Chapter 0:

Prolouge/Introduction to the Spacelings

Light Up!✰Spaceling Princesses

Spacelings, half alien, half angel magical beings that represent planets, stars, satellites, and other incredible things within the universe. They have symbols of their planets on their foreheads as their birthmarks. They also love their sweets and desserts as each of them represent a dessert as well. Desserts are an important part of Spacelings’ as they are cherished throughout the galaxy. They give Spacelings joy as they bond over sweets. Aside from sweets, the Spacelings are titled as the princes, or sirs, and princesses, or ladies, of what they rule over. Taylor and Altalune Tsuki are both Princesses of the Moon. Moons are interesting cuz they aren’t a star nor a planet, but a satellite. They are there to glow so those on Earth can see within the night. Astronauts from different countries have claimed a spot on the Moon.

The Princesses are always excited when they have visitors, but astronauts are curious as to why these two young women can breathe in space without helmets or special technology or gear. They look human, but what they don’t realize is that they aren’t. During their time together, the sisters always enjoy tea parties or social gatherings within their kingdom. For their desserts, Taylor enjoys her strawberry macarons while Altalune enjoys her bubblegum ice cream.

They also have other friends to help them along the way;

Princess Honey Taiyo of the Sun who represents lemon Bundt cake with honey.

Princess Seraphina Besuta of Vesta with her cinnamon lava cake.

Princess Mai Nepuchun of Neptune and her mint gelatin pearls.

Princess Brielle Tennosei of Uranus who enjoys blue raspberry meringue.

Princess Wisteria Meiosei of Pluto and her grape jam cookies.

Princess Hibana Ikkakujuza and her unicorn bark.

And Queen Annabella Suisei of Mercury themed after plum petit fours with little Hoseki of the Little Gem Nebula and her konpeito.

Even though the Spacelings happen to rule over these planets, they aren't the only ones in Space.

There are guardians of these planets, the Planetary Angels. They are representatives who happen to be watching over each of these planets. They aren't gods or goddesses, but they are the keepers to make sure the Spacelings are safe. There are also Zodiac Angels, Constellation Angels, Asteroid Angels, etc. They are there to make sure they are all in harmony. All together they are known as the Intergalactic Angels.

While they aren’t on missions, the girls have a business together as they make sweets for other Spacelings, Intergalactic Angels, and different creatures within the universe. But when it’s time to transform, they must be on the lookout for whatever attack Queen Yaeko Ganmasen of the Gamma Ray Kingdom throws at them. 

Speaking of missions, Annabelle had an important meeting to hold within her planet. Hoseki reports to her about something that could be dangerous. Her magical companion, Hermes who is a bird angel, also explains to her about a plan that they evil queen had to attack them with. She immediately reports all Spacelings to enter her planet.

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