Chapter 2:

What’s the Suspense for?

My High School Life is Different than I Expected

"My... my, so you didn't figure it out, of course I'll tell you don't worry about it." Her eyes changed immediately, from innocent eyes to hawk like eyes that can see through everything. It was surprising but at the same time...Bookmark here

Scary!Bookmark here

"Oh... is that so, I thought for a second there you were thinking, my smile is fake." Aaron's eyes were seriously different at that time so I feel a chill, but one thing I can say is that it was...Bookmark here

Scary!Bookmark here

"So Henry my deduction for this is incident is... nothing, nothing at all, all of those were just a hoax."Bookmark here

"Huh...?" I was shocked she just casually said that, if you have some common sense I'm sure you'll know that all of those were just a hoax.Bookmark here

"Actually a lot of people say's that my smile seems kinda fake its actually, because... my teeth is fake."Bookmark here

"Oh... I'm sorry!"Bookmark here

When the misunderstanding was finally over, all of us went home. When I got home it was normal, I went to my room, pick some clothes, went downstairs to eat dinner with my father and big sister.Bookmark here

"So, how was school today Henry?"Bookmark here

"It was tiresome"Bookmark here

Double Gasp...Bookmark here

What in the hell is a double gasp?Bookmark here

"Father...? Little Henry spoke."Bookmark here

"Of course, I speak I'm alive."Bookmark here

"Don't panic Luna, I just forgot to inject him with his medicine."Bookmark here

Eh... inject, medicine? Was that a joke or not?Bookmark here

"Hey... Hey, did you fall in love, my little brother."Bookmark here

"                             "Bookmark here

"Are you really saying that to your loner brother?" Teacher Lia maybe 34, but if we put the age aside, a face and a body like that, for an old lady she's pretty erotic.Bookmark here

My name is Aaron I have fake teeth but only on the front, I have a best friend but, in his class, he's deemed as the loner so I feel bad for him so I dragged him to my club. I live with my Mom, my Dad passed away when I was five so my Mom right now is raising me alone.Bookmark here

"Honey, are you done preparing the table."Bookmark here

"Of course, Mama, its already done."Bookmark here

"Then let us eat, thank you honey your the best."Bookmark here

"No Mama, your the best."Bookmark here

"Your great."Bookmark here

"No, Your the greatest."Bookmark here

The Aaron family might be just two people but its more livelier than you think it would be, even the neighbors that came to their house told them that they were loud, but when the neighbor got home he got diabetes.Bookmark here

My name is Poro... I mean Aurora and that's all thank you.Bookmark here

Knock... Knock...Bookmark here

"Come in."Bookmark here

"Aurora sama, Its time for your bath."Bookmark here

"Thank you, Sophia."Bookmark here

"No problem, Madam."Bookmark here

"Uhm... Sophia can you stop calling me Madam, were the same age, so just call me Aurora."Bookmark here

"Okay, Aurora sama."Bookmark here

"Also stop it with the sama."Bookmark here

My name is Keysha, I'm a second year and the president of the occult club, the reason why I made the club is to discover Santa Claus. Bookmark here

"Hey Keysha, its time for dinner."Bookmark here

"Yes Ma, after I finish cleaning my room."Bookmark here

This is the family of our four protagonist, the story of these four people wil... Shut up old man were trying to sleep! Bookmark here

Riiiiinng... Riiiiiinng...Bookmark here

"Eh... I'm tired." Slowly looked at the clock and saw that it was already 8:20.Bookmark here

"Eh... its already this late!"Bookmark here

I hurriedly took a bath and eat breakfast. Then I rushed through the front door while saying I'm going, Father was talking to me about something but I didn't heard it.Bookmark here

"Your alarm clock was broke... Slam...! He left, Oh well."Bookmark here

Yaaaawwn...Bookmark here

"Why is he full of energy this morning?"Bookmark here

"It's because he think's he's late."Bookmark here

"Oh... I wish you my luck, Lil bro."Bookmark here

Huff... Huff... Bookmark here

Ehh... is that?Bookmark here

"Aaron your also late ha."Bookmark here

"Huh... what are you talking about?"Bookmark here

"Huh...?"Bookmark here

"I can't believe I'm going to school this early, this is gonna be torture."Bookmark here

"It'll be fine just do as your motto says, Low Exposure." I don't know, but low exposure seems kinda cool to hear, but for a loner like me that word is my motto. For Aaron he must have so many friends, he's face isn't bad so I will not be surprised if he's the main character on a shoujo manga and already got a girlfriend, compared to me I look like an overripe apple.Bookmark here

When I was at the front of my classroom, I breathed deeply and took my courage, when I opened it, I was glad that there were only 3 people including me, thanks to that I was not humiliated... immediately, I just casually walk to my chair and when I look at my watch, the time was already, 6:57.Bookmark here

