Chapter 1:

This Club is kinda Weird

My High School Life is Different than I Expected

My Homeroom teacher, Lia Vale, was staring daggers at me after she finished scolding me for not listening to class. As i listened to her she sighed, and started scolding me again.Bookmark here

"Listen, Henry your a first year so can you be kind enough and listen to your teachers."Bookmark here

"More like listen to your elders."Bookmark here

After she heard what I said her eyebrows twitched and the next thing I noticed , a raging fist was already at the side of my face, but it was so fast that I thought I was hit.Bookmark here

"Teacher Lia, that was a fist you know, can you at least be a little gentle." Bookmark here

"I will be gentler next time, but can you be polite and don't say inappropriate things to your teachers like that, and for your information I'm only 34."
She was smiling angrily.Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

"The grade in your test are average enough but why wont you pass your activities and projects, is something bothering you?"Bookmark here

"Because projects waste my time and activities is a pain in the ass."Bookmark here

After hearing what I said again, She sighed deeply while putting her hand on her forehead, when she finished sighing she looked at me like I was dog poop.Bookmark here

"Listen here Henry, have you joined a club, if not tell me why?" Her stares was so intense that it was like making a imaginary dagger that can totally stab me anytime. She might be in her 30's but she's unmarried and looks like in her 20's, she can totally fool a man with her looks like that. Then, just as I was smiling to myself while thinking about those things, she pinched me in the face.Bookmark here

"Pay attention already! Have you already joined a club or not!?"Bookmark here

"I have a club teach, its name is the straight to home club."
She pinched me again.
"Teach, your pinching kinda hurts."Bookmark here

"Don't worry at least its better than getting a punch."Bookmark here

"Your kinda right about that, I'll take the pinching only please."Bookmark here

"Henry, take this seriously or I'm failing you down but since you don't have a club, instead of failing you, I think I'll make you suffer a little." Her eyes flashed, she smiled so brightly even when she speak those horrible things to me.Bookmark here

"Gulp..." After hearing what she said, I was scared for a moment and tried to escape but when I was trying to escape, a person was behind me and when I looked up it was my one and only friend, Aaron.Bookmark here

"What are you doing, Henry, Are you trying to escape?"Bookmark here

"You idiot!" As I argued with Aaron, I felt some murderous aura behind me.
"Uh, well, I... was just looking behind me, Hahaha." I did a little laugh but the murderous aura didn't go away.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, Teach."Bookmark here

"Its okay but don't you ever try that again, Eh... your'e, Aaron from class C right?"Bookmark here

"Yes teacher, but why are you asking?"Bookmark here

"Your acquainted with Henry right? What club are you in right now?Bookmark here

Wait, is teach seriously asking this guy for his club doesn't that mean!Bookmark here

"I'm in the occult club Ma'am"Bookmark here

"Oh-ho, is that so." Bookmark here

When Lia was looking at Henry, Henry was sweating and fidgeting not liking the outcome that will be happening, Lia was smiling so devilry as she was thinking the club Henry will be joining in.Bookmark here

"Henry as your punishment your joining the occult club."Bookmark here

"Ehh... but Teach you cant just punish me like that."Bookmark here

"What are you talking about its just a club it wont bite you, Uhm... Aaron was it, can you grab Henry out of here and take him to your club room."Bookmark here

"Yes teach!"Bookmark here

"Eh... Teacher Lia, can you think about this more rationally." I said those words as I was dragged by Aaron around the hallway.Bookmark here

"Uhm... Aaron whats the club like?"Bookmark here

Please don't be weird, Please don't be weirdBookmark here

"It's just a normal club don't worry about it."Bookmark here

"Eh... I hope so."Bookmark here

As Aaron and Henry was walking towards the club, Aaron was suddenly called out from Teacher Lia, so Aaron told Henry the direction of the club room and left, When Henry reached the club room.Bookmark here

"I hope there's no weird guys in here."Bookmark here

When Henry opened the door sunlight blinded his eyes, he sheltered his eyes by putting his hands above his eyes and the next thing he saw was the club room looking normal and two girls inside the club room, one of the girls were sitting beside the blackboard while the other one was sitting beside the window.Bookmark here

"Uhm... hello?"
Bookmark here

"                      "Bookmark here

Eh... am I being ignored right now.Bookmark here

"Uhm... hello can you guys hear me?" I was raising my hands like mickey mouse so that, I can get their attention but.Bookmark here

"                       "Bookmark here

There really ignoring me ha!Bookmark here

"Hey you, the girl reading a novel while sitting besides the mirror if you think you look like the protagonist from some movie if you sit like that you seriously have some issues!"Bookmark here

With that I can surely get her attention.Bookmark here

"                        "
Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"So what if I have some issue's do you have a problem with that?"Bookmark here

She ate the bait, Hehehe.Bookmark here

"Its not that I have a problem with that but ignoring me is one thing."Bookmark here

"Ignoring you is not my problem so can you stop talking to me, your'e gonna infect me with your stupidness."Bookmark here

