Chapter 0:

This Future Will Always Come, No Matter What

The Netherworld : Awakening

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The gates open with a loud creaking sound. The gates aren't completely opened but are 

enough for a human to pass through.Bookmark here

"Hmmm, so you aren't just smart and sneaky but also are strong."Bookmark here

I said it while reading the book which was in front of me. The title of the book is 'Birth After Death'.Bookmark here

"Just who do you think I am? And what's with that voice, trying to imitate some Demon King."

I lowered the book which I was reading a moment ago.Bookmark here

"No, I am not imitating some Demon King. I am just trying to be myself."
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"Those horns?"Bookmark here

She says it casually, without a hint of surprise in her voice, as if stating the obvious. Okay, even though it's an obvious thing, but still I want her to give me a bit more of a reaction than that.Bookmark here

"Yes, they just started growing big all of a sudden. You don't look so surprised seeing them."Bookmark here

"I don't think you have the right to say that."Bookmark here

"No, not at all. So, do you want anything from me?"Bookmark here

"Don't act like you don't know anything. What? Trying to escape from reality."Bookmark here

If there was a way to escape from this reality then would have already--no, there is no merit in thinking something which isn't plausible in the first place.Bookmark here

"Who knows?"Bookmark here

"Tch. No point in arguing with you. So, what are you going to do about the current situation?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm, never thought there would come a situation when the Hell would be in such a dire situation."Bookmark here

"I know it's pointless to even consider this, but there aren't many, so, do you think you can do something about it?"

"It depends--"Bookmark here

"Well, don't answer. Forget everything I just said. I don't think you can do anything befitting."

Damn, this half-demon half-human. She did it on purpose. I know that.Bookmark here

she suddenly twitched as if she realized something. Then she started blabbering while pointing a finger towards me.

"And wait, I should have asked this earlier---no, the moment I entered here, but why are you sitting on top of the pile of books? These initially were the books read by the fourth Demon King. You can't just pile them up and sit on them."Bookmark here

"Oh! This, it's just an old habit of mine. Whenever I read a book, I either read them while 

sitting on top of them or while covered by them." Bookmark here

"Are you seriously a human, I mean I am half-human but am more mannered than you. Leaving that aside, what are we going to do now? It's not like we have a lot of time to spare, and if the current situation keeps on escalating, then the Hell is destined to get annihilated by demons."Bookmark here

"To stop that from happening, we need more manpower---no, demon power. We need 

******, ******** and few more demons like them."Bookmark here

"Do you think they would help us? I don't think so?" Well, of course, she would think that because I haven't told her everything. "And I don't think you can take down any duke of hell forget about some general of the demon king."Bookmark here

"Seriously, that's what you think of me? You are cruel."Bookmark here

"Huh? I know that."Bookmark here

"cold-hearted."Bookmark here

"Oh! Thanks for the compliment."Bookmark here

"Tsundere."Bookmark here

"Just who are you calling a Tsundere? I will murder you."Bookmark here

"Okay, sorry."Bookmark here

"Seriously taking things lightly. Do you think we---no, I can do anything alone just because I am smart, sneaky and strong?"Bookmark here

"But, I am also---."Before I could even finish saying it, she started disparaging me.Bookmark here

"What? You are still not aware of your uselessness. That's weird."Bookmark here

"Damn her."Bookmark here

Then a loud sound entered our earhole with a gust of wind entering the room.Bookmark here

"What was that?"Bookmark here

We ran out to see what was going on. It is the worst possible thing for us.Bookmark here

I wish I had known that day when I was summoned here that this is the future(it still will be 'past' from his point of view) I will be facing.Bookmark here

Only if I had known about this that day. Then nothing like this would have happened. Bookmark here

No, there is nothing I could have done even if I knew about this future. Because--

                                      This future will always come, no matter what.Bookmark here

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