I can't believe that I'm thinking that my life will be easier this time if class just start already. I'll just pretend to sleep.Bookmark here

"                             "Bookmark here

"Henry... Henry...  hey, Henry!"Bookmark here

"Eh...? What is it...? Stop bothering me already." I said all of those not knowing that it was  erotic Teaher Lia that called me.Bookmark here

"Hey, Henry do you want to fail a grade?"Bookmark here

Eh... fail a grade?Bookmark here

Squeak...Bookmark here

I slowly stand up and made a stupid noise on my chair while I was standing up, I raise my head up and nodded no, of course everyone on their right mind would be scared of the situation, sleeping in class is definitely a stupid thing a student can do, but you can sleep in class if the teachers just doesn't see you.
But for me, instead of being scared, it feels like I'm already dead. Fun fact, if you want to destroy a spirit of a loner, just make him stand out and he will just self destruct.Bookmark here

"Come to the teacher's office later."Bookmark here

"Yes." Bookmark here

"                             "Bookmark here

After classes was over I immediately walked out the classroom, I didn't want to go to the teachers office so I tried to escape.Bookmark here

Bump...!Bookmark here

"Well, well, well, what do we have here. Are you trying to escape, Henry." She clinched her fist and her mouth was twitching upwards, she looked at me like I was a rat that was squash in the middle of a road.Bookmark here

"U-Uhm, I was just... Well I have you know that when a person, who is getting punished saw the face of his punisher, that person will definitely walk away."Bookmark here

"In other words, your running away."Bookmark here

"W-well your not wrong about that, but!"Bookmark here

"B-ut?"Bookmark here

"                    "Bookmark here

"Its nothing I'll just walk through the teachers office like you told me to." Even her angry face looks like a 20 year old woman who just saw her boyfriend cheating on her, in the middle of a street.Bookmark here

The two of us walk to the teachers office together, when I look at her she was smiling so brightly that she was gathering attention to us, and why is she smiling, were going to the office right, why do I feel like something erotic is going to happen. Just as I began to laugh on all of my thinking she suddenly pinched me.Bookmark here

"Look Henry, a person who laughs by himself seriously have a problem, a big one at that, and laughing by yourself is creepy so don't do that."Bookmark here

"A person who laugh's because of his own imagination is just having a bright and positive attitude, don't just judge them like that."Bookmark here

"Is that so? Do you have any other friends beside Aaron?" 
She was looking at me, assuming I didn't have any.Bookmark here

"Teach, I'll have you know that in the world there are gamer's that play games solo and people who call themselves a lone wolf."Bookmark here

"In other words you don't have any."Bookmark here

"Well you can interpret, that word too."Bookmark here

"How about a boyfriend and the other thing?"Bookmark here

"Whats with the other thing, your already assuming I don't have any?" 
Don't just assume I'm gay.Bookmark here

We haven't reach the teacher's office but she was already scolding me, I'm amazed our conversation goes from one topic to another, I actually think I might be a great news reporter. when I grow up.Bookmark here

"So finally were here,  just by looking at your face I'm already tired."Bookmark here

I'm sure you are just tired of always scolding me, even we haven't reached the office yet, you were already scolding me.Bookmark here

"Then don't look at me."
She looked at me with a 'mhmm', then she point her finger at me.
"How about you try emphasizing with yourself, you might get yourself a girlfriend or even a boyfriend."Bookmark here

Don't assume I'm gay, that's the second time already.Bookmark here

"                          "Bookmark here

"Then how about you try talking with your club members, There was a person named Aurora in your club right, how about you try hitting off with her."Bookmark here

Is this person really a teacher? I'm starting to question myself.Bookmark here

"Uhm... Teach I'm okay with the jokes but I don't want to hear that Pororo's real name." Bookmark here

Eh... Pororo, is that a cartoon that starred a penguin? What's with him, is he already on bad terms with Aurora?Bookmark here

Whats with this conversation... really, the other teachers that heard us is actually getting curious about me, they might think I'm a loner, well I cant deny that I'm a loner but still.Bookmark here

"Ahem...! Teacher Lia, someone is looking for you."
Bookmark here

Yes! Finally I can go home.Bookmark here

"Your dismissed now Henry, oh! I almost forgot, everyday write me your report for your club every week it has to be 300 words and more."Bookmark here

Eh... r-report, club... I forgot about that!Bookmark here

"Yes Teach, I'll be going now." Because of all that talking I forgot that I have to a club to attend.Bookmark here

I walk my way to the club room but I feel like my spirit was left out in the teachers room. When I entered the club room, no one was in there... except a Pororo.Bookmark here