"Oh-ho, stupidness... I see now, are you trying to pick a fight with me?"Bookmark here

"Isn't that obvious... stupid."Bookmark here

Just as the two of them were arguing, the other girl paid no attention to it, every second they give an insult to each other they always put dirty and bad words onto it. When the words was getting more and more over-insulting Henry said something unexpected.Bookmark here

"Well at least I'm not allergic to cats."Bookmark here

"                       "Bookmark here

"Eh...! Why did you know I'm allergic to cats, are you a stalker?!"Bookmark here

"Whoa... getting a bit feeler there, I'm no stalker of yours and never will become one... and that's a fact."Bookmark here

"Your a stalker and there's no point denying it, only myself and my family knows that I'm allergic to cats."Bookmark here

"As I told you I'm not!"Bookmark here

Thump...!Bookmark here

"Then can you tell us how you knew?"Bookmark here

Eh, we were so focus on our argument that I forgot someone was there.Bookmark here

"So tell me Mr. Stalker, how did you know that I have cat allergies."Bookmark here

"Sigh, are you really asking me that, isn't it already obvious just by looking at you."Bookmark here

"Obvious... just by looking at me? That's impossible, there is just no way that's possible!"Bookmark here

This guy is bluffing there's no way he knew that just by looking at me.Bookmark here

"It's because of the fur on your shoes, even though you have cat fur on your shoes, why is there nothing on your skirt and uniform, that's because you love cats even though your allergic to them."Bookmark here

"That doesn't even explain why I'm allergic to them."Bookmark here

"I'm not done yet, next is... why is the fur only on your shoes, that's because you didn't touch or get near to the cat, the cat was the one who came to you, I'm sure you were just sitting on a bench when the cat suddenly sleep on your feet am I right?"Bookmark here

"You... your right but..."Bookmark here

"But what?"Bookmark here

"Nothing! stop talking to me already!"Bookmark here

When Henry spoke all of those things, the girl that was watching them fight was just acting like nothing spectacular ever happen, while the other girl was pissed that she lose the fight but her face wasn't satisfied about the answer.Bookmark here

"Looks like I won, Ha." While I was arguing with her, I was staring at her face because she's actually pretty but her personality's bad as sh*t, I'm seriously not gonna fall for a woman like that, ever."Bookmark here

Whats with this guy, he suddenly entered the room and picked a fight with me is he for real.Bookmark here

"Are you really saying you just won, are you actually an idiot." What he done earlier might be amazing but that doesn't mean he won.Bookmark here

"Are you seriously not giving up?" What's with her she's so persistent!Bookmark here

"Of course I'm not, how bout you, ready to raise your white flag."Bookmark here

I'm gonna crush you and that personality of yours!
I'm gonna kill you and feed your ugly face to the dogs!
Bookmark here

Creak...!Bookmark here

"I'm here, hello everyone what are you doin... Whoa! Why are you guys staring at each other like your ready to stab each others throat."Bookmark here

"Hey Keysha whats going on!"Bookmark here

"Oh... just leave them be Aaron, its just a friendly fight."Bookmark here

No, its not that I'm worried by that but Henry just entered and the two of them are already like oil and water.Bookmark here

"Uhm... can you guys stop fighting already and just apologize."Bookmark here

"But she started it!"
"But he started it."Bookmark here

"Do you guys even know each other's name?"Bookmark here

"No."Bookmark here

Aren't these guys really in sync?Bookmark here

"How about you introduced each others name before fighting."Bookmark here

"Like hell I'm giving her my name."
"Like hell I'm giving him my name."Bookmark here

Yup there really in sync, there perfect for each other no doubt.Bookmark here

"If you guys are not giving your name to each other then I'll be the one to introduced yourself, okay."Bookmark here

"Okay."Bookmark here

"Ahem... Henry this is Aurora, Aurora this is Henry, so now that you guys knew each other, how about you guy's shake hands and stop fighting already."Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you, Pororo."Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you too, Harry Potter."Bookmark here

Are these guys really serious.Bookmark here

"Anyways, you guys can fight later because we have an investigation to make."Bookmark here

"Eh... investigation?"Bookmark here

"Yes, so Keysha can we go there?"Bookmark here

As the president nod, The four of us immediately walk out and began walking around the campus until we reach the old building behind the school's garden.Bookmark here

"So what is the commotion all about?"Bookmark here

"Actually Keysha, three students said they saw an strange green figure on the old building.Bookmark here

"Green figure? Do you mean..."Bookmark here

"Yes, it must be that."Bookmark here

"So it was that, ha." Bookmark here

"You mean that."Bookmark here

Why is everyone saying that, including me.Bookmark here

Creak...!Bookmark here

"Oh... the door is kinda spooky."Bookmark here

"Uhm... what if all of this just a hoax." And I'm sure "that" don't exist.Bookmark here

