Chapter 0:

A World on Fire


In a world that was always hungry for resources, it was only a matter of time before the Big Boom of 82' happened. It was everything those protesters warned us about. We kept using energy, things like oil and water got a lot rarer as time went on. in 2080, Germany picked a fight with Spain, it broke out into a fight for the last piece of food. World War III broke out a year later.

What a short war that was, right?

On June 22nd, 2082, the world was introduced firsthand to the true horrors of nuclear warfare. America nuked Germany, Japan nuked America and the chain continued. There wasn't a nation in sight that didn't feel Father Atom's touch. America was in shambles. Ten years later it doesn't look too bad, It's just hot all the time. Even on the east coast, I see sand and sandstorms scatter here or there. Rain hasn't fallen since last year. And the Miller Corps is getting antsy. They don't want NRF getting anything. Not even a drop of spit.

There. An old tale from an old woman, stranger. Anything else?


Dopeman? Why the hell would anybody care about that idiot?