Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Saint Wizard's 2nd run-through

Days become weeks, weeks into months, there wasn't a clear sign of improvement in his health. Bedridden, limp, and weak, all he could do was slowly and surely accept his godforsaken faith.

"Feeling any better?"

As a young female enters. Tall and slender, radiant skin and beautiful hazel-nut straight hair, no one would ever guess this enchanting individual was a shield-and-ax wielding muscle head in charge of the 'Hero Party' frontline defense.

"What kind of sick joke is that..?"

"How could you say that to THE person who's been taking care of you this whole time?!"

Nakano, who had given up her dream of a lifetime of adventure, accompanied me back to our hometown and took care of me. As well as pawning off all her equipment for medication and treatment, but alas it was all for naught.
Peering over to his bedside desk were countless bottles of medicinal herbs of all shapes and sizes, some containing weird bubbling liquids.

"Don't you think you got scammed out of your money's worth for all of this?"

"Of course not! I think..? maybe.. but I don't have much of a choice as to try all of them, hoping one of them works"

"I think I'll die from overdosage before I kick-the-bucket from this illne-"

As he was about to finish his mocking, a searing sharp pain surging throughout his body, spreading everywhere and coursing every part of his body. Along with it, came rushing a crimson red spray of blood spewing out. Staining the bedsheets and floor around


"It's... it's.. fine.. I'm surprised you haven't.. gotten' used to this scene yet.."

"You dimwit, how could I ever get used to seeing someone I care about slowly die in front of me?!"

She carries him out of bed and wiping off all excess blood, she changes the sheets and then helps Maruki out of his dirtied clothes. Cleaning everything, while distressed and tearing up.

As a new day begins, the agonizing experience continues. 

-Day 197