"Don't worry, its not a hoax they even brought me evidence."Bookmark here

"Evidence, what kind of evidence?"Bookmark here

Aaron grab his phone and showed all of us a video. It was the video of the alien making an appearance.Bookmark here

"Is that the evidence?"Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

"                              "
"                              "     
"                              "Bookmark here

"Are you an idiot!"
"Are you an idiot!"
"Are you an idiot!"Bookmark here

Whoa...! The three of them are in sync.Bookmark here

"Well anyways even if it's fake let's just investigate."Bookmark here

"Kay prez."Bookmark here

So Keysha is the president.Bookmark here

"Uhm, president do you think aliens exist?"Bookmark here

"Of course!" Her eyes shined. Only a person that can shine that bright is definitely a person that still believes on Santa Claus and Smurfs.Bookmark here

I'm definitely not gonna break that innocence of yours prez.Bookmark here

Squish...Bookmark here

"Eh... what is this, everybody look."Bookmark here

"Huh... that's!"Bookmark here

"That's a..."Bookmark here

"That's definitely an..."Bookmark here

Seriously!Bookmark here

"Sigh, yes everyone your right the alien left a footprint."Bookmark here

"Everyone lets follow this trail so that we can we can discover if this alien is real or not."Bookmark here

Whoooosh...Bookmark here

A gust of wind pass through the old schools building, While everyone was distracted by the footprints, Henry looked outside and smirked.Bookmark here

I got it, but why?Bookmark here

"Hey hurry up already Potter or were leaving you behind.Bookmark here

"Shut up, Pororo."Bookmark here

As we were investigating we didn't find anything, It was beginning to feel hopeless so we stop investigating and step outside, It was slowly getting dark so everybody called quits.Bookmark here

"Looks like this a hoax everybody, even all of us followed the footstep, it disappeared around the bathroom so let's go to the club room and chill for a bit and then go home."Bookmark here

"Uhm... president do you have any idea what was all of that about?"Bookmark here

Everyone's attention was on Keysha, thinking that the president knew what was going on.Bookmark here

"Actually I don't even know myself. How about you Henry, did you know what was going on?" Bookmark here

"Yes I know what was going on, but not everything."Bookmark here

"Does that mean Henry you know where the alien is!"Bookmark here

"Sorry Aaron but this is a hoax not a true alien, the footstep we followed earlier was just bits of slime thrown randomly."Bookmark here

"I knew it, it really was slime."Bookmark here

"Well we know that it was slime but why did it lead us to the bathroom, Potter?"Bookmark here

"Oh... come on Pororo, you don't get it, all of that was because they want us to enter the bathroom."Bookmark here

"You...! But we did enter the bathroom but there was nothing hidden in there! Huh... wait you don't mean the bathroom it meant is the new building's bathroom."Bookmark here

"Yes, so how about all of us go to the bathroom and see for ourselves what's waiting for us."Bookmark here

The three of us hurriedly entered the new building and rush through the bathroom, I'm sure everyone that saw us running through the bathroom was laughing.Bookmark here

"     ***     "Bookmark here

"In the males area, we saw nothing unusual."Bookmark here

"Same as the females. Hey is your deduction wrong, Zombie?"Bookmark here

"                    "Bookmark here

"No, my deduction isn't wrong, it was way off the truth."Bookmark here

"So in other words you were wrong, Hahaha. I knew it, you were just lucky earlier."Bookmark here

As Henry was thinking hard what the footprint really meant, Aurora was laughing at him so loudly that teacher Lia notice them.Bookmark here

"What are you guys doing around here?"Bookmark here

"Oh... it's nothing teacher, were just doing some club activities."Bookmark here

"Is that so, Henry are you okay, your eyes look tired."Bookmark here

"Don't worry about it Teach, its just, .....Hahahahahaha. I got it for real this time."Bookmark here

"Huh? got what?"Bookmark here

"Its nothing much Teach but well be going now."Bookmark here

As Henry run everyone followed him, Henry run through the club room while everyone was following him, when they almost reach the club room he stop.Bookmark here

SmirkBookmark here

"So president can we talk alone for a bit."Bookmark here

"Of course, that will be no problem."Bookmark here

Creak... Creak...Bookmark here

"Looks like they left us here."Bookmark here

"Yeah... so Aaron your friends with Henry?"Bookmark here

"Yes we are." Aaron is smiling but why does it feel like it's......  Fake?Bookmark here

"So Henry what do you want to talk about?"Bookmark here

"Can you tell me... how you figured it out?"Bookmark here

"My... my, so you didn't figured it out, of course I'll tell you don't worry about it." Her eyes changed immediately, from innocent eyes to hawk like eyes that can see through everything. It was surprising but at the same time...Bookmark here

"Why are you staring at me Aurora, is something the matter?" Bookmark here

"No, don't worry its nothing."Bookmark here

"Oh... is that so, I thought for a second there you were thinking, why my smile is fake." Aaron's eyes were seriously different at that time so I feel a chill, but one thing I can say is that it was...Bookmark here

Scary.Bookmark here

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