my powers as provisional Major General, we proceed to activate GOC´s Integral Extreme Defense Plan. Which for you means…”Bookmark here

Everyone stared at him amused. They were afraid of what he could said. But despite what they imagined…Bookmark here

“All of you…”Bookmark here

They could have never predicted what was going to change their lives forever.Bookmark here

“…starting inmediatly, you will be soldiers of the army of Fort Albatros”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“…….what?........”Bookmark here

The nightmare had just begun.Bookmark here

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