"So where's the president, is she not here yet?"Bookmark here

"She left early, her mother was calling for her, they were talking about his little brother broke his... 'Whoooosh!' N-neck.Bookmark here

Eh... did I misheard, I just heard neck right?Bookmark here

Bzzzzz... Bzzzzzzz...Bookmark here

"Mhmmm...? It looks like Aaron also won't go to the club, her mother called for him saying that their house bur... 'Whoooosh!' Down.Bookmark here

Eh... did i just heard, their house was burning?Bookmark here

"                          "
"                          "Bookmark here

What's with this atmosphere?
What's with this atmosphere?
Bookmark here

"Ahem! There's a lot of chairs in here, try sitting down will you."Bookmark here

"Thank you for that useful advice, I'll take your word for that."Bookmark here

"                           "
"                           "Bookmark here

Now what!?
Now what!?
Bookmark here

"Ahem... so what are we gonna talk now?"Bookmark here

"Are you really telling me that, isn't it the boys who always take the first move."Bookmark here

"Whoa, whoa, whoa... just because were boys, doesn't mean that we always have to take the first move, have you ever heard of the word equity, if not then I'll tell you about it."Bookmark here

"Of course, I know that word, just because you somewhat know some hard and difficult words doesn't mean your smart."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Now that I think about it, we always fight ha, am I right, Pororo?"Bookmark here

"Your kinda right." I look at her, her lashes were pretty long, her hair was swaying by the wind she was beautiful but... her personality's still bad as sh*t. If I have to compare her to Teacher Lia, I'll pick Teacher Lia for sure.Bookmark here

"What are you ogling at, just for your information instead of calling you Harry Potter, a leach is more accurate."Bookmark here

"You trying to pull my leg ha, just so you know that will never work on me." 
Words like that doesn't hurt anymore if you know your a loner.Bookmark here

"Do you have any friends?"Bookmark here

Eh...? That question is a bit.Bookmark here

"                       "Bookmark here

"I'll take this silent atmosphere as a yes." She smiled demonically, it was like a person took the whole universe on the palms of her hand.Bookmark here

"Just so you know, I live in the motto, Low exposure so in other words, I cant put intimate relationships on me."Bookmark here

"In other words you don't have any."Bookmark here

"Excuse you, I have one!"Bookmark here

"Mhmmm..." She smirked at me, now knowing that I was a freaking loner I'm pretty sure shes gonna use that word to intimidate me.
"I don't get you, your motto says 'Low Exposure' but yesterday you keep running around the hallway and earlier you were talking to a teacher but you guys were so loud that you even gathered a crowd?"Bookmark here

Eh... a crowd for real!Bookmark here

"If your a loner shall we play a little game?" She stood up and came close to me and put her finger at my chest. She was smiling at me, like she was planning to stole a candy on a baby.
"So... w-whats the g-game about?" I will not fall for your tricks, this is just amateurs play, only a preschooler will blush with this kind of tactic.
"Mhmmm... How about... rock, paper, scissors?" I'll make you admit defeat and claim my victory.
"Sounds g-good." I'll never admit defeat against you, I'll make you see how far your power level is, if its being compared to mine.Bookmark here

Aurora suddenly tripped.
"Kyaaaah     !"Bookmark here

The two of us fell onto each other, it was the kind of moment's  you always see on an old romcom manga.
The two of us locked eyes at each other on a very close position, but my heart wasn't beating hard because she was close to me, I'm sure she was the same, but our hearts started beating when we noticed we accidentally kissed each other and I can also feel her heartbeat because she was close to me.
Our hearts begin to beat faster because a...           person suddenly opened the door.Bookmark here

Creak...!Bookmark here

"Henry, you forgot to submit your essay...?" Teacher Lia suddenly entered the room, I was hoping she won't see us fighting but what she saw wasn't fighting but a girl above a boy flirting at each other, I thought to myself, rather than this I was hoping she rather saw us fighting than saw us in this kind of position.Bookmark here

One thing I can say for now is that I really have broke my motto. Low exposure is definitely not gonna happen to me again... ever.Bookmark here

"You guys got some nerve doing this kind of stuff in school!" Teacher Lia was pissed off looking at us but when you look closely at her face, why does she look like she's having fun.Bookmark here

"Are you guys gonna stand up or not?"Bookmark here

The two of us hurriedly stand up, bowed and apologize. When I looked at Aurora.Bookmark here

Whisper...Bookmark here

She said, "Hey, the game will continue remember that." She was blushing, she was cute as a kitten who just got food from her owner but still, her personality's bad as sh*t and I'm not gonna lose to some game.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

He said, "Of course, the game is... just getting started." He was blushing and smirking when he said those words but, his personality's bad as f*ck and just so he knows I'm gonna win this game.Bookmark here

"Game Start!"
"Game Start!"
Bookmark here

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